Deborah Ann Woll contributing to the “It gets Better” campaign

Recently i discovered some videos done by cast members of true Blood for the “It gets Better” campaign. As soon as i discovered, me being the Deborah fanboy i am i just had to look for her video. I’m just gonna say i almost started tearing up round the middle part(Although i have to admit that happened to me with pretty much everybody’s video. It seems like the cast went all the way for it.)

She was also amazing in the last episode of True Blood, and i managed to find some of her scenes on youtube to share(Btw, there is no nudity and very little swearing in these clips. There is a tiny bit of gore, but not much)

And btw for those were expecting my vampire post, that one is still coming, it is just i discovered this today and really wanted to post it.

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14 Responses to Deborah Ann Woll contributing to the “It gets Better” campaign

  1. DEZMOND says:

    must admit I’ve never heard of her before.
    I’m currently finishing the translation of TRUE BLOOD novels for the readers in my country, and it’s a very very bad book series, quite unlike the show itself which seems rather charming and I think it has a certain alluring atmosphere. Sadly I’m not watching the show since I really can’t stand Paquin.

    • I don’t think anyone knew of her before True Blood. But she has a bunch of supporting movie roles coming up so hopefully hr career will shoot up soon.

      Btw the first true Blood clip doesn’t have Paquin in it.

  2. Castor says:

    Don’t worry Julian, it gets better! 🙂

  3. Movie Remnants says:

    I love her and can’t wait for next week’s episode! Very interesting psa, thanks for sharing.

    • I’m always happy to find another Deborah Lover(I actually made a blog post dedicated to her character on true Blood if your interested)

      And if you liked this PSA i would recommend checking out the others(In particular Kristen bauer, the actress who plays Pam)

      Btw are you planning to check out any of the movies she is going to have a supporting role in coming out?

      I will also add you toy my blogroll

      • Movie Remnants says:

        Thanks! You know when you go to a movie to see someone, who probably isn’t the star, but you just go to see them as the supporting character/actor? That would be the case for Deborah. I think I would go see anything she’s in, even if she wasn’t the starring role. I hope she succeeds in getting her name out. There are so many good actors out there that aren’t given enough chances.

        • I plan to watch pretty much all of her movies coming out…except for one. Mainly because it focuses on a golfer, and there is no way a golf movie can interest me…even if it has Deborah in it

  4. rtm says:

    Now, people think ‘I’ have an unhealthy obsession with Gerry? 😀 He..he.. just joking Julian, it’s perfectly ok to be fanboying on your blog, I mean we are entitled to have our favorites, right. I find it refreshing actually that you choose to lavish your attention on someone who’s generally not that well-known.

  5. iluvcinema says:

    Season 1 I was not sure how I felt about the Jessica character but as time moves on I have really taken a liking to her. She has been rather good this season!

    • Actually i am not a fan of what the writers are doing with Jessica’s character this season. Season 2 and 3 she was completely awesome tho, and are the main reason i i love her character so much

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