My fantasy pitch

For anyone who doesn’t visit the anomalous material movie blog(IF you don’t, then you should start), they ad a fantasy movie pitch event where bloggers would submit pitches for there own original movie ideas. Mine has been posted, and any feedback would be appreciated.

Here is the link

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4 Responses to My fantasy pitch

  1. Ok, I finally read your pitch…apologies for the delay.

    I thought your idea was unique actually and think your film would be better served by showing more of how the technology works and by giving greater character development. Some of the comments speak to getting lost in who’s who or in details that don’t contribute to the main story.

    It seems like there is no “real” payment for her transgression that caused her to have her treatment in the first place. Perhaps the “guilt” is enough, but it should be conveyed more in the movie. If not, it seems that murder is rewarded with the opportunity to be “fixed” without needing a health plan!

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Yes. Don’t give up on it. Keep working at it. Mine took forever…creative writing isn’t my strongest suit!

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