Advice for/In defense of Michael Cera

I know Cera can sometimes get a lot of hate, but honestly i think he’s a good actor. I know he gets a lot of flak for playing similar roles, but plenty of other actors/actress’s do the same thing, so that doesn’t really bother me. ANyways, i wasn’t a major fan of his until i saw Youth in Revolt. The reason being solely for his performance as Francois Dillinger, a alternate personality created by the main character. What made his performance so memorable to me is how different it is from his typical roles. It was totally different from his usual awkward shy good-natured teen role. In fact he seemed kind of badass, to me anyways. I have managed to find some clips of that role to better show what i’m talking about(in the second clip Francois doesn’t appear until about 30 seconds in)

Last night i finally got around to seeing Scott Pilgrim, and i was honestly excited to see Cera’s performance. While i definitely enjoyed it, i didn’t enjoy it as much as his Francis role.  Even though Scott had some great moments, i don’t feel it completely deviated from his typical awkward shy teen role like Francois.

And so i think Cera should take on edgier roles, like Francois. I am not trying to say he’s a master actor or anything like that, but i do think he has more versatility than he gets credit for. Anyways, i think he is at a point in his career where he has to do something totally different to stay relevant.

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3 Responses to Advice for/In defense of Michael Cera

  1. rtm says:

    Well, I don’t hate him, I’m just not interested in seeing him. It’s a matter of preference who you’d like to see in films, and it’s just not whether they’re good looking or not, I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it exactly. Like you asked me the other day why I don’t like Brad Pitt and I responded in the same way. Not that I dislike him, I’m just indifferent. And strangely enough, despite him being such a sex symbol and all that, I don’t find him remotely attractive.

    In any case, I haven’t seen the clips yet as I’m at work right now, and sorry it takes me a while to respond to this post. I agree that a lot of actors stay in the same type of roles but it’s hardly an excuse that it’s OK to do so. I personally like actors who like to mix things up… even if they’re not phenomenal actors like say, Daniel Day Lewis, but at least they’re not always playing it safe and do try to portray different on-screen personalities. I’m sure Cera is a talented actor and I do wish him well in his career, I just prefer seeing someone else on screen, that’s all. No offense, Michael.

    • I also like seeing actors try out different things, it is just a lot of people seemed to single out Cera as doing the same role when other actors don’t seem to garner the same type of hate for it. And that is mainly why i like his francois role so much.

      But either way i think Cera will have to do something drastically different to keep his career afloat. And after seeing the francois role i think he has the potential to do that

  2. The one film I am hopeful for Cera to do is Arrested Development! I absolutely enjoy him (and the entire cast) in that show!

    Nice post defending Cera! Hopefully he will do more outside of his norm!

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