A tribute to Extras

The Avengers movie had a casting call for extra’s this weeekend, and one of the people who auditioned is actually a fellow movie blogger. And it just so happened that a fews ago on a talk show i watch they showed a youtube video of quite possibly one of the worlds greatest extras(or most often used, anyway). SO in tribuet to Extras everywhere, i decided to post the video here

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17 Responses to A tribute to Extras

  1. I hope that guy has a son that tries to live up to his extra legacy! Seriously though, that guys got quite a resume.

    Love DWC, would you mind putting up my site on your blogroll and I’ll do the same?

  2. DEZMOND says:

    a big applause for all the extras!

    • I remember reading a article about extras some time ago, but i have no idea how i would find it again. I do remember it pointing out how extras are in a way the opposite of actors, in that actors need to stand out and extras are supposed to blend in.

  3. that vid was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t believe that I had missed him in all of those programs! Thanks for sharing. and thanks for the link love! Much appreciated!

  4. Novroz says:

    Nice video. taking a bit long to see it because of my stupid net connection 😦
    I wonder how much he was getting paid for all those ‘roles’

  5. Custard says:

    WOW That guy is everywhere!!

    Shows that with a bit of determination, and having a very ordinary look you can get yourself on the big and small screen. Makes me want to have a go.

    Good find!


  6. Ronan says:

    That is impressive. How does he manage to get parts in all those shows. Obviously dedicated to his trade. Nice vid Julian 🙂

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