My current guilty pleasure

There’s a show i’ve been following for a while which i’ve been afraid to mention to pretty much anyone. But i have decided its time for me to be honest about it. And that show is the Vampire Diaries.

When i started the Vampire Diaries, i was looking for something to sate my vampire fix which had been just fueled by True Blood. When it first started, i wasn’t that into it. I quickly became interested in the supporting characters, and the show departs from the high school setting relatively quickly. But what prevented me from getting really into it was the 3 main characters, who all felt boring and cliche to me.

After episode 11 i was about ready to give up on it, as the main characters just didn’t feel like they really developed, but then in episode 12 the main characters started to suddenly show personality, and thus the show became far more interesting imo. Overall the current season has been enjoyable, and i don’t see that stoping anytime soon.

Well, now that i got that off my chest, readers do you have anyone guilty pleasures? I promise to try my best to withhold judgment

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5 Responses to My current guilty pleasure

  1. Elgart says:

    I also follow the episodes of Vampire Diaries. It’s an amazing show,. True Blood really rocks me too.

    • I don’t think i’d call it amazing, but ever since Bloodlines the writing has been surprisingly good, although i had my complaints about Damons behavior in the Return(But then again, Damon is a rather polarizing character at times)

      And Nina has managed to make Katherine deliciously evil

  2. Bontempsbeau says:

    I’m in the same boat with you, dude. Cast adrift by the end of the TB season and no longer bouyed by The Gates, I’ve watched the last three (most recent) episodes of TVD. Everyone keeps telling me to watch it from the beginning, which surprises the heck out of me; these same folks tell me the first episodes were awful! Anyway, I’m still viewing it and withholding a thumbs up or down for the time being. Suffice it to say that TVD hasn’t grabbed me yet. Neither has Boardwalk Empire… I guess my only guilty pleasure is the TB IMDB board….

    • Yeah apparently the gates got cancelled, which i find unfortunate. I was planning to catch up on it on dvd because i lost track of it and i don’t have a lot of time right now with school to catch up. Although, i think ABC did a shit job promoting it.

      But yeah, TVD grabbed me around the last half of season 1

  3. rtm says:

    Y’know, my previous guilty pleasure show was also about vampire, Moonlight. So I can see how people can get easily hooked on this and True Blood. But I did see one episode of this once and I can’t get past the bad acting of one of the leads (don’t know who his name was), though I gotta admit Ian Sommerhalder (sp?) is drop dead gorgeous. Now he should have his own series and I wouldn’t mind watching that 😉

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