My Vampire Academy cast

In honor of the new Vampire Academy book coming out in December and confirmation that the movie adaption is not just a rumor, i have decided to post my dream cast for the movie. For those who don’t know, the Vampire ACademy is a series of supernatural books that have become my fav book series.ย  What i like most about is that it isn’t another book about a naive human girl falling in love with a mysterious vamp. The characters are well interesting and complex, the relationships are believable, it actually has a plot, and while the mythology is a bit complicated the book manages to stay easy to follow. Also, this would be the first time a book series i like is being turned into a movie.

SOme of the character i list don’t appear till the later books, but i felt like adding them anyways. Also, i am only casting the characters listed in the wiki entry for the series(with the exception of Tatina)

Deborah Ann Woll as Rose Hathaway. I think she has the versatility to pull off both Rose’s spunkier side as well as her more vulnerable side, and i think she has the charisma and likability to play the main character. And as a fellow blogger mentioned on another post, “She’s absolutely awesome”


Leven Rambin as Lissa Dragomir. This one was a tough one to cast, mainly because the character starts off rather reserved/quiet, and slowly becomes stronger throughout the books. And i’ve found that if a reserved/quiet character is miscast they end up looking dull(I actually think reserved/quiet characters can be hard to pull off, as the actor/actress has to do more work to bring life into the role). And i think her performance as Riley Dawson from TSCC showed that she can play the reserved part without coming off dull but also show strength when needed. Amy Adams did come to mind when thinking of someone for this role due to her role in doubt, but i’m not sure she would be able to capture the strength the character gains through the course of the books.

Alexander Skarsgard as Dimitri Belikov. This one also wasn’t easy to cast, as he is a rather important character in the series. I feel the actor played this role would have to be able to switch between badass and vulnerable, as the character generally hides his feelings a lot, mostly during the first book. AFter seeing his performance as Eric in True Blood, i think he has the acting chops for the role.


Ian Somerhalder as CHristian Ozero. In the books Christian is a love interest for Lissa. I feelย  what the actor for this role needs to be able to do is capture both Christians sarcasm and vulnerability, and i think ian has shown he can do that with his role as Damon in The Vampire Diaries(While i haven’t always been a fan of the character, i think he’s a good actor). And i think he would be able to pull off the romantic aspect as well. I was possibly worried he might be too old for the role, but considering his character is in his late teens when the first book starts and his character isn’t immortal so i don’t think that would be too much of a problem. I did contemplate putting Thomas Decker for this role, but i’m not totally sure he could pull off the sarcasm part.

James McAvory as Adrian Ivashkov(AKA my favorite male character in the series.) At first(in the second book) he appears to be just a mildly annoying playboy, but he becomes so much more. The actor playing this role would have to be rather versatile, as his character kind of wavers between sensitive soul and rebellious pervert, and the actor playing this role would have to be able to switch between these two sides. After seeing James in Atonement, The Last King of Scotland and Wanted i believe he has the versatility required for this role.

Zach Roerig as Mason Ashford. Mason isn’t a highly important character, but his character is similar to the one Zach plays on the Vampire Diaries, so i don’t see him having a problem with this role.




Candice Accola as Mia Rinaldi. Another one i discovered through the Vampire Diaries, i think she has demonstrated the versatility necessary for this role. Mia changes a lot through the books, so i feel it is important that the actress is able to play the transformation the character goes through.


Thomas Dekker as Eddie Castile. Thomas is someone who i would like to see in more movies, and i think this part is perfect for him. he actor playing this role would have to be able to portray the trauma that the character goes through in one of the later books, and i think Thomas would have no problem showing that.


Ian McKlean as Victor Dashkov. I don’t want to spoil anything, but this is another character that would require a versatile actor, and i think Ian has proven he can play just about anything.




Amanda Seyfreid as Natlalie Dashkov. I feel it is important that the actress be able to portray a innocent quality, and i feel Amanda could do that well. The role would also require some versatility due to plot related reasons, and i feel Amanda has that as well.



Amy Acker as Janine Hathaway. Amy acker imo is a highly underrated actress, and one of the most versatile actress’s i’ve seen. I don’t think she would have any problem portraying Janine’s conflicted emotions as a parent.



Liam Neeson as Abe Mazur. I think he has demonstrated that he can pull off badass well in Taken, and i have full confidence he would be able to portray Abe’s deeper emotions.



Kristen Bell as Sydney. I think Kristen has shown a talent for playing witty characters, so i think this role is right up her alley. And the role would also give her room to to portray deeper emotions, which i think she can after seeing her in Veronica Mars.



