Because i watch a lot of movies, i will probably use short reviews rather than long ones. Also, i will try to have at least one non-review post in between them, but if you think i should have more non-review posts then tell me.

From Within – This is a supernatural horror movie about a string of deaths that happen in a evangelical town. The town blames the outsider for this, but the main character thinks they are just blaming him because he is different.

Imo the movie is a exploration of religious fanaticism, as both Christianity and witchcraft play important roles in the move. I think its a interesting and timely subject to tackle. I don’t think it did everything it could with it, but i respect the effort.

This movie stars Thomas Decker, a fav of mine. He does a fine job in the movie, but the rest of the cast also do well in there parts. While this isn’t the scariest horror movie i’ve seen, i liked the subject matter.

Devil – Basically 4 people end up stuck in the elevator, and one of them is the devil. I think what this movie does well is build up tension, mostly due to most of the movie being stuck in a elevator. The movie does have a few twists, although my dad guessed who the devil was from the beginning. Still, i think this one is worth a watch.

Also, while the trailer says “From the Mind of M. Night Shamalyn” this isn’t really his movie. From what i’ve gathered, the story came from Shamalayn but the script and directing are handled by others.

Alice in Wonderland – This one i liked more than i thought i would. I think what i liked most about the movie was its ending. While i don’t want to spoil it, i feel like the ending was a bit more feminist than the usual disney princess ending.

Eyes Wide Shut – This is a old one that my dad never got around to showing me. Directed and written by Kubrick(though its based on a short story) The story focuses on Bill (Tom Cruise) and Alice Hartford (Nicole Kidman). After Alice admits she thought about cheating on Bill, he starts to lose it and gets caught up in some strange secret society thing.

The movie does a great job of creating a atmosphere of mystery and creepiness. Also, i think Tom and Nicole are two actors who in recent years have been viewed more as celebrity’s than actors(More so Cruise), but i feel this movie does a good job of showing what they can do when they have a good role.

Also another interesting aspect of the movie is that the deeper meaning isn’t obvious, and will likely depend on the viewer. I had a different interpretation of the film than my dad. I felt the movie was about how desires can hide and bubble underneath the surface. MY dad felt it was about how one can see they are going down the wrong road, but still go down that road anyways. Overall, i think the film lends itself to individual interpretation more than most hollywood films these days.

American Psycho – Another oldie. This was for those who don’t know is the story focuses on bateman(Christian Bale) a stereotypical yuppie who also happens to be a psycho. I expected it to be disturbing and gory, but after seeing it i don’t think its either.

I feel it is more a horror-comedy. I feel Bateman is more of a symbol of what is wrong with yuppie culture than a character. The movie overall i think is a satire of yuppie culture, which is where the comedy comes from. While there is violence in the movie, most of it is rather unseen with a few exceptions. And a twist near the end implies that at least some of the murders the audience saw Batman commit may have been in his mind.

There are some movies i saw that i didn’t feel like reviewing. I saw both Wall Street movies, and while they weren’t bad i didn’t feel i found enough in them to review (they are both pretty much about greed), Antichrist (i was going to review this, but i figured that it would be too violent and strange for most people, and i’m still not sure precisely what i think of it) and Resident Evil:Afterlife (An ok action flick, but not much else), and a completely unknown movie called Cheerleader Ninjas (If your ok with low-brow humor like i am then its not bad).

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3 Responses to Reviews

  1. rtm says:

    I’m really curious to see Alice in Wonderland. Never really care for it as a kid but this Tim Burton version looks interesting. That’s right, Devil isn’t directed by M Night, which is probably a good thing. I think the guy is a better writer that he should stick to the concept stage and hire a good director to bring it to life.

    Btw, in response to your comment on my blog about AP. I think it’s sad that movies like this have become ‘tame’ by today’s standard. I guess people have become dis-sensitized to gruesome violence. I saw the unrated version which contains the really gory and horrible stuff, especially towards women. The whole yuppie-gone-insane concept is fascinating and Bale was amazing, but it isn’t exactly a film I’d support or even recommend.

    • I just looked on amazon, and according to it the only difference between the rated and unrated version is the scene with the two prostitutes was longer. But i just don’t remember any scenes where the camera actually showed the violence, except with the body at the end. I think all the other ones they just showed blood spraying but not the actual act(And i think the book is suppsoed to be a lot more violent than the movie). And i still feel there are plenty of people who watch movies with violence in them that they wouldn’t dare commit in real life(I would out myself in this category)

      And i think the movie was trying to show how misogynistic the yuppie culture was. Overall i feel like it was more comedic than horrifying.

      Did you check out the jessica vid btw?

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