My Cinema Alphabet

A few bloggers are doing this(I actually found out about it here), so i thought i would join in on the fun. Basically, you attach a movie you like to each letter of the alphabet. I can’t say i love all of the films in my alphabet, but there isn’t a movie in my list that i dislike(Some letters i couldn’t find a movie that i really loved). Also, i tired to go for diversity in mine, so some of them maybe old or relatively unknown to certain people.

Lastly, i tired to stick to using movies i remember well, and there wasn’t any movie i had a strong memory of beginning with either U or Y

A is for (The) Assassination of Jesse james by the Coward Robert Ford

B is for Black Swan

C is for Citizen Kane

D is for (The) Dark Knight

E is for Eyes Wide Shut

F is for Franklyn

G is for Girl for Kicked the Hornets Nest

H is for Hott Fuzz

I is for Ip Man

J is for Juno

K is for Knocked Up AKA the only Katharine Heigle movie i like

L is for Let The Right One in

M is for Milk

N is for Notes on a Scandal

O is for O Brother where art thou

P is for (The) Piano Teacher

Q is for Quantum of Solace

R is for Role Models(Though Ratatouille came close)

S is for (The) Social Network

T is for Thelma & Louise(I almost put There will be Blood, but i don’t remember that one as well)

V is for V for Vendetta

W is for Watchmen

X is for X-Men

Z is for Zombieland

So, thats my list. Feedback/opinions/etc. on it are welcomed. Also if you did one then tell me and i will read it.

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26 Responses to My Cinema Alphabet

  1. rtm says:

    Hey cool, I’m glad you decided to join the fun. Yay on Dark Knight and Social Network, and we do have a few in common. Still haven’t got around to Franklyn, but it’s on my Netflix queue.

    • Yep, our tastes in movies aren’t totally different 😛 I almost put Atonement on the list, but i think i liked the Assassination of Jesse James a bit more

      And when you do see Franklyn i would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  2. Ah, I was gonna ask about “Franklyn” too– that screenshot with the masked character looked fairly creepy.

    I love “Jesse James” as well. A lot.

    • Franklyn is one of my fav movies. If you ever see it, i would love to read your opinion on it. The first post i made on this blog was a review of it

      And yeah, Jesse James was a awesome movie. The fact that i remember it so well even though i saw it a while ago is a testament to that.

      I plan to respond to your comment on Ip Man btw. I just want to try to take some time to think of a proper response

  3. Custard says:

    Nice list there!!

    Mine has some familiar films to you. But also some wildly different choices!!

    Yeay for O Brother and Watchmen!!

    Thanks for sharing


  4. Thank you for including Ip Man!! Wise choice! I went with another for my “I” but wanted to mention Ip Man! Will have my list up on my site here soon! Isn’t this fun?!

    Props to flixchatter for introducing it! 🙂 Great list J!

  5. le0pard13 says:

    A wonder set of selections for this film meme. Great to see another vote for Ip Man (can wait for the sequel to arrive on disc this month). Bravo for Zombieland, too (it’ll be on my list). Thanks.

    • Thanks. And its nice to see another Ip Man fan.

      I predict Zombieland will be on a lot of peoples alphabets considering there aren’t a lot of movies beginning with Z. I almost put Zodiac, but i honestly don’t remember that one as well as Zombieland.

      And welcome to DWC. If you decide to make your own alphabet i will be sure to read it(I just checked your blog and i didn’t see one)

      • le0pard13 says:

        Agreed about Zombieland. I thought about Zodiac, too, but the wicked humor and tone in Zl draws me back for repeat viewings. I’m finishing up on my selections and the post should be up tomorrow. I’ll be sure to return here, as well. Thanks.

        • Your welcome

          Out of curiosity, how many of the films in my list are you familiar with?

          • le0pard13 says:

            I’ve seen every one of them except for Franklyn, Notes on a Scandal, The Piano Teacher, and Role Models. You’ve got me curious about them. Thanks.

            • Just to warn you, The Piano teacher isn’t exactly a comforting film. I think its a amazing film, but it mainly deals with repression(mainly sexual) and its possible consequences.

              Role Models has some crude humor, but i think the story is strong enough that its not just a collection of crude jokes

              I don’t know what exactly your tastes in movies are, so i just felt i should inform you. Also, i’m so happy to find someone else who has seen Eyes Wide Shut. Right now its my favorite Kubrick film ever(I say right now because i haven’t seen all of his work yet)

              And thanks for the subscription. I added you to my blogroll because of it

  6. DEZMOND says:

    you have a very American taste, Dirty 🙂
    From your list, I positively adored NOTES ON A SCANDAL and FRANKLYN! And WATCHMEN were also great.

    • Well i have a few foreign ones on there(6 to be exact if i counted right) 😛

      I am glad we have a few movies in common. Franklyn is actually the first movie i reviewed on this blog

  7. Novroz says:

    I love the pictures you have chosen. I haven’t seen quite a lot from your list…but some of them are in my to-watch list, such as Let The Right One In, The Girl that Kick, and Black Swan.
    That Hot Fuzz picture is the best!

    • Glad you like the pictures. I tried to use the best movie stills i could find 😛

      If you do manage to see movies you mentioned(or any other on the list) i would love to read your opinion on them.

      And yes, Hot Fuzz is pretty amazing 😛

  8. Novroz says:

    I have black swan on my shelf, will probably watch it this weekend

  9. Ronan says:

    Love your choices. Going to do one of these myself this weekend, love these kind of posts as it combines a love of pics with the films they’re attached to. Plus it’s a handy way of seeing what other people like to watch. Really liked Juno and Social Network but just don’t understand what all the fuss is about with V for Vendetta, maybe I’ll give it another go as I last time gave up halfway through because I thought it was rubbish.

    • Thanks fr the compliment, especially since we don’t always share the same taste in movies. I wasn’t sure if you were going to participate in this, but i look forward to seeing your list when your done.

      I actually wasn’t sure if you were still following my blog to be honest

      • Ronan says:

        I actually really enjoy reading your posts, they are always fun to read and you usually pick topics that are of general interest and you manage to give quirky insights into them.

        Love these kind of posts as they put the fun back into blogging and I love reading everyone’s opinions, even if I don’t comment on them more. Thanks for taking the time to come to my blog and for all your comments.

  10. Ronan says:

    It’s in the works, I have a review of Source Code to do which will have to take priority. It’ll be tricky not to repeat everyone else’s choices for the alphabet but I’ll give it a shot, I might take a leaf out of Custard’s blog and do a general and a specific one. I’d like to do one of animated movies.

  11. Castor says:

    Loved Ip Man, one of the best choreographed kung fu movie ever made! Just re-watched Role Models a couple nights ago on cable, forgot how funny it was 🙂

    • Actually the reason i love Ip Man so much isn’t really because of the kung fu aspect, but the blend of historical drama and martial arts. I do like how the used fighting as a way to show how the fighting got more brutal as it went on, showing how the stakes kept getting higher for Ip Man.

      And Role Models is funny. Glad to see someone else agree with me on that

      Thanks for the comment Castor

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