Winter recommendations

I haven’t been able to update in a while due to school, but thankfully i am on winter break now. I’ve watched a couple of movies during this time(during the weekends mostly), and saw a few that i really like.

Adrenaline Drive- A shy boy ends up getting his hands on yakuza money and meeting a equally shy girl, and wackiness ensues. What i think gives this movie its strength is the way the two main characters and there romance develop through the movie. This is one of the few romantic comedy’s(or at least modern rom-coms) that i’ve enjoyed.

Retribution- A detective investigates a series of murders, but evidence starts to point as him as the main suspect. A interesting movie, but despite what netflix says this isn’t really a horror movie. There are a few moments that might be scary to some, but i don’t believe it is consistently scary enough to be a horror. But as long as you don’t let the lack of frights bother you, i think it is a well done and interesting film.

Ip Man- This is a film i enjoyed immensely. Its is about a real life martial artist who went by the name Ip Man, although you don’t need to know who he is to enjoy the film(I didn’t know it was based on a real life person till the end of the movie). At first it appears to be just another fun martial arts movie(which i have nothing against), but it imo becomes so much more.

The real life martial artist that the movie is based on was around during the Japanese invasion of china, and so it becomes important in the plot of the movie. When the movie gets to this it takes on a more serious tone. I personally liked the infusion of historical grittiness/drama with martial arts.  It was kind of like Defiance but with martial arts instead of gunfighting.

One particular technique the filmmaker used which i really enjoyed was how the fighting was used to transition the movie from a fun martial arts movie to a gritty historical drama. The earlier fights had long takes, and didn’t have much closeups of the impacts. But as the movie got transitioned into more serious material, the fights were cut together quicker and there were more closeups of the impacts. The fighting moves used in the beginning weren’t all that serious, but they gradually got more and more brutal/painful as the movie transitioned into a historical drama/martial arts movie hybrid.  It gave the fight scenes more purpose than they would have in a typical martial arts movie. Overall this movie is just really well done, and not only it is my favorite movie of recent memory, but one that will go in my list of greats. I am going to try to see the sequel as soon as i can, and hopefully it will be as good as the first.

The Girl Next Door- This is about a girl who is sent with her sister to live with there aunt, who turns out to be at best a psychopath. This is one of there more disturbing movie’s I’ve seen in a while, and i think its scarier than most mainstream horror movies. It has a realistic look to it, and it feels like something that could actually happen, which is what makes the movie so scary imo. I found out later that this is based on a true story(Technically its based on a book about a true story, but i didn’t know the its source material was based on true events). While i know films based on true events take creative license, but the thought that someone went through anything close to what the girl went through in the movie adds another level of creepiness. While this movie can be hard to watch at times, i think it is a well done movie.

Vengeance- This is about a father who ends up seeking revenge for his daughter’s family. While this type of premise has been done many times, this movie manages to take a unique approach to this story, making it more unpredictable than it may seem and keeping it interesting. I don’t want to say too much about the plot, as i feel part of what makes the movie so notable is how it doesn’t go where you think it will.

Inception- While i know this film as gotten a lot of hype, and while i’m not sure it lives up to all of it, i liked it. The dream within a dream setup the movie uses for the main plot of the plot has drawn both praise and criticism, but i think it worked. I also didn’t find it anywhere near as confusing as some people made it out to be. The acting is solid, and there’s isn’t a single bad performance in the bunch

Honorable mentions go to Lost Boys:Thirst, The A-team, The Other Guys, A Nos Armours, and the Girl with played with fire. While these weren’t amazing, they are still worth a watch imo(if you want a more in depth review of any of these movies tell me). I saw some other movies, so if you want a review of a specific movie tell me and if i saw it i will tell you my opinion.

I’ve also started to become a fan of a anime series called Ouran High School Host Club. Its girlier than the stuff i usually watch, but i still find it enjoyable

Also, for superhero fans

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3 Responses to Winter recommendations

  1. rtm says:

    Hi Julian… hmmm, lots of heavy duty thriller/horror stuff on your list, but glad you enjoyed Inception. How about if you write a review of it? The Other Guys and A-Team were fun to watch, but not exactly a ‘great’ piece of film.

    • Yeah i didn’t notice that until you pointed it out,though i think you would like Adrenaline Drive. It doesn’t have a lot of violence or sexual content(Or at the very least, i don’t remember any). And while Ip man does have some brutal fight scenes later in it, if i remember correctly you did watch Watchmen, and it wasn’t nearly as violent as that(and there wasn’t much in sexual content either) so maybe you could give it a chance. I highly recommend it, and i believe there is much more to be found in the movie than just fighting

      And i may write a more in depth review of Inception, not sure yet. And i actually heard a neat theory about Inception. Basically, the theory says that Inception is a movie about making movies. A good movie puts a idea in your mind, like what cobb does. The different characters represent different people in the movie process.

      Saito-Studio head
      Mal-Baggage the director brings with them
      Ariadne- Screenwriter
      Eames- Actor
      Yusuf- Technical guy

      • rtm says:

        Yeah Adrenaline Drive sounds like one I wouldn’t mind checking out.

        Wow, what a neat theory indeed. I never thought of it that way but it certainly is possible. Funny that Mal is regarded as ‘Baggage the director brings with them’ Ahah, isn’t that always the case? 😉

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