In defense of Kristen Stewart and others

A few days ago i watched “The Runways” with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. At first, it was odd to see Kristen swearing and doing the rock girl thing considering her most well known role is bella in twilight, but over the course of the movie  i became immersed in her performance. And Dakota also gave a fine performance IMO, and i think she is becoming an actress to look out for.

But online i feel sometimes actors/actress’s are mistaken as bad actors/actresses because of a poor role choice or two. I know opinion is subjective, and that what looks like oscar wining acting to me may seem flimsy and unbelievable to you, but i just think sometimes they get a lot of hate for taking a bad role or two instead of acting ability.

A good example is the whole cast of Twilight. I already mentioned mentioned Kristen and Dakota, but i think this also applies to the other stars.  I mean, Kristens and Robert  Pattinsons other movies haven’t had anything close to the commercial success of twilight.

I think Dakota is the only one to come out of that franchise with her acting ability not called into question, and i believe that is only because she already had achieved success(both commercially and critically) before doing Twilight.

Another group that i think could fall under this category are disney stars. The thing about disney is that while it has a large audience, it is has a very specific audience(young girls) and outside of that audience it doesn’t have much appeal. SO while it may breed commercial success, its not a good way to start if an actor/actress wants to appeal to multiple audiences.

If there are any other actor/actress’s that you feel have been trapped by a certain role, tell me in your comment

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5 Responses to In defense of Kristen Stewart and others

  1. rtm says:

    You probably already know how I feel about Twilight, but I actually think the actors involved are doing the best they could with the dismal material they were given. When I watched Kristen being all emo, I thought man, she could do so much better than this, and indeed she could, as you can see. People also raved her performance in Into the Wild and Adventureland.

    The same with Robert Pattinson (not Patterson :)), which is even more agonizing to behold AFTER I watched how good he was in Remember Me. It’s as if, he had to “tone down” his acting skill for the role. Which is a pity as the Edward character could be much more well-crafted to have more depth, instead of just being this supposedly gorgeous, twinkly being.

    Oh well, I guess Twilight has its purpose and obviously all those Twi-hards LOVE their portrayal so what do I know? 🙂

    • rtm did you see the twilight movies, or just the previews? And i forgot about her role in adventuereland(i saw it a while ago)

      And i never watched Remember Me, although that was because the movie didn’t really interest and not because of anything against Robert

      • rtm says:

        I saw the first and second one, the first one out of curiosity to see what the fuss is about and the second because my friend at work lent me the dvd. I don’t know if I can endure the 3rd one 😦

        Are you a fan of LOST? Emile de Ravin is Rob’s co-star and she’s pretty good in it too. I didn’t want to watch it either at first, as after Twilight I thought Rob is such a horrible actor. But I’m glad I watched RM as I realize that’s not the case. An actor can only do so much with the material he/she is given.

  2. An interesting post! ha, you already know my thoughts on Kristen, but I’m willing to check her other stuff out.
    I’m curious as to which disney movies you mean? films like The Santa Clause, Pirates of the Caribbean, and National Treasure all brought more attention to certain stars for other audiences, IMO. Can you give me an example of what you mean? I don’t disagree, just looking for some examples!

    • I mean more stuff like High School Musical., Hannah Montana, etc. I wouldn’t rush out to see a movie with Zach Efron for example, but i wouldn’t refuse to see a movie with him in it either. I just think that the whole Disney star thing is something that appeals to only a limited audience, and doesn’t get you much respect out of that audience. KInd of like with rom-com queens, now that i think of it

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