My Fantasy cast

I’m participating in the fantasy fantasy draft again. I am trying to make sure my pitch comes out better than last time(Especially since i want to be a filmmaker and all). My fantasy movie will be titled “Princess,” and it will be a medieval fantasy movie. Also i had major coding/formatting issues so if it seems disorganized or hard to read i’m sorry about that.

My choice of Deborah Ann Woll should come as no surprise to anyone who has following this blog(or my comments on other blogs). Her performance on True Blood has been nothing short of amazing, and ever since witnessing it i have gotten a bit obsessed with this girl. I have been following her career for a while, and i would love to see her in a lead role. I know putting a unknown in the lead role is a bit of a risk, but i truly believe she has what it takes to carry a movie.

Jamie Bell is an actor with a natural likability, as i found myself getting particularly attached to his character in Defiance. This makes him perfect for the love interest role i have planned for him.



Luke Mably. The reason i chose this actor is because he managed to be extremely charismatic and entertaining in The Exam, even though his character was a bit of a douche. This makes him perfect for the role of the main villain in my story



Michael Cera.I’ve already said on this blog that i would like to see him do more edgier roles after seeing his performance as Francois in Youth i Revolt, and the role i have planned for him fits right into that.



I’ve been a big fan of Dakota fanning ever since The Runaways, in which she can play both out of control angry and emotionally vulnerable. I don’t think she would have any problem playing the role i have planned for her.






Aaron Johnson has shown he can do the tortured bad boy well in Nowhere Boy. The role i have planned for him would be in that same vein, making him perfect for the role.




I loved Guy Pierce in The Kings Speech, and even though i found his character unlikable there was something about his performance that kept my full attention. The role i have planned for him would use that same kind of performance. And him having a bit of star power doesn’t hurt either.



Nicholas Hoult. When i first saw this guy on Skins, i honestly did not like his character. But then during one of the later episodes he portrayed a vulnerability that made softened my opinion of his character. And eventually i grew to love his character. I originally drafted him because of his talent for playing bad, but the role i have now put him in would use more of his vulnerable side instead. And i’m guessing his star power will rise after X-men First Class is released.



Nicole Kidman is one of my fav older actress’s, and i don’t see her having a problem portraying the role i have planned for her. Although she doesn’t always choose the best roles, i feel she gives reliably good performances






Sean Penn is another actor who has never given a bad performance. The part i have planned for him is rather small, but i believe he could make the most of it.




Buffy the vampire Slayer is one of my classic shows, and even though the show had some missteps i feel Sarah Michelle Gellar always gave a top notch performance on it. I was reminded of her when i saw a trailer for her new show on the CW. Her part will be small, but she is on actress i wouldn’t mind seeing in more movies


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16 Responses to My Fantasy cast

  1. Joel Burman says:

    Interesting cast, I look forward how you’ll use them in your film. I’m a big fan of SMG and I think its really sad she doesn’t do/get to do more parts these days.

    • Thanks for the compliment. And yeah, i definitely feel she should have a bigger movie career than she has.

      And were you able to identify all the actors in my cast? Cause i didn’t realize i forgot to put there names until Dez pointed it out to me.

  2. DEZMOND says:

    you should’ve put names beside the pics, Dirty, because many of them are rather unknown. I do adore Hoult, Aaron, Bell and that guy from the third pic is also a nice actor although I don’t know his name.

    • Oops. I meant to put the names next to the pics, but i must have forgotten to in my rush to post. I will be sure to fix that It is now fixed, and i bolded the names so they stand out more

      And the guy in the third pic is Luke Mably

  3. Castor says:

    It must also be mentioned I tried to get Deborah on my cast but Julian would have had no compulsion using his entire budget to get her! 😛

  4. rtm says:

    I’ll watch this for Aaron and Guy Pearce! I hope Sean Penn just have a small cameo 😀

    • Glad it has your attention

      And i know you don’t like Penn, but just saw Fair game before going on vacation, and i personally found him fantastic in it(Naomi watts also impressed me greatly).

  5. Ronan says:

    Can’t beliveve how grown up Dakota Fanning looks. I remember her as a little kid in War of the worlds.

  6. Stevee says:

    Deborah Ann Woll. Aaron Johnson. Guy Pearce. Nicholas Hoult.

    Wow. I need to see *that* movie if it ever comes around!

  7. Joel Burman says:

    OT: I have updated my 15 questions meme with names and film titles now:

  8. Custard says:

    Hi Julian!! Sorry I have been absent for a while. I am back from my holiday now and ready to blog!

    Love your cast, all except Nicole Kidman. Something about her that grates on me. I look forward to seeing where we go next with this…


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