Pose, and my own mother

I watch a lot of TV shows, and so due to that and a few other factors i have to go through shows slowly. Pose recently had its season finale,but i am still slowly catching up. I had gotten to the Mothers Day episode,which i had rad about being quite emotional. But even with that,i wasn’t prepared for how hard the storyline with Blanca and her mom would hit me.

Those who know me,know ever since coming out to my mom things have been difficult. Not to say things were perfect between us before, but things definitely went to a whole different level after that. Initially things got pretty bad, and while things have calmed down a little it still isn’t back to the way it was. Evey so often i’ll be reminded she truly doesn’t accept me being bi yet.

In the storyline with Blanca,through dialogue and a flashback we learn Blanca’s mom never accepted her being trans,and that Blanca was never able to reconcile with her mother before she died. And i couldn’t help but think of me and my own mom,and my fear that i won’t be able to find peace with her regarding my sexuality.

Another factor in this is that professionally i’ve hit something of a stumbling block. While i currently do have a movie theater job, i’ve been trying to get into production assistant work on films sets and such. Unfortunately i’ve been rather unsuccessful, and while i am trying to keep at it i keep feeling like im trying to push through a brick wall. Add to this my hair routine ended up being more costly then i anticipated, and i’ve dealt with some stressful financial problems.

And i keep feeling like this lack of professional progress just makes things with my mom worse. And i just keep getting scared that i won’t ever be able to get my mom to feel truly proud of me. And that episode just brought that out of me,and i had to stop myself from crying during certain points in the episode

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The DC CW-verse had there second crossover recently,using Earth-X as a way to to do a “what if our heroes were Nazi’s type”  type plotline. This is not a new one,as various shows and movies have touched upon this idea from time to time. However,i think in this particular run had a grounding to it that most takes on this don’t have. Those come from two main moments.

One of them involves’ Felicity standing her ground against the Zani version of Green Arrow. For those unfamiliar, Felicity  is specifically jewish,which gets referenced every now and again in Arrow. Now she has become a divisive character in the fandom mainly due to the handling of her will they/wont they with Olivier. And when the promo for the crossover was released with a small bit of this some thought she was a odd character choice for a scene like this. But after watching it in the show,i think it was a perfect decision.

The other scene had to do with Sara Lance, who’s father in the alternative universe ended up a Nazi. The father mentions her fitting the Nazi ideal, when she proudly claims her identity as a bisexual women. Then it is revealed the father killed the Sara in the  alternative universe because of that.

These two scenes gave it’s take on the “what if they were Nazi’s” shtick a grounding i didn’t expect. It reminded you this was a real ideology and not just a plot device. Now this is still a superhero crossover with time travel,but i think the use of specifically  marginalized characters fighting back gave the whole thing a bit more impact then if it was just a bunch of straight white dudes fighting dimensional nazis.

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So im now working at a movie theater,so with the job searching worry out of the way i’m hoping to get back to posting more frequently on this blog. Also i’m trying to get back to short film making so hopefully there will be more updates on that front too.

Get Out- This one had a great balance of suspense and comedy, without its tone spinning out of control. It also does a good job of keeping you guessing what exactly is going on for most of the film. The film also has deeper meaning,using horror movie tropes as social commentary on racism.

Logan- Now between his other 2 solo flicks and the way his prominence seemed to increase with each X-men movie i had started to get tired of him getting the limelight. But honestly this one impressed me a lot. It was in the dark/gritty vein of superhero movies but it felt natural to the world and the characters. It was kind of like a cross between a superhero flick and a western. To me,it pushed the Wolverine character as far as possible,and was a great send-off of him.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2- Loved this one. While on the surface it definitely seems like one of the lighter,goofier superhero movies out there, it manages to achieve a surprising emotional depth. It really makes you care about its characters,and brings surprising humanity to 2 of the villains from the last movie. Largely the film was about family,and how it can mess you up when it goes wrong. I also think the main villian was one of the more interesting ones to come from a marvel movie in recent years/

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Two short reviews. I haven’t really had the energy for any in depth ones,but it’s been a while since i posted anything

Rogue One-This one is a bit different than other Star Wars films,but i think that worked in its favor here. Overall,the movie felt closer to a war film than a sci-fi adventure like usual. I liked how it complicated our view of the rebels in regards to there morality. They are still the good guys,but we see them resort to some morally ambiguous methods for there goal. I also felt completely invested in the characters when the big battle rolled around in the third act.

The Witch- One of the more ambitious horror films to come out in the last few years, this one focuses on terror and superstition within a Puritan family. One thing that immediately jumps out at you is its visuals. The costumes,lighting,and the overall look really takes you back to that time. It also goes more for atmosphere than jump scares,doing a great job of building up the dread as it goes on.

The acting is amazing across board,and everyone does a good job of showing there character’s lose there respective sanity as things get more and more frightening. There is also some great voice work in a particular scene that helps give it a frightening edge. So overall,one of the best horror movies of 2016,and in general one of the better horror flicks of the last few years

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My Short Film

After working on this for at least a year i finally got it made. Now this was on a low budget and this is the first film i’ve shot since college so it is a bit rusty in some aspects. But i tried my best on it,so i hope you enjoy it

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review

One of the most intelligent blockbusters i have seen in a while. From both the humans and the apes, we see both the good side and bad side of human nature. It shows peoples capacity to come together,with some scenes that manage to be sweet without feeling cheesy. But it also shows the urge to hold grudges at all costs,as both sides have characters that end up unable to move past there hatred for the other side.

The film also has a nice exploration of family,and in the case of Caesars family how outside conflict can come between. Along with that, it shows the difficulty of leadership when tensions are running high. The film takes a bit to get to its major action scenes, but they are well worth the wait.

On the technical side the animation of the apes is extremely well done,and in this case the effects are in service of the story,not the other way around. And of course Serkis continues his great work from the last one,tho Clarke also does a good job as the human lead for this one.

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DOFT review

Manages to have a epic feeling without losing its heart. The film has some great action scenes,with Magneto lifting up a whole stadium being pretty epic to watch. But the quieter scenes manage to be just as effective. Also the music in this found i found really effective.

The dynamic between Xavier and Magneto is center stage once again,and it is wonderful to watch there scenes together. In particular,seeing Xavier grow from a broken man into a leader is interesting to watch. Mystique is also given a more prominent role this time, with the whole film in a way revolving around her ultimate decision.

The returning cast from both First Class and the first slew of X-men films are all top notch. Evan as Quicksilver brought some comedic relief to the proceedings, and Dinklage made for a great villain.

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