News from a Deborah fanboy

As a fellow blogger can tell you, i am one of the biggest Deborah fanboys out there(I am actually planning to include her in a upcoming post, which probably won’t come until mid December due to school obligations). In case you don’t know who she is, she plays Jessica on True Blood, and ever since she first appeared she has only has become one of my fav actress’s and i have been following her career ever since.

ANyways, in a attempt to find more Deborah fans to converse with(i unfortunately haven’t found any bloggers that share my love for this actress), i stumbled upon this bit of news. Apparently she will be main a movie titled “SOmeday this Pain will be useful to you.” According to imdb it is “A drama that follows a high school graduate, the black sheep of his prestigious New York City family, who is accused of sexual harassment while working at his mother’s art gallery,” and  Deborah is playing the main character’s sister. Now, this isn’t a movie i would normally follow closely, but the Deborah fanboy in me has compelled me to so. I tried to find a trailer of it, but so far all ive found are these pics from the movie.

She is also in the Mothers Day remake(yes, the tromaville one). There unfortunately hasn’t been a trailer for that either

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7 Responses to News from a Deborah fanboy

  1. rtm says:

    You haven’t found another blogger who likes her? How about those who watch True Blood? I’m sure she has a pretty decent fanbase out there. I don’t watch the show so I can’t count myself as a fan… I only heard of her because of you 🙂 In any case, that is an awful title for a movie, I’m assuming it’s just a working title… well, good for her to nab a supporting role. Every actress has to starts somewhere.

  2. rtm says:

    Hey Julian, I’m going to a gym class now. I’ll check out the clip later tonight. Thanks!

  3. Elgart says:

    She’s absolutely awesome!

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