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I haven’t had time to review the movies i watched during my semester, so i want to take the time to review at least most of them. Now, i watched a lot of movies, so this will probably comprise a few posts. I’ve also been watching a few tv series’s on netflix, so i will try the ones i’ve completed so far.

The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest The final part of the Millennium Trilogy. I loved the first 1, but i didn’t find the second one movie as good. But this is by far my fav of the series. This movie is very atmospheric, which i loved. In the beginning Lisbeth is stuck in a hospital, which may sound like a boring opening, but i think it works well in the movie. The movie also keeps you guessing as to what Lisbeth’s plan is as the case piles up against her. Honestly, this is my fav movie in the series

Black Swan I had high expectations for this one, so when i saw my dad got the blu-ray version of this i was really excited. Glad to say, this did not disappoint. The visuals in this movie are amazing, and Nina’s journey of self destruction and obsession is enthralling to watch. There’s not much i can say about this movie that hasn’t been said before, but overall i agree with the hype on this one

Buried This is another one i had high expectations for. Fortunately it did not disappoint. As you probably know the film stays in one location, thus making Renolds performance vital to the success of the film. Thankfully, he was up to the task.

The desperation his character goes through is portrayed well, and makes you sympathize with his character quickly. Overall the movie manages to use its lack of locations to its advantage, and does a good job of keeping the tension going.

Fair Game This succeeds mainly because of its two leads. Sean Penn, someone who i think is one of the most consistently good actors out there, gives a amazing performance as Joe Wilson. Right from the beginning i was engrossed in his performance, and did a perfect job of portraying his quest to get justice for his wife.

I wasn’t too familiar with Naomi Watts before this, but i will certainly try to pay attention to her career more now. She managed to portray both Valeries strength and her vulnerabilities extremely well, and kept me engaged throughout the whole movie.

Together, the two had great chemistry. The two felt perfectly believable as husband and wife. The plot is well written, although it can’t escape the fact that because the story is so well known it is a bit predictable. But even with that, i feel this is worth watching for the two leads alone.

The Alien Girl While this may sound like a sci-fi movie, it is actually a russian crime drama. The first thing that stands out in this movie is the visual style. It changes from gritty to stylized multiple times while keeping the tone consistent. Since IMDB doesn’t seem to have a plot synopsis for this one, i will try to summarize it without spoiling anything. Basically, a mob boss a group of mobsters to find the sister of a possible informant called the “alien” girl. That is all i will say, as i feel another thing that works for the movie is that it can be hard to predict.

Like the plot itself, it is hard to tell exactly what the “alien” girl character is thinking. This is not because Natalia is bad in the role, in fact the opposite is true. it is just her character has a very mysterious and alluring mystique to her, which makes her all the more entertaining to watch.

The movie does have graphic violence, sexuality, and profanity, so if those things bother you then you might find this one too hard to watch. But i personally enjoyed this one a lot.

Grown Ups This one surprised me. In the beginning it didn’t seem like anything special. Not to say it was especially unfunny, but it didn’t grab me. But as it went on, the movie seemed to start to focus on its characters more, and i found myself getting more and more into it. By the end, i was rooting for the main characters.

The leads are all adequate in there roles, and provide the comedic chops needed, but don’t expect any profound performances here. The actress’s are pretty much the same way, but Mia imo manages to stand out and gives the best comedic performance out of all the actress’s in the movie. Now the humor is a bit crude at times, which may turn off some viewers, but i personally don’t mind it.

There was one plotline that i felt was unnecessary(and another that felt slightly creepy) but i did find the movie enjoyable, and it did make me laugh.

Skins Now, i’ve only sen up to season 3 of this(Season 4 is not available for streaming yet)but the cast changes after the second season. My review will focus on the first cast. One thing that i noticed immediately is that with the possible exception of 1 character, the teens in this show aren’t well off. I think this works in the shows favor,making the characters more related than the usual american teen characters.

In Skins, most of the episodes is focused on a specific character. Thats not to say there aren’t elements that carry from episode to episode, but this structure focuses more on character development than plot. Thankfully, the characters in the show are written well enough that spending a lot of time with them doesn’t become a chore(I will admit that i hated Tony in the beginning, but my opinion of him changed drastically in the 8th episode).