Lena Headey as Tasha Orzera. I think she can portray the badassary of Tasha, but also her more sensitive side(I am basing this off her performance as Sarah Connor in TSCC).




Helen Mirren as Queen Tatiana Dashkov. The character in the books is about sixty, and i think helen has proven she can play powerful older woman, so imo she is perfect for the role



I welcome any feedback positive or negative on my choices. Also, if there are other actors/actress’s that you think would be better for the role tell me. Also, i may change it at a later date. I realized after making the cast that i realized i forgot to take the characters physical descriptions into account, so i may change specific roles around


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7 Responses to My Vampire Academy cast

  1. rtm says:

    Interesting cast, Julian. Well the fact that you’ve got McAvoy and Mirren in it you definitely got my attention ๐Ÿ™‚ They’re both in my Hollywood Fantasy Draft list too if you recall. Mirren is part Russian so she’d fit the character perfectly (I presume some of the characters are of Russian origin?)

    I don’t know a lot of the TV actors (I only know Deborah because you like her and Ian from when he was on Smallville). What is TSCC?? Ha..ha.. Lena Heady and Thomas Dekker together after Sarah Connor, I like that. I can’t really comment on or suggest other actors as I barely have any understanding for the characters but it was fun reading your choices ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I was actually thinking of adding Rufus and Gerry somewhere to pique your interest ๐Ÿ˜› And i think Dimitris family are the only russians in the books. But i think Mirren would be a good choice either way.

      And i didn’t realize how many tv actors i choose until later. The cast isn’t set in stone, so i may alter some of the roles around(I may actually switch out Deborah for somebody else because i forgot that in the books the character is supposed to look partly exotic). And it was brought to my attention that a lot fo the actors i chose are already playing vampires, so that is another reason i may change my cast later. And TSCC=The Sarah Connor Chronicles(its an abbreviation)

      And its a book series i highly recommend. I will probably end up posting more about the movie as more info comes in.

      • rtm says:

        Ha..ha.. no, I’m not that shallow. I don’t have to have either one of those guys to get me interested to see a film.

        As for choosing actors who’ve already playing vampires, well it actually might work in your favor as they’re more familiar with the essence of the character. But at the same time, choosing less predictable cast would also make it interesting.

  2. Interesting choices but I must disagree. James McAvoy would be better suited for Victor as I think he is too old to play Adrian who is in his early twenties. However, McAvoy would make a great Victor if you want him to skew younger. A better choice for Victor might be James Spader who is capable of duplicity in a character.

    I am not familiar with Amy Aker but that is not my image of Janine. I see here as a woman in her forties, a little crinkly but not ragged. Janine Turner or Courtney Cox might be excellent choices. Both can be tough women.

    I have no one in my head yet for Rose or Dimitri. There was a younger Russian actor in a recent Jackie Chan movie who was gorgeous and able to do martial arts.

    Can’t wait to see this movie series.

    • I don’t think james looks all that old, so i think he could portray Adrian. But maybe that’s just me

      I am not familiar with James Spader but the reason i chose ian for the role of Victor is because i think he can pull off the frail look but still pull off the twist concerning Victors character(Unless if your recommending him for a younger Victor, i wasn’t entirely sure)

      And the vampire academy wiki lists Janine as being 36-38, but they could be wrong about that. However, i think Amy is more than capable of portraying janine’s strength

      And i’ve been thinking of changing some of the cast, but i will probably do that after reading Last Sacrifice, as i accidentally spoiled part of the book while checking wiki and i want to avoid accidentally spoiling myself anymore. Do you remember the title of the Jacvkie CHan movie your referring too?

      And welcome to the dirty with class movie/tv blog. I would love it if you became a regular reader of the blog, as i always welcome feedback

  3. The Spy Next Door is the Jackie Chan movie I was thinking of. James McAvoy is 31 while Adrian is around 20; that is too much of a difference. James Spader is 50 and you might remember him from Boston Legal . I find him to be a fantastic actor.

    I am happy to come back around. As a former movie reviewer, I love to keep my nose in the business.

    • I don’t think i’ve seen that one. And i still James look young enough to play the role, but i think we disagree on that. I’ve never seen Boston Legal but i will take your word for it. But i don’t think he looks old enough to play Victor, but maybe thats just me

      And i just finished Last Sacrifice so i may make some casting changes. And in the entry after this one i recommended some movies. I would love to read what you think of it

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