Funny video+explanation for my lack of updates

Generally it takes me longer to write a post than i would like, but recently my mom has been on my case…hard. So i haven’t been in the mood to do anything requiring deep thinking. I’m sorry about that, but things have gotten kind of stressful at home so my energy level hasn’t been all that high.

And now on a lighter note, here is a hilarious video my dad found 🙂

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24 Responses to Funny video+explanation for my lack of updates

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Oh, that’s priceless. Let’s hear it for Dad! Seriously, when you’re ready to post, your readership will still be here. Thanks, Julian.

  2. DEZMOND says:

    Does mom have a good reason to be on your case? 🙂

    • I’m not going to say i’m a perfect person, and i will admit that i make mistakes sometimes, but it is just i feel she has been really irritable lately. I just think her not having a job and thus being around 24/7 has just made it really stressful.

      And i would rather not put more details than that on the blog.

  3. Joel Burman says:

    I like that you are being honest about your family and writes about your parents from time to time. It would actually be kind of interesting having them on as guestbloggers if they felt like doing it.
    Why I think this is interesting is probably that you relation with your parents mirrors mine. Most of my memorable cinema experiences have been with my dad while I have always had more of a complex relationship with my mother. Sorry for the intimate question but do you have any siblings?

  4. Movie Remnants says:

    Hilarious, sums up my take on the movie.

  5. Castor says:

    I hope all is well at home Julian. Cheers for the video!

  6. Tyler says:

    Haha, that is very funny. Don’t worry Julian, all is forgiven.

  7. Sam Fragoso says:

    Nice to have you somewhat back.

  8. Paolo says:

    That’s funny because since Nina’s in ballet, I’d assume she’d already have a sassy gay friend.

    (Full disclosure, I am also gay.)

  9. keep up the good work! and keep letting it be fun for you! the moment it ceases to be fun is the moment you should take a step back!

    i enjoy reading ur posts! have a great day!

  10. Scott Lawlor says:

    No worries about updates matey, not all of us can have NO life hey?

    I am here when you are!!

  11. Stevee says:

    Hahaha, that video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    I admit, it’s pretty hard for me to update my blog these days, because writing posts takes SO LONG. I feel for ya!

  12. Ronan says:

    This might sound a bit selfish Julian but it was actually a bit of relief to read that you seem to struggle with updating your blog from time to time. It makes me feel like I am not the only one. As one of my most loyal readers you will know that regular posting isn’t something I can really give you advice on as it is not something I am very good at myself. I for one always enjoy reading your blog Julian, when I make the effort, which isn’t as often as I should, to my shame.

    Try to be patient with your Mom, being unemployed isn’t easy, I should know, I was unemployed for a while a few years ago and it was tough. It makes it harder sometimes to be around those close to you and it can make little things that usually wouldn’t annoy you seem a lot worse than usual. It’ll get better, so hang in there. And keep posting, I enjoy your alternative take on the world of movies Julian 🙂

    • No you’re not the only one. I honestly think your better at me at updating, but i am hoping i will improve on that aspect at some point. And i am just hoping that when i can move out me and my mom will get along better.Thank you for your advice tho, it helps.

      And i’m happy you enjoy my oh so controversial opinions 🙂

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