Documentary I did

I think i’ve mentioned this to some bloggers, but for those who don’t know i am hoping to become a writer/director. I was hoping to show off a short film i had to do for a class, but i didn’t do a great job on it. I have been trying to re-shoot it, but its been really difficult and i’m not sure if i will be able to get it at a level that feel comfortable showing. Anyways, i wanted to post something to show that i am serious about it, so i will show a short documentary i did instead. Its not great, but its something

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  1. DEZMOND says:

    I’ve never known what Cosplay actually is, and now I do 🙂

  2. Custard says:

    Cool. I think it is good to get out of your normal day to day life and escape into something else sometimes. Whether it is gaming, film or dressing up. This world can get a bit too serious at time.

    I would never have the guts to dress up though.

    Great job Julian


  3. Ronan says:

    Hey Julian, nice work man. I wouldn’t know where to start with a documentary, I’d probably point the camera in the wrong direction and shoot my crotch or something like that 🙂 Are you studying film at college? What was your favourite Cosplay?

    • Yeah, my major is television production. I am hoping to start a webseries after i’m done with college, and hopefully that will lead to bigger and better things. As for favorite cosplay, i’m not sure. I think the penguin one is the most daring tho.

      And for me the main reason i did cosplay is because of the anime club i am a part of. The rest of the video came from con footage on youtube.

      • Ronan says:

        That’s great Julian, you could be part of the next generation of HBO executives 🙂 They have just come to Northern Ireland where Game of Thrones is set, though I haven’t watched it myself. Do you like trad anime like Akira or more Studio Ghibli type stuff?

        • Well i am more hoping to possibly produce a tv show, maybe on HBO(In addition to writing and directing my own movies). And i watch a lot of different types of anime(I’ve watched both Akira and Grave of the Fireflies).

          • Ronan says:

            Dying to see Grave of the Fireflies, heard it’s brilliant. You are really lucky to be passionate about what you’re doing and also to know what you want to do when you graduate. Hope you get to do exactly what you want to Julian.

            • I’ve actually thought of re-seeing Grave of the Fireflies. And thanks for the encouraging comments

              • Ronan says:

                I just got an Amazon voucher from a friend over Easter so maybe I’ll use it to buy Grave of the Fireflies. I’ve also got about £10 of it reserved for 1001 films you must see before you die as my Dad is fed up with me borrowing his copyy 🙂

          • Daisy says:

            Your story was really inviematofr, thanks!

  4. this is cool. keep it up. i like documentaries!

  5. Novroz says:

    I love cosplay gathering. we have it a lot here.I don’t do cosplay but I like taking a lot of shots on them.

    Maybe you like to see my shots: and

    Your documentary looks really great. Good luck with your dream 🙂

    • Thanks. I just checked out the links, you found some good ones. I hope my next cosplay to be as good as those 🙂

    • Ronan says:

      Don’t think I could ever dress up like that but I admire people who can and enjoy doing it. Having said that, I did dress up as Robin, the boy wonder! for a Halloween party once, it cost me quite a lot to rent the costume but it was worth it for the reaction. 🙂

  6. rtm says:

    Hey Julian, sorry I haven’t had a chance to view this yet. I’m still at work now but will view it later tonight. Thanks for letting me know.

    • rtm says:

      Hey Julian, I could’ve sworn I’ve seen this already. I think you sent me a link to YouTube a while ago? I think it’s well-done considering it’s a school project, you have a knack for directing, as Ronan said I won’t even know where to begin to do a documentary like this. I didn’t know what Cosplay either before this, as I’m not into anime stuff. The only anime I read as a kid was ‘Candy, Candy’ as it was massively popular in my school. Good job man, please do share your other school projects as you have ’em. Thanks!

      • Hmmm, maybe i did send it to you. But thanks for the compliment. Cosplay isn’t actually limited to anime(The only cosplay i’ve done was far was from a videogame), as there are star wars cosplays and stuff like that. It is just anime usually lends itself most to cosplaying.

        And my other project kind of ran into problems so i am a bit reluctant to show it.

        • rtm says:

          Oh I see, learn something new every day 😀 You’re right though, because of such varied characters in anime, it certainly make it a great subject for cosplay. I bet I’ll run into a lot of this cosplay stuff when I go to comic con in July.

          • Yeah, you probably will, although comic con will probably have more superhero cosplays than anime ones. I actually went to the new york comic/anime festival last year. It was pretty fun(I actually got a question answered at the Nikita panel, which i’m pretty proud of). I would have liked to cosplay for that one, but i didn’t have the time or money to make a good cosplay.

      • Ronan says:

        Amen to that! Keep em’ coming please 🙂

  7. markuswelby1 says:

    Hey that was pretty damn cool! I’d love to see the full version if you ever get to it. That’s a subject I find fascinating myself even though I’ve never cosplayed.

  8. Sweet. Sorry it took me a while to comment since you told me about this. I have never been to any conventions, but oh, how I would love to go. Mark and I are planning something in the future. It’s all hush-hush right now.

    But I liked the point one of the interviewees made about being more “normal” if you’re wearing a costume, and anyone who’s not is considered an outsider. I can totally see that.

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