Friday the 13th

Horror movies and Friday the 13th just go together. And i think a list of favorite horror movies is the most fitting post to make. Now, i didn’t know that today was going to be Friday the 13th, so this list may end up in complete, but i want to get something up. This list isn’t really in a particular order(Except for the first one).

Let the Right one in-This is not only of of my favorite horror movies, this is one of my favorite movies in general. This is one movie that manages to be both sweet and terrifying at the same time. In a twisted way, this is a coming of age story…but with vampires added in.

What i really loved about this movie was how even though its a vampire movie, it still had a gritty, realistic look to it unlike most American made vampire movies. I found this combination of fantasy and reality interesting and refreshing. This is 1 movie that i think was a big influence in making me want to become a filmmaker myself.

My Bloody Valentine
– This is imo a extremely underrated horror movie. It manages to maintain a creepy, unsettling mood with very little gore.

Despite having a fav actor of mine in a lead role, i didn’t have very high expectations for this slasher remake. I am glad to say it surpassed my expectations. What surprised me was the mystery element of the movie. Right till the end the movie kept me guessing as to who the killer was, and i think its this element that makes it a cut above most slasher flicks.

If your looking for a good slasher movie i would highly recommend this one.

Saw-Even though i think this franchise has gone on too long, i think in the beginning it had unique and interesting. This is mainly due to the antagonist Jigsaw, who doesn’t go after random teens like most slashers but instead forces people to pay for there wrongs gave it a refreshing feel. I personally feel that it should have ended after the 3rd movie. I felt it was a perfect ending to the series. And also the way it ended i don’t get how there can be anymore sequels.

My Soul to take-This is another one that although uses a familiar horror movie setup, i still really liked. This is mainly because i feel the teens in this movie are far more well written and unique than most horror movie teens(With the exception of 1 character). My favorite character was Penelope. In most movies a character as religious as her would have been written as pushy, judgmental, etc. But through great writing and good acting she comes off as endearing and likable. Speaking of the acting, the lead actor Max Thierot and Emily Meade give particularly notable performances in there respective roles.

The movie also has a great opening. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but for the first couple of minutes i had no idea what this movie was going to be. The ending of the movie is a bit different from most horror movies, but i still liked it.

Orphan-The reason this movie is worth watching, and why i wanted to put this on the list is because of the amazing performance from Isabelle Furhman. Not to put down Farmiga’s and Sarsgard’s performances, but its Isabelle performance that makes this movie imo. Everytime she is on screen, she manages to be so effortlessly creepy its mesmerizing. And considering how young she was when she gave this performance(I think she was 11, but i could be wrong), its even more notable.

There a few other horror movies i’ve enjoyed, but i want to get this posted before today ends and i didn’t have a list of movies planned to talk about. This was kind of done at the last minute 😛

Session 9– This one is rather unknown, but i think it is one of the creepier horror films i’ve seen. If your looking for something creepy without too much gore i recommend this one

If you have any comment on any of these movies, or want to mention a horror you love, tell me.

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23 Responses to Friday the 13th

  1. DEZMOND says:

    I generally try to avoid horrors 🙂 since they freak me out. But I remember one horror that really made me scream and tremble and shake. It was WRONG TURN with amazing Desmond Harrington.

  2. Joel Burman says:

    I have actuelly only seen one film on your list. The Swedish verrsion of Let the right one in. I can’t say I liked it very much. I found it to artsy and on the pretentious side.

    Among my favorite horror films are Scream, Drag me to hell, Friday the 13th (1st one) but I’ll make sure to watch some of the films on your list.

  3. paolocase says:

    Instead of watching movies or looking ridiculous in a bar, I stayed home and wrote my ass off. Hope there’s another Friday the 13th this year!

    There’s something clean and detached with LTROI, and I’m one of the idiots who liked the Hollywood remake more.

  4. Custard says:

    As I make very clear I am not good with Horror, I do it if I have to. But I wouldn’t generally choose a Horror over an Action or War flick. I am a big scaredy cat.

    I haven’t seen any on your list sorry my friend.

    Friday the 13th is always a pretty lucky day for me too. Passed my driving test on Friday 13th September 1991!! (Now I feel old)


  5. Novroz says:

    Wow…I haven’t seen any of those movies…but I don’t know if I have told you this or not, for me slasher is not horror at all. those kind of movie NEVER made my goosebumps showed up. They are good entertaining but not scary. I will talk about what scares me the most next month.

    I am still looking for Let The Right One In, some said there are a lot of gory scenes in it.

    • Hmmm. I figured most people connected slashers with horror.

      And there is some gore in Let the Right One In, but i still loved it

      • Ipodman says:

        To me, gore and horror are two very different things… A movie like “Alien” is extremely scary (especially if you watch it at the time when it was released in cinemas), but Alien isn’t particularly very gory.

        • I would agree with your statement Ipodman. Gore and Horror are 2 different things…almost different genres in and of themselves.

          • Ipodman says:

            Yea… Maybe in earlier cinema with things like the original Friday the 13, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween, gore and horror were very close. But nowadays, ever since the Saws and Final Destinations came out, “horror” movies seem to only use gore and not the true art of horror.

  6. Ipodman says:

    I have not seen any of these movies -.- I’m not a horror fan at all…

  7. I am glad that you mentioned Let The Right One In and Orphan. Both I thought were well done. Although, I have to admit that I actually prefer Let Me In more than the Swedish original. Interesting note on My Soul To Take. I didn’t bother to see it because I saw it as to cliche. I might try it out.

    I noticed that all of your picks are rather new. Do you not enjoy older horror flicks. even B&W ones? Psycho, The Bad Seed, Nightmare on Elm Street, It, The Birds, etc.?? Just curious.

    Nice list.

    • Glad to see i am not the only who who enjoyed orphan. Seriously, Isaballe went from a complete unknown to me to one of my fav actress’s.

      And a lot of the movies i saw in my younger years i don’t remember too well, which is why there aren’t any older horror films on the list. There are a couple of films i am not sure if i watched because of this. Although i did say Psycho in a film class, and i did enjoy it.

      I am not sure if i’ve seen The Birds or not, but i do want to see it at some point along with a couple of other older films.

  8. rtm says:

    I haven’t seen any of these I’m afraid… as you know I don’t have the stomach for horror flicks. Out of your list, Let the Right One In is probably the only one I’m slightly intrigued by. I don’t mind horror mystery though if it isn’t too gory… The Sixth Sense is one I really appreciate.

  9. Dan says:

    Just previously speaking about coming of age films on one of your previous posts, I think that’s one of the reason’s why Let The Right One In is so good. It has a great contemporary feel with contemporary childhood themes running underneath the vampire story. It is a wonderful film.

    You’re right about Session 9 – I saw this years ago because someone recommended it. More people should see it.

    • Glad to see another Let the Right one in fan 🙂

      …oh wow, i just saw i put the wrong review for Session 9. That was for the my bloody valentine remake.

      But yes, Session 9 is also awesome(I reviewed it in one of my earlier posts)

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