Anticipated flix:Vampire Academy

For those who didn’t read my Vampire Academy fantasy casting(i was planning to do a major alteration of it, but never got around to it somehow) the Vampire Academy book series is one of my favorite book series, and one that i highly recommend. WHile i know the title may give the impression that its another naive human girl falls for mysterious veggie vamp story, it is totally different. It is more about the friendship between a dhampir named Rose and a mortal vampire named Lissa(the mythology in the books is a bit different than the usual vampire tale, but i didn’t mind it). The characters are interesting, it actually has a plot, and the romances are well written.

While searching for any news on it, i found a link with answers to questions the producer(Don Murphy) answered(The questions came from facebook apparently).

It seems like he has a good handle of what is important from the book. I personally don’t mind if the plot isn’t exactly the same, as long as it doesn’t doesn’t change the core plot. I am also not very particular about the cast, so as long as the actors/actress’s can play there roles i’ll be happy.

I’m not too sure about director i want to see helm the project, although i think Joss Whedon might be a good fit. The books are a bit more feminist-centric than most pop supernatural series’s today, so i think this would be right up his alley. The only worry i would have is that he might change the dialogue around too much. I don’t have a problem with his preference for lots of witty dialogue, but i don’t want extra lines added in just for humor. As long as they don’t have someone like Michael bay direct it it won’t matter too much to me.

I’m really hoping this will be good. There is one element of the book that might be hard to translate into film, but i’m hoping that with the right people that won’t be too much of a problem. I loved the book series, so i am hoping the films will be just as good. Also this is the first time a book series i read got turned into a movie, so that adds another level of excitement for me

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  1. You know I had to come over and check you out when you stopped by to say you had a new Vampire Academy post. Love that series.
    Anyway, I wanted to throw out Catherine Hardwicke’s name for a possible director. I did not even realize she directed Twilight. I simply liked her work in The Nativity Story. Excited to hear more news as it comes out.

    • I wouldn’t mind Hardwicke as the director. I have had no desire to see twilight(Although i might end up seeing it on netflix when its available for streaming, but i wouldn’t spend money on it), but that is because i don’t find the story very interesting. Nothing against Hardwick herself(She is actually coming out with a new movie that has caught my interest)

  2. I’m not familiar with this series, but I liked your little jab at Michael Bay! haha! Come on, you don’t want him directing this film? He’d do soooo great! (j/k) haha

    • Yeah, i realize there are a lot of people unfamiliar with the series, but i’m hoping that maybe when the movies start coming out that will change. I’m not sure if you into the whole supernatural book genre, but i strongly recommend checking it out

      And the reason i put the Michael bay jab there is because its the Murphy also produced the Transformers film series, and while i didn’t mind the first one so much, i would a director who places more emphasis on characters than explosions.

  3. Ufff, Michael Bay would have to create explosions and car chases if he directed Vampire Academy. No Thanks!

  4. Novroz says:

    Was the book anything close to twillight? *urgh*

    • No. There is only one important human character in the whole series, and she doesn’t come in till the third or fourth book. Also, neither Rose or Lissa are anything like Bella. They are complex, interesting character’s with minds of there own. There is some romance, but it is well written.

      And also, i’m not a twilight fan at all.

      • Novroz says:

        Good to know that πŸ˜‰
        Now, I am curious. How many books are there?

        • There are six books(There is a spinoff coming out, but ROse’s storyline concludes in the 6xth book). The 4th one can be a bit hard to read because during the middle part of the book Rose seems to start losing her independence, but i can assure you the ending is worth it.

          And i think this quote from the interview should further put your mind at ease

          “The strong female lead made this β€œvampire” story unique because most of the female leads we are seeing are weak and needing to be saved by a man. In VA, Rose is the one saving others – even guys! Also, the friendship between Rose and Lissa was written to be just as strong as the love story between Rose and Dimitri – which we felt was a great spin.”

          • Novroz says:

            It is indeed sounds great.I’ll try looking it up here.Might not read it as fast as I can since I have mountain of books needed to read.

            Have you read Harry Potter? I just need a comparison. I was totally disappointed with how that series ended…you said VA has a worthy ending, how worthy is it?

            • Sorry, never got into the harry Potter books.

              I was referring to the ending of the 4th book when i was talking about a worthy ending(I suppose i should have been more clear on that) but i was satisfied with the last book. Wasn’t perfect, but i didn’t feel let down.

              When you do start reading them, i would be happy to know what you thought of them, whether positive or negative

  5. rtm says:

    Well, the vampire craze isn’t over yet so I can see this film getting made and have a big following, especially if it has tons of eye candy for teens πŸ˜€ Whedon might be a good choice to direct given his Buffy cred. Btw, speaking of your VA cast, I noticed your fave Thomas Dekker is featured on IMDb homepage today: Have you heard about this film Kaboom? It’s not my cup of tea but it probably right up your alley.

    • Yeah, the cast will probably end having some eye candy, but hopefully they will be good actors/actress’s also.

      And i heard of Kaboom a while ago, but it didn’t have a distributor before. Now that it has a release date, i will probably end up checking it out.

      • rtm says:

        Well hopefully the Deborah film will get a distributor, too. For sure you’ll be happy about that πŸ™‚

        • I think it has a distributor, but yes, i am eagerly anticipating seeing Deborah in something. I just hope she doesn’t end up in any of those cliche filled rom-coms. I’m not sure i would be able to watch that even with my love of Deborah(Although from the movies on her imdb account it doesn’t seem like she has fallen into that trap)

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