Like most teen focused shows, romance is a main element of the series, especially in the beginning. But as the show goes it, it does start to tackle more serious themes/elements in addition to the romance(This is one of the few television series’s i’ve seen to actually tackle the subject of abortion). I like this aspect of this show, as i feel it gives it a more unique feel.

There is a lot of sex, profanity, and drug use in the series. As most of you know, i don’t really mind stuff like that, but i realize different people have different interests, so just wanted to give a warning to people who may object to that sort of material.

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24 Responses to Catch up reviews

  1. Ronan says:

    I actually saw the GWKTHN first. Then I saw the Dragon Tattoo but haven’t seen the second one. Probably won;t either, I like the second half of Dragon Tattoo but it was a bit graphic for my taste and I’ve heard the second film is even more so. Interesting characters though. Engaging stuff.

    • I honestly didn’t find the second one all that more graphic than the first. But then again i am generally hard to shock so maybe that’s why i didn’t notice it. I just felt like the character development wasn’t as strong in the 2nd.

      Although, considering how some other trilogies end up, i think the quality is pretty consistent among all 3.

  2. Ipodman says:

    I’ve been holding out on Buried for a while, but I plan on watching it sooner or later. Is it very graphic?

  3. DEZMOND says:

    Sounds like you had some great fun watching movies, Dirty!
    Summer is here, so you’ll have even more time for that!
    Unlike poor little me who usually works the most during summer πŸ™‚

  4. Castor says:

    Glad you liked Buried. The concept is stretched a bit thin over the course of 80 minutes but it’s truly a feat of filmmaking that it is able to hold your attention for that long. Reynolds gives quite the performance as he is the focus in every single frame of the movie.

  5. Custard says:

    I have Buried but for some reason I haven’t got around to it yet. I really am going to have to bring this up higher on my ‘to watch’ list!!

    Nice group of films you have been watching matey!!

    Never really got into SKINS though


    • Thanks. And i realize Skins is not for everybody, but so far i like it(although i will say season 3 started off a bit silly, but it got better). I have also stated Being Human(The original british version)

      And i just realized i put “cats” when i meant to put “cast”…now i feel silly πŸ˜›

  6. Novroz says:

    I haven’t watch the girl yet 😦 I want to but haven’t got the time yet.

    I love both Burried and Black Swan.

  7. rtm says:

    Very nice, Julian, good job w/ getting right to the point for each of these reviews and just link to IMDb if people want to know about the plot. The only one I’ve seen here is Fair Game, and though I think it’s a good film, I really think it’s very left-leaning (well obviously w/ Sean Penn in it). I do like Naomi Watts and I’d say she’s much better than Penn in this one.

    As for Skins, it’s definitely not something I’d watch nor recommend, but you probably already know that.

    • Well, i’m not sure how Fair Game could have been done without being left leaning. But i suppose since my political views tend to lean towards the left it didn’t bother me so much. And as for the performances, i think Penn and Naomi were equally good. I’ve actually thought about doing a post on Penn at some point

  8. I am at work but will revisit to read more of your reviews! nice work.

    • I look forward to your feedback

      • Your short and sweet reviews are great in giving what people want to know. Getting to the point! I am glad to see another reviewer with good things to say about Grown Ups. I was curious about Fair Game and may give it a shot.

        I’d like to see a full review from you on Buried just to see more of your insight on it. I saw it, but didn’t write a review for it. Wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but Reynolds did well.

        Nice post.

  9. paolocase says:

    Buried has the best reading of the c-word in the history of cinema. 2010 was definitely the year of the body, Paul’s confinement in Buried, Nina’s corporeal paranoia in Black Swan. Not masterpieces and didn’t live up 100% to the hype for me, but interesting stuff.

    • I never thought of it that way, but now that i think of it “year of the body” is right. 127 Hours, Fighter, and The KIngs Speech all fit it.

      And they lived up to the hype imo

      Btw i actually checked out your blog and felt guilty about not commenting for while. Sorry about that

  10. Joel Burman says:

    I was super skeptic about buried at first since I have a hard time with one-setting films but its quite well done and it doesn’t get super repetitive, boring or predictable. The only major flaw I had was about the ending. I saw it coming way early and I wish they would havet twisted it in then end but I would spoil it if gave you my suggestion for the ending.

  11. CMrok93 says:

    Good Reviews! Especially with Buried which really did show Reynolds’ true test as an actor because he really did hold his own here.

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