Quick movie picks

Because i haven’t had a lot of time recently, i am going to do posts with 2 or more quick reviews, instead of one long review. Hopefully when i’m done with school i will have more time but as of right now i don’t have time to be writing a long review for all the movies i see. Well here it goes

Doubt- This is about a nun named aloysius (played by Merl Streep) who after getting tipped of by a younger nun(played by Amy Adams) suspects that a priest named brendan flynn(played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman) is getting too close to a certain close to a certain boy at the catholic school. The movie keeps you guessing as to whether aloysius is correct in her assumptions, and while i don’t want to spoil anyone, the movie is called “Doubt” for a reason. As one would expect Meryl and Phillip deliver grade a performances, and AMy manages to hold her own in the movie which is no small feat when you have such experienced actors around. All in all, a interesting movie, and the acting in this movie is stunning

The Ghost Writer- Now, this one seems a bit divisive, as a blogger i follow didn’t like this one and Chris Gore from Attack of the SHow didn’t have fond words for it either, but i liked it. This is one has Ewan Mcgregor, Pierce Brosnan, and Olivia Williams, among others. LIke “DOubt’ this one features strong acting. The movie focuses on a ghost writer(Ewan) who is asked to write the memoirs of a fictional british prime minister(Brosnan). He gets tangled up in a political conspiracy of sorts, which happens to involve the wife of the prime minister(Olivia). I think the movie has good pacing, and the movie held my interest. But as i said before i’ve heard some negative reviews on it, so you might not share my opinion if you see it

Macgruber- I didn’t have high expectations for this movie, but i actually found it rather enjoyable. The main character is played by 2 of the 3 main characters are played by SNL vets, with Ryan Phillipe being the exception. The acting is satisfactory, but obviously don’t expect oscar winning performances here. The humor can be quite vulgar/dirty, but i found entertaining. But then again, its not too difficult to make me laugh, so maybe you’ll have a different experience

Secret Things- This is a foreign movie about 2 woman who after losing there jobs decide to instead use there body’s to move up in the corporate world. I know this seems cliche, but about halfway through the movie the movie goes in a completely different direction, which is way i am recommending it. It does become more serious also, but i think it becomes a lot more interesting in its second half.

I welcome any comments you may have on the movies i mentioned, even if you absolutely hate the movie. Also, if anyone has seen the movie i recommended when i first started this blog(Franklyn) i would be interested to get feedback on that also

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3 Responses to Quick movie picks

  1. rtm says:

    Hey Julian, yeah sometimes quick reviews are much more doable. I ended up doing this format for my dvd reviews. I presume the ‘blogger you follow’ is me… he..he.. and no, I’m not fond of Ghost Writer, I had a high expectation for it as the subject matter intrigued me and I like Ewan McGregor, but overall it was just dull. I didn’t regret seeing it though, I just won’t ever see it again.

    I’ve heard great things about Doubt, my coworker raved about it. I don’t know when I’ll get around to seeing it though, there are just too many I have to catch up on.

    As for MacGruber, I’d rather watch the MacGyver reruns than seeing this one. This was one of my favorite shows growing up.

    • Do you have netflix? Cause that makes catching up on movies a lot easier

      And i’m guessing you haven’t had time to watch Franklyn yet?

      • rtm says:

        Hey, sorry I’ve been swamped with TCFF stuff I haven’t had a chance to respond to your email, so I’ll just do that here. Yes I have Netflix but because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even watched the film that arrive last week! 😦 No, I haven’t watched that, but it’s on the queue. It’s not a matter of getting the movies that’s the issue, it’s finding time to watch ’em.

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