Why i will always be a vampire fan

Ever since twilight vampires have gotten a bad rep, being seen as just another bothersome trend. As someone who loves the everything supernatural,including vampires, i felt someone should come to there defense(And as someone who made 2 vampire related speeches in my public speaking class, i figured i would be most qualified for that). Yes, the vampire genre as a whole has run into a creative rut, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still potential for interesting vampire movies/tv shows.

What is currently bringing down the vampire genre is the simplistic take on vampire morality that many recent vampire movies and show seem to favor. Most vampires in cinema today are either angsty veggie vamps or bad boy/girl vamps, with few in between. Basically they either have everything even slightly scary sucked out of them or they are complete monsters. Technically this is nothing new, as Interview with a Vampire and one of my favorite shows of all time Buffy did have these cliches to a certain extent. But feel it has gotten tiring and overdone at this point. This is the main reason why i almost stopped watching the Vampire Diaries even though i am a huge vampire fan, and even something aimed at adults like the True Blood tv show sometimes falls victim to this.

For me, i tend to find middle ground vampires more interesting. As in ones that aren’t complete monsters but still have a element of danger to them. And i personally think they allow for more interesting characterization than either extreme of the vampire morality scale. Unfortunately these types of vampires rarely get to be leads. I also think the supernatural genre, and vampires specifically are often seen as something that doesn’t deserve serious consideration. And i believe this is why so many of them end up filled with cliches. Most filmmakers seem content to just use it as an excuse for romantic fluff and nothing more.

I think what the vampire genre needs is someone to do a fresh take on it, and show that the genre can be used for far more than pure romantic fluff. There are some who have who has gotten closer to this idea than others(Let the Right One In being a good example), and there are a few upcoming vampire movies that seem like they have potential, but i think what the vampire genre needs is its own batman. Nolan showed that one can do a more serious take on the superhero genre, and i see no reason why a filmmaker today can’t do that today.

As for me, most of my film and tv shows idea involve the supernatural genre, and i refuse to give up on them because the supernatural genre isn’t seen as something to be taken seriously. I think the supernatural genre has a lot of potential, and like sci-fi can be used as a creative and entertaining way to deal with serious themes and issues. At the very least, i think it has more to offer than just love triangles. And that is why i also will continue to be a fan of vampires and the supernatural genre in general even if it has become a tired genre in peoples eyes.

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  1. Ipodman says:

    I’m not a huge Vampire fan… but I agree that after so many Vampire related stuff recently, the genre is in need of a major revamp. (re-VAMP!!??)

    I like Werewolves tho… but the werewolves in Twilight are kinda stupid o.O

  2. Ronan says:

    I actually wanted to be a vampire when I was younger. I was obsessed with the lost boys and used to sleep with hands across my chest πŸ™‚ Ture story. Then I got bored with vampires and moved onto Ninjas. I had quite and active imagination when I was a teenager πŸ™‚

  3. rtm says:

    Very nice writeup, Julian. Vampire genre certainly has its appeal, I have liked a few vampire movies, like the original Fright Night, Interview w/ the Vampire, etc. I think because of what you sum up perfectly here that they ‘… aren’t complete monsters but still have a element of danger to them’ I kind of think of Colin Farrell in the Fright Night remake in that sense, oh and they’ve got to be sexy, too, because otherwise why would all the women flock to them?! I think Twilight really ruins the ‘reputation’ of vampires, I mean, playing baseball, chess, what’s up with that?!! And I think vampires should just be out at night or if they make ’em able to hang out in the daylight, then at least there should be some ‘health’ issues as a result of that (kind of like in the CBS show Moonlight that I blog about some time ago).

    In any case, on the bright side Julian, the vampire genre is definitely not going away anytime soon. I’m looking forward to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter with Rufus Sewell as the lead villain… he describes his role as an elegant, sophisticated but terrifying vampire. Bring. It. On. πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for the compliment. I might check out the Fright Night remake, although i generally prefer supernatural stories to be told from the perspective of the creature rather than humans. And i think a vampire can be heroic without taking away everything that makes them dangerous, especially considering that in most stories they can feed without killing.

