A while ago i read about Deborah Ann Woll, one of my fav actress’s being in the Mothers day remake. For those who haven’t read my earlier posts, i made a post about her a while back

Well the trailer has finally come out…and she was barely in it :(. I decided to post the trailer anyways(btw there is some rather loud screaming in the beginning, so i would advise lowering your sound for that). Deborah appears at 1:25-1:26 and 1:31-1:32

Another movie that i had been anticipating is Kaboom. It has Thomas Deecker, one of my fav actors in the lead role. For a while it didn’t have a distributor, but thankfully that has been remedied. Here is the trailer. Those uncomfortable with risque sexual content may want to skip it(That doesn’t really bother me but i realize different people have different tastes)

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6 Responses to Trailers

  1. Rebecca Mornay back as a psycho. Like in the Hand That Rocks The Cradle! Interesting. Glad that you put up the warnings before each trailer. Nice touch!

    Deborah Ann Woll hasn’t been on my radar before. I will have to pay more attention!

    • Your welcome. I had a incident where i ended up sending something to someone else that they didn’t like, and from then i try to give warnings before putting stuff up.

      And Deborah doesn’t have much of a fanbase outside of True Blood yet, but she has a bunch of movies lined up so i’m hoping that will change.

  2. Novroz says:

    Trailers with some warnings…interesting, you made me curious…but I couldn’t see it till I turn on my PC. If I am not coming home late tonight, I’ll watch it tonight.

    You really into vampire, aren’t you? 😉 (I know a blogger who is really into zombies)

    • The Mothers Day warning was because i had headphones when i looked for the trailer, and i forgot that there was screaming in the beginning, so i didn’t want any viewers to get blasted with sound. The other one is because the trailer is rather sexual, and i realize that some people may not be interested in that.

      Yeah, i’m a big vampire fan(I was actually planning to make a vampire related post a a week or 2 ago, but that was around the time homework started piling up. I do plan on finishing it at some point tho). I’m a big fan of the supernatural in general tho. While i don’t mind zombie movies, i am not a huge zombie fan.

      And i remember you talking about looking for a good horror film a while ago, so i would recommend checking out the Mothers Day trailer. The other one isn’t really horror..its more of a trippy mystery mixed with a lot of sex.

      • Novroz says:

        I like The Mother’s day,looks like a great thriller. I have to disagree with you in saying that the movie is a horror movie,what considered horror for me is when it involves ghost or other scary creatures (while you are into vamp, i am into ghost).

        the second one is so not my kind of movie.

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