The last part of my review series. The movie title now links to the movies imdb page. I decided to do that because i sometimes have difficulty explaining the premise of a movie, and allows me to get into my opinion of the movie quicker.

Brothers – What makes these movie worth a watch is the characters, imo. WHile at first they may seem cliche(Especially Jake’s character) i feel they all develop through the course of the story.

The acting in this one is great. Natalie Portman gives a great performance as the wife, although with the hype surrounding her performance in Black Swan(WHich i still unfortunately haven’t been able to see) that is to be expected. Jake perfectly captures his character transformation from the black sheep of the family to a supportive father figure for Grace’s kids. And while Tobey probably isn’t a actor that would come to most peoples mind for a traumatized war vet, he handles the material with ease. This gets a recommendation from me.

Malice in Wonderland – I had high hopes for this one, as i feel a modern take on ALice in Wonderland has great potential. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to its promise. Its main problem imo is that you never really get attached to the main character.

The main character is amnesiac for most of the movie. Now, there have been plenty of movies about amnesiac characters who you gravitate to, but in this one it feels like its stifles her character development. The only true character development comes at the end, and by then its too late.

Another problem is that the movie has trouble maintaining tension. While i won’t say it completely fails in this department, i definitely felt during certain points in the movie there seemed to be a lack of tension.

The one element of the movie that works throughout the movie is the main romance, between WHite and ALice. Overall, while i think the premise of a modern take on Alice in Wonderland has a lot of potential there just isn’t enough in this movie to recommend. The main romance isn’t enough to redeem this movie imo.

Session 9 – A creepy and well done horror-mystery movie. For those who aren’t a big fan of graphic violence, there isn’t a lot of gore in this one. Definitely worth a look

Valhalla Rising -The plot and title seems to imply a action movie, but the move is something else entirely. It is a slow moving picture that takes its time to build up a sense of atmosphere and mystery. There are a few brutal action sequences at various points in the movie.

Unfortunately, in the second half of the movie the movie didn’t hold my attention throughout. At certain points i would sort of drift away, and then something exciting would happen. Even with that said, i still recommend this one.

Mad Detective – This is probably one of the more original detective movies out there right now. With a tone that is both dark and wacky, this one is highly recommended for anyone looking for some truly original cinema.

Chaser -From the premise, the main character sounds rather unlikable, and in the beginning while he is not exactly a hero the script does in a nuanced way make him come off better than he might otherwise.

The character development is well written in this one, and through the course of the movie the main character becomes heroic. While there is one plot device in the movie that isn’t totally original, i think it is well done. Overall, i think if you can get the whole pimp thing its worth watching.

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12 Responses to Reviews:Unknowns

  1. Great segment of quick mini-reviews. I like being able to read a quick snapshot of each one. The acting in Brothers was truly rather extraordinary considering the subject matter. The characters were believable insomuch that I wont be watching it again. It bothered me. But that is a testament to the acting ability of all involved. I haven’t seen any of the others you mentioned but I may just check out Valhalla Rising!

    • Thank you for the compliment. And yes, the acting in brothers was amazing. I may start watching out for Jakes and Tobey’s future projects more closely now. And all the movies in the post are stream able on netflix(or at least were when i watched them), so they should be easy to find.

      And if you do check out Vallahlla Rising i would be interested in reading your opinion on it.

  2. rtm says:

    Nice mini reviews, Julian. Somehow from the title I thought this was a review for the Liam Neeson movie ‘Unknown’ 😀

    I haven’t seen any of these, in fact I’ve only heard about Brothers and Valhalla Rising. I’m curious about the later as I actually read a lengthy article about it before it was released and some of the reviews I’ve read intrigues me. The violence kept me away but one of my Twitter friends said this actually wasn’t as violent as Inglourious Basterds so I might give it a chance. I like Mads and respect him as an actor.

    • Well, this is the way i look at the violence in the movie. There isn’t a lot of it, but the few that is in there is rather brutal imo.

      And there are a few other movies i’ve seen that could have gone in this category, but i wanted to post while i had time and i figured there were enough reviews as is. I plan to save them for the next review post(which will be after the next post. I’ve decided to stick to a pattern of review post and then film-thoughts related post. This i feel accommodates my movie-watching habits without having just reviews for too long)

    • Novroz says:

      I thought so too when I read the title through my RSS feed 😉

  3. Custard says:

    I am embarassed to say that I havent seen any of these….runs away and hides!

    Nice reviews. I like the way you have done them as mini reviews. I always seem to go on for ages about the plot and then only have a little room left for my opinions.

    Thanks for the heads up

    • Your welcome. And you don’t have to be embarrassed. The reason i see a lot of unkowns is because i don’t have money to go to theaters, so i usually end up streaming stuff on my xbox through my dads netflix account or dvds.

      I actually think all of the movies listed i saw through streaming

  4. Castor says:

    I really enjoyed Brothers, I thought it was a really solid family drama although Tobey Maguire was a little bit too over the top at the end.

    Valhalla Rising: It was a really strange movie and incredibly slow but I was oddly transfixed by it from beginning to end. One movie of a kind really.

    • Yeah. Tobye didn’t strike me as too over the top at the end, but i can see where your coming from with that

      And i’m happy to hear that Valhalla rising kept your attention throughout. As i said that didn’t happen for me, but i don’t try to pretend that my opinion is the only correct one.

  5. Novroz says:

    Too little information on Session-9 😦
    I want to know more because I haven’t seen good horror movie lately and I miss that genre

    • Well Session 9 has a limited cast, and mostly relies on psychological horror. There are some user reviews on imdb that might offer a bit more info.

      But if your looking for a good horror film, i think you should check it out.

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