Unfortunate news

My classes have been getting a bit overwhelming, so i may not be able to make another post till this semester ends. Also, there are a bunch of movies that i want to review that i haven’t gotten around too(LIke 20-30), and with school that list will probably grow even bigger. I’m thinking that after school ends i will make a bunch of review posts, but that isn’t a definite right now

But on a positive note, i found a funny video on youtube. If you like sci-fi/videogames/anime or generally “nerdish” things like i do then i think you will get the humor

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4 Responses to Unfortunate news

  1. I hope that you are able to post a few things during the semester. Even if you can’t do movie reviews regularly. I understand being caught up with other things in life. I wish you the best in your studies.

    • I will try to post when i can, but i just figured i would let people know that i will be busy

      Btw, did you watch the video? I can understand if its not for you, i was just curious

      • I just watched the first minute and then stopped it.

        May I recommend trying a few quick post ideas. I like your short review listings. Perhaps do a quick note each week on what new movie that you may be excited about that upcoming weekend, or a trailer that you just have to share each week, or the movie poster of choice that week.

        Just some ideas to help encourage you to stick with it if you can!

  2. Novroz says:

    School is really busy isn’t it? but I think you can still find time to write something short and witty.

    When you let your blog with no new post for long…you bound to abandon it one day 😦
    it happens to many of my students. Once they became busy with their college life, the forgot about their blogs. So I hope you won’t be one of them.

    Good luck with your study 🙂

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