Hollywood vs Foreign

I feel a lot of the time the media(movies, tv shows, videogames) gets the blame for america’s various problems, and this seems to come from the idea that some people have which is that hollywood movies are too extreme compared to the entertainment put out by other countries. Well, i personally think this idea is wrong, and that people who have this idea either don’t watch foreign movies, or watch a very limited amount

I’ve seen plenty of foreign movies go places that hollywood movies generally shy away from, mainly in terms of sexuality. While there are some extremely violent foreign movies, i think hollywood is far more comfortable with graphical violence than sexuality. Some rather violent forgin movies that i’ve seen are Hard Revenge Milly, Ichi the KIller, Tokyo Gore Police, the upcoming RoboGesiha, and a french horror film that i can’t remember the title of(it revolved around the villain stalking a pregnant woman). Although it is worth noting that asian cinema has a a unique subgenre of movies that combines extreme violence with comedy, which accounts for more asian movies in that list

In terms of sexuality, i feel foreign movies are far more willing to explore sexuality(particularly European movies). Yes there are plenty of hollywood movies with nudity and sex scenes(although foriegn movies seem to be more gender equal in terms of nudity, showing both male and female parts, for lack of a better word), but i don’t see that as the same as exploring sexuality. Foreign movies that i feel best exemplify this are Secret Things(More so during its second half) and The Piano Teacher

I generally feel that the problem in America is that people don’t seem to understand the difference between reality and fantasy(how else can you explain entertainers being treated as role models?) more so than the media itself. But anyways, that’s just my opinion.

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9 Responses to Hollywood vs Foreign

  1. rtm says:

    I see your point Julian, it’s overly simplistic to say that media is to blame for the crimes people (especially youth) commit in society. There are a lot of factors that affect those individuals and I for one think the parents are mainly responsible in many cases. That’s not to say the entertainment industry is utterly faultless or that they don’t have any responsibility whatsoever. My taste in movies are obviously a bit different from yours. I’m actually not keen on movies with overt sexuality or graphic violence, my threshold is pretty low on stuff like that. I think those subject matters can still be explored without having to resort to the extremes.

    • I just think too many people in america don’t have a strong mind of there own, and don’t realize that just because something looks cool in a movie/tv doesn’t mean it should be copied in real life. And in a society where entertainers are automatically deemed to be role models i don’t see society progressing very far. In the case of videogames, i’ve noticed it gets a lot of blame for causing people to commit real life acts of violence. WHile if someone is already seriously thinking of violence i could see how violent videogames could worsen it, i don’t think a perfectly rational person would act violently just because they played a violent videogame. I’ve played plenty of violent videogames, and i’ve never gotten into a fight

      Just to be clear just because a movie has overt sexuality or graphic violence doesn’t mean a i like it(9 songs is a movie that had overt sexuality but couldn’t really grab my interest) i just generally don’t mind it. I just don’t want people thinking that i watch movies just for graphic violence or sexuality, and there have been a few times i’ve been freaked out by something in a movie(My threshold for violence is a bit lower than my threshold for sexuality).

      And what if a movie with graphic violence and/or overt sexuality had gerard butler in it?

      • rtm says:

        I think it people who have violent tendencies will be more affected by those who don’t… so I don’t think they’d CAUSE people to become violent if they otherwise aren’t.

        As for your question… no I still won’t watch it. I almost didn’t want to watch Ugly Truth because it was just too crude for my taste, but my friend asked me to see it on dvd and said it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t watch GAMER because of the extensive graphic violence and sexuality, so no, an actor doesn’t necessarily change my mind about what movie to watch.

  2. Ronan says:

    Interesting post Julian. Although I have to agree with Ruth in that I think it is too simplistic to blame the movies for all of societies moral ills, I think that excessive violence and sex in films doesn’t help the situation as it raises the audience’s threshold for it.

    • I will admit that it can raise someones threshold, but i feel there are plenty of people with high thresholds that aren’t violent in real life. I myself don’t think being a sexual person is bad, but it is important to realize that unplanned pregnancy and std’s are risks one must take into account, unlike movie characters. I personally think people should stop trying to run other peoples sex lives. As long as they aren’t hurting anybody and it is between adults(or at the very people in there late teens) that both know what they are getting themselves into i don’t see a reason to get involved.

      When i saw the homicide rate in america compared to other countries in Bowling for COlumbine that is when i started to think that there is something else causing the high homicide rate in America. And its pretty much the same with the U.S teen pregnancy rate, which is one of the highest in the developed world(although that rate was declining until abstinence only education started getting emphasized).

      So while sexual or violent movies may not help, i don’t believe them to be a root cause

      • Ronan says:

        I know from my own experience that there is a lot of opportunity and temptation for young people to have sex freely and casually. As a Catholic I believe that sex should take place between a Married couple open to the responsibility of having children, but I know that it is not a very popular belief.

        • I have no problem with those who want to wait until marriage, but i just think that if its between 2 or more adults who now what they are getting into(as in, no one is being led to expect a false outcome. For example,i don’t think its right to deceive somebody into thinking your in love just to have sex with them) and use contraception (the only time i don’t see contraception as necessary is if its between a couple that wants children) i don’t see anything wrong with it.

          I say live and let live.

  3. TragLee says:

    Great thoughts. I really agree with you, really there are a lot of people who don’t really understand the fantasy and real world. If someone is a sane person it doesn’t affect you personally on the way you watch excessive sexuality and violence films.

    • Ronan says:

      I think it is entirely reasonable to expect people to be able to choose between what is real and what is fantasy and to make a free decision as to how they are influenced (if at all) by it. However, a society whose media fosters and often glamorises brutality can hardly be surprised if it produces brutes.

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