An SNL discovery

Me and my dad were checking netflix for the last episode of SNL, and we discovered MIley Cyrus was in one. Neither of us are big fans of disney stars like Miley, but we decided to give it a chance anyways. After watching it, i’m happy i did.

Most importantly, Miley nailed her sketches. She had me laughing far more often than i expected. She also displayed a willingness to make fun of herself that i found endearing. I liked how she referenced the MIley Cyrus sketch SNL does sometimes, and even participated in the sketch itself. She also turned her recent controversies into a source of humor in the beginning. I felt her decision to not take herself seriously made her feel really likable.

While i won’t be rushing out to see her stuff because of it, i definitely have more respect for her after seeing her SNl appearance.

If anyone else has had a similar experience with a certain actor or actress tell me in the comments.

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8 Responses to An SNL discovery

  1. DEZMOND says:

    I’m not into teen actors either, but Miley has always been quite nice and cute and charming. I’m sorry she got attacked by one part of the public for growing up and becoming a bit more sexy in her latest videos. I think it’s quite difficult for stars who grew up in front of cameras, it’s not easy for them to fulfil people’s expectations.
    She was great in SNL 🙂

    • I think the main reason stars have a hard time growing up in front of the camera is because too many parents expect them to be role models. Thus anytime they do anything that doesn’t fit what the parent would like there children do they get attacked. Of course, too many young people seem to see them as role models when they are just people. I’ve personally never tried to copy a entertainers behavior just because there famous

      And yeah, i think she impressed me. I think she showed a surprising knack for comedy.

      And welcome to my blog. I appreciate the comment, and I will be sure to add you to the blogroll.

  2. rtm says:

    I haven’t seen SNL for a while and like Dezzy, I generally don’t pay attention to teen actresses. That’s good that she’s able to make fun of herself, that shows she’s comfortable in her own skin.

    Truthfully, I find it sad to see famous kids like her growing up in front of the camera, watched closely by millions of people with certain expectations. I don’t agree with a lot of the things she did, but a lot of it comes with the territory of her fame. I think her dad complained that she now would rather listen to her ‘people’ meaning her managers and such. I guess I’m not surprised by that because they’d probably allow her to do whatever she wants because they’re her employees, why’d they care if she becomes a drug addict or whatever as long as they get paid. Whilst I feel her dad’s pain, he’s largely to blame as well as he allowed her to be in show biz in the first place. Anyway, forgive my long comment, just went off on a tangent there 🙂

    • I don’t think she’s done anything all that bad. I mean, all she’s done is amp up the sexuality a bit for certain performances/videos/photoshoots, and smoked weed which i don’t consider a big deal(I personally marijuana should be legal, but that’s a different discussion)

      I think as long as she stays away from the hard drugs and drinking excessively much she will be fine in my book. My general opinion is that as long as a actors/actress offscreen behavior doesn’t interfere with there job(Like with Lindsay Lohan, sad to say) it really doesn’t matter to me.

      And i’m fine with long comments 🙂

      • rtm says:

        Oh Julian… it’s amazing how different we are. Marijuana should be legal… LOL, you won’t ever hear that coming from my mouth 🙂

        In any case, whatever she does w/ her life, I pray she won’t end up like Lindsay Lohan… or y’know, that nuthead who’s fired from Two-and-a-half Men.

  3. DEZMOND says:

    Well, she was born into showbiz world since her father was/is a famous country singer, and he even made her trademark sitcom HANNA MONTANA with her so that he would spend time with her and keep her on his eye, so I wouldn’t blame him too much, I’d blame the hungry managers .
    But I also must admit I didn’t find anything shocking in her latest videos, CAN’T BE TAMED is actually a brilliant and extremely beautiful video with stunning costumes and scenes. I guess it all went downwards for her mostly when some pics with her exposed boobs found their way onto Net, but which young teen isn’t obsessed with her/his body? It’s natural, nothing scandalous.

  4. Ronan says:

    Your post makes me worry now that I take myself too seriously 🙂 Think I am guilty of that sometimes. I think being able to laugh at yourself is definitely a skill to be had.

    • I don’t think you take yourself too seriously 🙂

      And yeah, i think being able to laugh at yourself takes a certain amount of self confidence that not everybody has. And thanks for the comment btw, i was beginning to worry you forgot about my blog

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