15 question meme

I saw a couple of bloggers do this meme, but i was reluctant too because i didn’t think i would have a good answer from some of them. But Ronan has convinced me to do it. So here goes my best attempt. Also, for question 8 i used a rather naughty pic. I may change it if it bothers people, but i figured the question called for it

1.Movies you love with a passion
Let the Right One in. What i love about the film is how even though it is a vampire movie, it has a very un-stylized, gritty look. This is something that i haven’t seen in a lot of american vampire movies(or tv shows) don’t really do, and i personally think it makes for a interesting contrast between fantasy and reality.

This is an aspect that i would like to have my movies to have. Visually, this is one film that inspired me to want to be a filmmaker in the first place.

2.The movie i vow never to watch
This one was rather difficult for me, as there are very few movies that i would refuse to watch under any circumstances. However, i don’t see myself ever sitting down to watch it this. I don’t think i would get anything out of it.


3.The movie that left you speechless
Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock. After i watched this my thoughts went along the lines of “what just happened.” The ending of this movie is crazy…and that is all i can say without spoiling it

4.Movie you always recommend

This one was a difficult one for me to answer, as i have come to realize how varied peoples taste in movies can be, which makes picking a movie to recommend to everyone rather difficult. Buy after thinking about it for a bit, i decided to use Franklyn for my answer here, for 3 main reasons. First, its not something that i think most would find disturbing, creepy, or hard to watch(I personally don’t mind those types of movies, but i realize there are those who don’t like those types of movies, including most of my followers). Second, its a rather unknown movie that i think deserves to get more attention then it has gotten. Third, it doesn’t have any nudity/sex in it, the violence in the movie as a whole isn’t all that graphic, and while it has some profanity its not in every scene. The only thing i can think of in the movie that some people might object to is one of the main characters contempt for religion, but the movie imo doesn’t present his view as the “right” answer.

5. What actor or actress do you watch no matter how crappy the movie is

Generally, if a movie seems really bad to me i won’t watch it(Hence why i am not seeing a certain golf movie even though it has Deborah Ann Woll in it). The closest equivalent i could think of was Nicole Kidman, who i think generally gives good performances even if the movie itself isn’t so great(Stepford WIves being a good example)

6.Actor/Actress you don’t get the appeal of

Nick Cannon. Generally, i am ambivalent to 99% of actors/actresses, and usually i can forgive a not so great performance if i don’t think the role is good, so there aren’t a lot of actors/actresses i would say i dislike. However, this guy managed to ruin a perfectly good role in Bobby. I have been hesitant to see him in anything else since.

7.Actor or Actress you would like to meet

Summer Glau. Considering her choice of roles it seems like she has a interest in sci-fi, so hopefully we would be able to talk about that if nothing else. Also, considering she was willing to play herself on the Big Bang, it doesn’t seem like she takes herself too seriously, which is always a plus in my book

8.Sexiest Actor/Actress you’ve ever seen

Deborah Ann Woll. Don’t know if she is the most sexiest actress i’ve seen, but she is pretty damm close. Plus she happens to be my current obsession

9.Your Dream Cast
The cast for my “Princess” pitch.

10. Favorite Actor pairing

Sean Penn and Naomi Watts in Fair game. Both give fantastic performances, and had great chemistry. They were perfectly believable as a married couple.

11. Favorite movie setting

X-men. I think the mutants struggle for acceptance from humans is a interesting premise.

12. Favorite Decade in movies
Honestly i don’t have one. This is the main question that made me hesitant to participate in this meme.

13. Action Movie or Chick Flick

I generally prefer action, although i think the question is excessively simplistic. I can enjoy a well done romance movie, and just because a movie has action in it doesn’t mean its a good movie. Btw for those who don’t recognize the picture, its from the Losers, one of my fav action movies.

14. Hero, Antihero, or villian

Generally Antiheroes, although i think a hero can be a interesting, complex character if written right. Picture above is the main character from the Millennium trilogy

15.Black and White or Color

Color. Doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate a good Black&White film, but i think color allows for more options visually. Also, for those who don’t know, the pic is from Eyes Wide Shut

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38 Responses to 15 question meme

  1. rtm says:

    That’s too bad you refuse to see Passion. I don’t think the film is only for Christians and why do you say that you won’t get anything out of it before you even see it?? Especially since you’ve told me many times that generally you can deal with most subject matter, but yet when it comes to a message about Christ, then you finally do find a subject matter you cannot deal with.

  2. DEZMOND says:

    Yes, you should never watch THE PASSION, it’s the most horrible movie I’ve ever seen, pretty much a parade of Mel’s sick mind (said by me, a psychologist). And it is also the most antichristian film even though some Christians don’t see it. The same goes for APOCALYPTO.

    I liked FRANKLYN too πŸ™‚

    I’ve never heard of Deborah Ann Woll before, but she does look nice πŸ™‚

    • Glad we agree on Franklyn, and yes Deborah is rather pretty πŸ™‚

      I just noticed i used a sad smiley instead of a happy one. Silly me

    • Ronan says:

      Not sure how you come to the conclusion that The Passion could be an ‘anti-Christian’ film Dezmond. As a reader of the Gospels, as far as I can tell Gibson’s movie is a faithful depiction of the passion and death of Jesus Christ. Whatever psychological insights you may or may not have into Gibson’s motivation for making the film or his methods, as a Christian myself I can say that the imagery in the film has helped me in my meditation of the Passion.

