Thoughts on “The Killing”

I was able to watch the 2-episode premiere of The Killing on demand for free. The pilot spends a surprising amount of time developing the characters, instead of starting right off with the murder. As various characters start to worry about the whereabouts of Rosie Larsen, the audience knows things are going to take a turn for the worst at some point. And when it does hit, oh does it hit. The next episode starts to deal with the aftermath of Rosies murder.

The characters are pretty well written imo. One of the kid characters came off a bit bratty at times, but it wasn’t too big of a deal for me. Mitch and Stans reaction to the death of there daughter and there subsequent struggle to explain it to there younger children was pretty realistic. Lindens inner conflict between moving away with her family(Fiancee and son) and wanting to get do whats right and solve Rosies murder felt well written. Darrens quest to accomplish his political goals while trying to keep a moral compass i found interesting. And Sterling attempt to cover for Rosie felt well done, and i genuinely wondered what she was hiding. Jasper had only a little screen-time, but i think he has potential, and i loved his scene with Linden.

Of course, the characters would fall flat without good acting, and i think all the actors seem to fit there roles so far. I think Bill is particularly good in his role as Darren, and i feel the child actors do a good job considering the tragic circumstances there characters find themselves in. Richard seems to have the charismatic douchebag role down pat(He actually remained me of Ton from the original Skins), and i loved his scene with Linden.

The look of the show fits the melancholy feel of the show. There are a lot of shadows, and a lot of the outdoor scenes take place in rain. The actors aren’t glamed up like actors usually are on tv. This combined with the other elements of the show gives this the show a pretty realistic look. I personally enjoyed this aspect of the show, and i feel it is the shows most unique aspect so far. While the show does have more important older characters than most shows, eve the younger actors aren’t given the glamorous treatment.

My interest has definitely has been piqued. I will say it seemed like the tragic elements of the show was a bit overdone, but i realize that since this was 2 episodes back to back maybe i won’t have the same feeling when it is only 1 episode per week. Anyways,i will withhold judgment until further episodes before stating that as a major flaw. Overall, i am going to try to keep up with this series, and i think for anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of tragedy in there tv shows its worth a look.

One thing i am really hoping is that the murderer isn’t Jasper.That would be too obvious imo

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16 Responses to Thoughts on “The Killing”

  1. Custard says:

    This sounds an interesting show. I hadn’t heard of it before so thanks for the heads up. I will have a look and see if I can get hold of it through my normal sources.

    I am so sick of Sci Fi and paranormal shows at the moment (I blame LOST totally for this!!) that something gritty and real may serve me well.


  2. Custard says:

    Oh I just noticed I am in your blogroll, thanks so much for the link!!

    I will go and add you to mine 🙂


    • Thanks.

      And actually most of the shows i watch are either supernatural or sci-fi, so this is kind of a change for me. I want to start watching a more diverse array of shows, so this is a step in that direction. Although, i think a show can be both paranormal and gritty.

      • Custard says:

        I totally agree. I love those winchester brothers…so cool!!


        • Yep. Supernatural, Fringe, and The Vampire Diaries have been my main shows for a while(I have also watched the first 3 seasons of the original Skins, and i am am also on the final season of Veronica Mars thanks to netflix streaming). I also watch True Blood, Smallvile(i know it has a bad rep, but i do feel the last few seasons have been better) and Spartacus

          There are some other shows like the Wire that i want to watch at some point, and Mad men is going to be available for streaming on netflix soon so i will try to catch up on that also.

          • Custard says:

            We watched this show tonight, on your recommendation. Quite enjoyed it, if you can enjoy such a thing. I will post my review of the show in the morning.

            Thanks for enlightening me to something I would not of seen.


  3. Novroz says:

    I agree with Custard,this sounds interesting. I haven’t seen new TV series since Supernatural season 4.
    I know how you feel about an obvious suspect…it’s a let down

    • I love Supernatural. And the series is just starting, and i remember reading somewhere the creators said that “Everybody has a double life” or something to that extent, so i hope that means more of the characters will start to seem like suspects instead of just jasper.

      • Novroz says:

        The basic idea of this series is a bit unusual…it doesn’t fir for TV series,more likely as miniseries.

        As for supernatural…I love it too but stop seeing it when the angels are ready to do things against God. That kind of story ALWAYS loses appetite

        • Novroz says:

          Ups…I mean ALWAYS makes me lose appetite

          • I just checked and it is a miniseries. I wasn’t sure whether it was or not when i did the review, and i didn’t want to post false info in case i got it wrong.

            And the angel thing in Supernatural didn’t really bother me, but then again i am not a very religious person, so maybe that’s why.

            IF you do find a way to watch The Killing i would love to read your thoughts on it

  4. DEZMOND says:

    yep, I’ve never heard about this show, either.

    • AMC had a pretty big marketing campaign behind it, so i am surprised it is largely unknown.

      Anyways, i kind of figured this wouldn’t be for you, since i don’t think you like a lot of darkness in what you watch(I am mostly basing this off your comments on rtms blog). It is personally not a big deal to me, but i realize some people don’t have the same tastes as me.

  5. rtm says:

    I haven’t heard about this one but wow, AMC’s been churning out compelling stuff lately that’ve gotten massive popularity. Not sure I’ll ever see this one but glad you enjoyed it, J.

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