Character Spotlight

A blogger i follow made a post on Neville Sinclair from the Rocketer. It got me thinking to what characters i love, and there is one that has become stuck in my mind. And that is Jessica from true Blood, played by Deborah Ann Woll.

When True Blood first started getting good hype i didn’t have HBO so i just watched as many clips of it as i could find on youtube. When i got to the later clips, a cute redhead was forcibly turned. It seemed like she might have turned into another self hating vamp, but she turned out to be hilariously obnoxious, and my love for the character and the actress playing her started to blossom. I did manage to get the first season on dvd, which allowed me to see the first season in its entirety.

But when i saw clips of the second episode in season 2 in which she visited her family is when my love for the character really took hold. When Jessica begged Sookie for a opportunity to see her family, i felt like giving her a hug. And when she lashed out at her father, the actress conveyed her pent up anger extremely well.

She continued to impress me as the season went along, becoming a complex and interesting character. What i most liked was she wasn’t another self-hating veggie vamp or bad girl vamp. She felt, and still feels like one of the most original characters on the show. I love her mix of vulnerability and obnoxiousness with a bit of family issues added in.And i liked how she was trying to be a good person without descending into boring self hate unlike most vampire protagonists these days(Looking at you Edward)

As my love for the character grew, so did my love for the actress. The way she was able to go from sensitive to obnoxious really impressed me, and she was just as capable as showing Jessica’s angry side. And that is how she went from a unknown to a fav actress of mine.

Jessica’s struggle for humanity in season 3 was one of the most entertaining things in season 3. I liked how she managed to become a better person without losing her spunk(for a episode or two i was worried she was going to descend into Edward territory, but thankfully the writers didn’t succumb to that). And as a certain blogger can tell you, Deborah is one actress i haven’t been able to stop mentioning.


Here is Jessica in a True Blood minisode.

I ask you readers, who is your favorite character?You can mention more than one if you wish

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5 Responses to Character Spotlight

  1. rtm says:

    Hi Julian, nice post. Not sure if I’ll ever get to watch TB but I’ll be sure to pay attention to Jessica when I do.

    Oh, I did see her in Allure. She seems to be quite popular in the fashion world, good for her.

  2. Well hopefully some of the movies Deborah is starring in should start coming out soon so hopefully you will see her then. And i think the quality of TB has gotten sporadic, but Jessica is one character who i always find entertaining

  3. Stevee says:

    Jessica is really entertaining, for sure, and I like how she seems to be so human, even though she is a vampire. The part where she sees her family was so cool. Plus, her and Hoyt are a really cute couple. I was so happy when Hoyt got rid of that annoying short chick with the dolls.

    Naw, I just love Jessica 🙂

    • Yes, she is one of the more human feeling vampires we’ve seen. And yeah, the episode where she saw her family was amazing. She went through so many different emotions in that episode it was amazing. And i love her with Hoyt, they are so sweet together.

      And i’m happy to have a fellow blogger to fanboy over her with 🙂

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