Happy birthday Cillian

A good friend of mine asked me to participate in Cillian blogathon. I haven’t seen a lot of his movies but i feel he always gives a good performance. My favorite performance of his is in Peacock,which is also one of his least known films. And it wasn’t just because he played 2 different characters(Although i do generally respect actors who play more than 1 role in a movie or tv show). There was just something wonderfully nuanced about his performance of both characters, yet they were still clearly defined. All the actors in the movie were on there A game, but Cillian still stuck out. He truly carries the movie, and gives one of the best lead performances i’ve seen in a while. Peacock is worth watching just for Cillians performance alone.

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20 Responses to Happy birthday Cillian

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. I need to see Peacock (it’s now in my Netflix queue). Thanks, dwc!

  2. DEZMOND says:

    I haven’t seen this one, but I do love Cillian heaps! He usually steals the show in every movie he appears in.

  3. Novroz says:

    That’s a really nice praise, Julian.

    I dont know if you have read my top5 Cillian movies, Peacock is in my 2nd position and I have been using emma skillpa as my twitter avatar for months. I really love his performance here.

    thank you for joining, Julian. will link it later.

  4. Novroz says:

    you really need to see peacock, Dezz. Cillian doesn’t look hot there but what a superb performance.

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  6. Custard says:

    Loving the banner 😉

    Nice write up my matey,


    • Well it was made by an expert 🙂

      Oh did you ever get around to seeing my Cera post?

      • Custard says:

        I did my friend, did I not comment? Sorry I have had a shocker of a couple of days…

        • If you did the comment didn’t go through. And yeah i know you haven’t had a great couple of days, but it seems like things are getting back to normal for you 🙂

          • Custard says:

            Ah sorry matey. Hows tricks now after graduation?

            I must say that that banner looks cool there. Even if i do say so myself.

            If you want me to change it at all, then giz us a shout

            • Its ok. I was just really happy to see someone besides me defending Cera 🙂

              And the banner should be good. If i want any changes i will tell you.

              And by “tricks” i am assuming you mean life in general(I’m not familiar with that expression)?

              It feels good to have graduated, especially with all the trouble i had my last semester.

              • Custard says:

                Yeah tricks is a southern english phrase…meaning life in general (think it comes from turning tricks in prostitution though)

                I am glad you are doing well. I know nothing of your problems matey I am sorry….


        • Ronan says:

          Hope everything is ok Custard. I’ll keep you and Lynette in my prayers.

  7. Off topic…but HEY! Great new banner! I like it!!

    btw, did you get my email about trailers??

    • Well the banner was made by Custard, so all credit for it belongs to him

      And yes, i did get your email

      • Ronan says:

        Nice banner work Custard. Works well Julian, very sharp. Like the tagline as well. Goldie-locks would approve 😉

        • rtm says:

          I echo everyone here, NICE banner! Great job Custard, how kind of you to spread your talent to other blogs 😀

          Great writeup for Cillian, J, I’m sure you made Novia VERY happy 😀

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