True Blood “Fresh Blood” review

Obviously this will have spoilers, seeing as this is a episode review. You have been warned.

Bill and pams opening confrontation was well done. The dialogue was interesting, and Bill actually seemed badass(at least until pam busted out her silver spray). YYevetta’s and Sookies combined takedown of Pam wasn’t bad. The only thing that bothers me is Pam’s current attitude concerning Sookie. I found there interactions entertaining(who can forget lesbian weirdness), and i don’t want to see that go away

It seems like Jesus may turn into a V junkie if he’s not careful. While i am not a huge fan of the Lafeyyete/Jesus relationship, it feels a lot more believable than a certain other relationship introduced this season. And the scene later with the dolls calling Lafeyyetes name was freaky.

Crystal and Jason went through the typical breakup/make up this episode. Honestly, i don’t really care about there relationship. It has never felt believable to me, and i just can’t bring myself to become emotionally invested in there relationship. It doesn’t help that Jason as a character hasn’t really been interesting this season. His rivalry with the jock has been rather bland so far. When he pulled the guy out of a car, it seemed stupid and unnecessary to me. The guy wasn’t hurting anybody, so i don’t get why Jason felt a need to interfere. I will say that i could at least understand why jason was annoyed about him cheating at football using V. Still, this is one subplot this season could have done without. Ryan Kwanten is a good actor, but the material given to him this season has been sub-par IMO.

I loved Jessica and Hoyt’s scene in this episode(but then again, any scene with Jessica is guaranteed to be awesome IMO).Hoyt was sweet as always, with that trademark Hoyt humor, this time involving regeneration and severed limbs. I’m not sure why, but even though Hoyt(and jessica to a certain extent) can be sappy at times, it never really bothers me, unlike with Bill and Sookie.

I’m happy Jessica was able to tell Hoyt what happened with the trucker. She said why it happened, but she didn’t try to excuse it. Thankfully hiding things seems to be one thing that Jessica didn’t get from Bill(thank God). One reason i like Jessica this season is because while she is trying to be a better person, she isn’t a hypocrite about it. She knows that True Blood doesn’t work for her, but she made an effort to learn how to feed correctly so she can still live without killing people for food. I find her struggle for humanity much more interesting than Bills. Hoyt decided to let Jessica use his body for…sustenance. I look forward to more Jessica/Hoyt biting sessions.

And speaking of Jessica/Hoyt, i think Maxine’s storyline is getting old. If the writers bring her back next season, i hope they change her character up a bit.

I must say Eric’s actions these past 2 episodes are really straining this love Triangle IMO. It is just really hard to believe that Sookie could actually fall in love with him(beyond the blood thing i mean). I get that he is trying to take down Russel, but instead of deceiving Sookie maybe he could have told her what his plan was, and treated her as a ally instead of throwing her in the dungeon out of nowhere. I mean, Sookie doesn’t have any loyalty towards Russel, so i don’t see the reason for Eric to go  behind her her back like that. But then again, the writers seem stuck on forcing Eric into the bad boy vampire role no matter what. And also, Eric needs to find a more badass ringtone for Pam.

As for Sookie’s relationship with Bill, while i don’t hate Bill and Sookie together, i think for the good of the show they need to break up at least temporarily(and not just for a episode either). Maybe when Sookie learns the truth about the files on her family she will let Bill go.

This episode Sam was yellin up a storm. I’m not sure whether i’m on board with this new Sam yet. I mean, i like seeing new sides to characters, but this feels a bit forced. I mean, i don’t get why he got so angry at Terry and Arlene. The only one i could understand him being angry at is Tommy. Tommy can be kind of a dick, and most people wouldn’t tolerate someone who acted like Tommy for very long. Again, the TB writers don’t seem to be fans of subtly. I think it would have been more interesting if the TB writers didn’t have him yelling at every single person in the vicinity. But to me it looked like the writers were desperate to have him act bad just for the sake of it.

And i’m not sure why Sam suddenly feels so alone. I get that he is tired of always taking care of other people, but i can’t think of a single time Terry has asked Sam for anything throughout the show(Arlene less so, but still, i don’t remember her asking Sam for anything too troublesome). Tommy is the only one Tara mentioned that i can understand Sam being angry at

Also, Chris Baur(Andy) gave a fantastic performance in this episode. I know it was small, but the confession was wonderfully delivered. Another memorable scene was Eric comforting Pam before going ahead with his suicide maneuver against Russel

Another thing i liked about this episode was  seeing Bill and Eric work together instead of fighting over Sookie, and i hope its something we see again. I would actually like to see there history before Sookie came into the picture.

I think Tommy stealing Sams money will backfire on him in the finale. Also, i think Arlenes baby will turn out to be mystical or supernatural in some way.

And that’s my review. This is my first full episode review, so i don’t know how good i did, but i welcome feedback both good and bad

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