  4. DEZMOND says:

    you, know, you might be a vampire yourself, Dirty … there’s a possibility πŸ˜›

  5. Castor says:

    It used to be that vampires were cool (with Blade, Buffy etc…) but once a certain Robert Pattinson turned into a glittering puddle of emo, that went out the window. After Twilight is in the memory books, vampires will be cool again.

  6. Novroz says:

    a very interesting post. I can understand how you feel when the thing you love the most turns sappy. Twillight really brings bad image to vampire.

    I am not a huge vamp fans, I like some of them….the one like salem’s lot for example. as I said before I am a ghost fan…but lately, ghost movies aren’t as good as the old ones.

    Have you watched the grimm series? I am really curious about that series. I miss supernatural series.

  7. Novroz says:

    Ah I thought it had. I am so bad with date.

    Btw, What do you think of Salem’s Lot?

  8. Movie Remnants says:

    I liked your post! It’s really funny because I was thinking of having either an alien or vampire movie marathon this weekend. I’ve liked the ‘Underworld’ movies (except for the last one), but the vampires are again pretty one sided with their emotions. ‘Underworld Awakening’ has a trailer out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Zzrwmigv9A. The beginning makes it look like its trying to be ‘Resident Evil’, though…not that excited by it. I also just watched ‘Daybreakers’ recently and really enjoyed it, even though again most of the vampires were portrayed as monster…probably since they were starving. And one last note, since you’re a Buffy fan, I have to ask: Spike or Angel? πŸ™‚

    • I also liked Daybreakers, eve though i am not a fan of the all vampires as monsters plot. And i think i would give a slight edge to Angel, although i don’t hate Spike either.

      And the Awakening trailer seems to imply the movie will be all about the action and not the story

  9. I like a good Vampire flick too. You’re right. Twilight is to blame for so many things in this world. haha! πŸ™‚

  10. Tyler says:

    I’ve grown tired of vampire movies. I’ve only ever seen a couple of them that I enjoyed (Let the Right One In) being the best one, and I’ve kind of lost faith in them. Sorry, Julian, they just don’t interest me anymore.

  11. Scott Lawlor says:

    Oooh Vampires.

    You are going to like Wednesday’s post. My wife is posting about how she loves 80s Vampires in particular The Lost Boys….


  12. Lynette says:

    An excellent post : ) I too love Vampires and will watch anything I can with them in. I also loved interview with a vampire and i totally agree with you about the lack of decent films today.

    I haven’t watched any of the vampy tv series like True Blood as i think Buffy put me off. I enjoyed it for its comedy but it got pretty boring after a while. We do like watching Supernatural not just because of the vamps mainly for Sam and Dean they are hilarious.

    I think Twilight has its place amongst the angsty teens and it is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine as its soo cheesy its great. Not because of any great acting or story content. My friend is a massive Twihard so its quite funny watching them with her.

    Scott said the new Fright Night is good so i look forward to checking that out.

    I agree there needs to be a new vamp on the scene. Its such a great character to explore. It just has to be darker than all the fluff around at the moment.

    Thank you for sharing your post with me.

    • Your welcome. And yes, i do think there has to be some darker vampire lead characters around. They don’t have to be villains like in Fright Night, but i think a vampire can be heroic without being a Edward clone

  13. This link was sent to me by the admin of the blog that I thought you may find interesting: http://www.toponlinecolleges.com/blog/2011/9-vampire-movies-that-ruined-the-genre/

  14. Dan says:

    I’m also a vampire fan (I actually made a 20 min short film about vampires while I was at uni) and, like you, I find the vampires that are neither monsters nor wholly ‘good’ the most interesting. It’s a great character to work with and there’s so many possibilities for vampires. What fascinates me, as was presented in Interview With a Vampire, is the practicalities of living as one – ie. what it is like to live forever. I think the best vampire film is still Near Dark and that is a great example of vampires simply surviving.

    • Hopefully i will be able to catch near Dark on netflix for streaming, as i’ve been wanting to see it and my dad had to go with the streaming only plan. And yes, i do agree that there is a lot that can be done with vampires, unfortunately most filmmakers don’t seem to feel that way(or are too afraid to try something new with them).

      And do you have your short film on youtube or something like that?

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