  3. Ipodman says:

    You like the Losers too!? I thought I was the only one… πŸ˜€

    • Nope, i loved it myself. Chris Evans is awesome in it πŸ™‚

      • Ronan says:

        Never heard of The Losers. That pic doesn’t really make me want to see it though. It’s a pretty ambiguous image.

        • I highly recommend it

          • Ipodman says:

            Yea… I think most people missed it because it came out at the same time with A-Team (which I didn’t like as much…) and then there was also Red and Expendables, and they all looked the same. I think Expendables is probably the best of the bunch, followed by Losers (Chris Evans has a hilarious singing scene in Losers)

            • I found both the Losers and A-team far better than Expendables. Honestly, i found the Expendables to be pretty bad overall, with only a few good scenes. I liked the A-Team, but i like the Losers just a bit more

              • Ipodman says:

                Orly? O.O

                I didn’t like The A-team that much, it felt like a lot of special effects flying around, none of the tanks or helicopters or whatever felt real to me… whereas in the Expendables, where most of the stunts are real, you can truly feel the danger that these characters are in.

  4. le0pard13 says:

    Fine and interesting meme post, Julian. I expected as much. You certainly have me curious about Franklin — and I enjoyed The Losers (of course, I love the men on a mission sub-genre). I’m glad you joined in on this. Thanks.

  5. Custard says:

    Nice little list there Julian.

    SOme additions that are not on a lot of lists too. You like Losers? Me too. Idris Elba is a god!!


    Thanks for sharing matey

  6. Castor says:

    Nice answers to this 15 questions meme Julian. I pondered doing it myself but thought the last few questions were a bit too simplistic and not worth answering… Interesting that you won’t watch a certain movie even with Deborah Ann Woll in it πŸ˜‰

    • I also found the last 3 questions a bit simplistic, so i can understand why you found them not worth answering. And f Deborah didn’t have 7 movies coming out i might have watched it, but thankfully i can get my fill of Deborah without seeing each one. And most of them seem good, or at least don’t seem like ones i would avoid, so i will probably end up seeing most of them πŸ™‚

  7. Novroz says:

    and now it’s official. I am the only one I know who haven’t done this πŸ˜‰

    Nicole Kidman is fantastic, tho Joel didn’t think so. I am still looking for let the right one in…it is quite difficult, all I can find is the remake and I HATE remakes. All remakes are probably movies I vow not to watch.

    Great list. Julian. I am planning to do something connected to this meme tomorrow πŸ˜‰

    • Yes Nicole Kidman is fantastic. Like i said before if a premise is really crappy i normally won’t watch it, but Nicole is an actress that can definitely get me interested in a movie i otherwise wouldn’t be.

      I do hope you are able to find Let the Right One in.

      • Novroz says:

        I have 7 actors I will watch no matter how crappy quite a lot heh πŸ˜‰
        I did this meme in different way.

        I hope so too…I am also still looking for Session 9

  8. Nov, I still haven’t done my 15 question meme. I will soon! haha so don’t fear!

    Julian! a fun list. of course, I wish that you would watch The Passion. Not because of the fact that I believe in Christ and am a Christian, but because of the fact that I don’t think a good reason to not see a film is “I don’t think i would get anything out of it.”

    Now, if you would’ve said “i don’t want to watch it because it may be too graphic for me to handle, or I just don’t like Mel Gibson’s movies at all,” or something like that, then I would understand. But prejudging the fact that you may not get something out of it at all is a little premature don’t you think?

    Reading other Question Meme posts, most answered that question with a movie that disturbed them or looked completely offensive, or such like. I dunno. Food for thought.

    I’m even more curious now for you to watch it and review it nonetheless! πŸ™‚

    I laughed at your Nicole Kidman choice, because I can understand her appeal. But sometimes she chooses the strangest of movies…like Birth.

    • Its rather hard to disturb/offend me, and i am generally not big on religious movies, so i figured that would be the most well known movie that i don’t see myself watching. The only other types of movies that fit into that category for me ones with incestuous themes, and those are so rare they are easy to avoid

      And yeah, Nicole doesn’t always choose her movies wisely. I actually want to do a post on her at some point

  9. paolocase says:

    Nick Cannon is a product of the Disney School of Acting i.e. be the loudest person in the room. Although I do want to see Bobby, since I remember the overblown hype before it, especially since it’s before Lindsay Lohan was branded as bad news.

    And Nicole Kidman pushes herself even in movies that are bad decisions for her. One can argue that even schlock like Bewitched is a ‘challenge’ for her.

    • I don’t think it was a masterpiece, but i think its worth watching. Also, pretty much everyone in the movie does there job well except for Cannon, which is why it stuck out to me. I also think Lindsay Lohan is a good actress, but unfortunately i think she may have made too many mistakes to ever get close to where she was.I did a post on her a while back

      And i’m glad to see you like Nicole too. I do hope she will start to choose her movies more carefully now. With the acclaim for “Rabbit Hole” she should be able to be more selective about what roles she takes.

  10. Joel Burman says:

    Cool choice with Summer Glau I need to check out that Big Bang episode.

  11. iluvcinema says:

    Great answers. Glad you decided to participate!
    I am so glad that I am not the only one who had a “what the …” moment when I first saw Vertigo.

    • Thanks for the compliment. It does seem like my choice for movie i wouldn’t see rustled a few feathers tho

      And i’m not sure how anyone could not have that reaction to Vertigo

  12. Sam says:

    Watched “Vertigo” about two weeks ago: blew me away, like you.

    Great post.

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