A Underrated performance

A while back, i wanted to do a post on underrated performances. But unfortunately i had a hard time thinking of enough to make a whole post abut it, so i decided to focus on just one performance(And i figure if i focused on 1 performance i could get the post written quicker). And that is Gabrielle Union’s performance as Geneve In Cadillac Records. Now, considering her filmography, it may not seem like she would be a good match for a dramatic role. But for me, she knocked it out of the ballpark..unfortunately tho it seemed like i was the only one.

I think one reason why it got so little attention is because everyone was so surprised Beyonce could act Gabrielle got kind of ignored. Now, i am not trying to say Beyonce didn’t deserve it, as i will admit i was one of those people surprised by her acting ability. I just think Gabrielle gave a equally powerful performance.

I also think another reason why Gabrielle didn’t really get much praise is because Beyonce had a much flashier role than Gabrielle, which got peoples attention a lot more. Again, i don’t mean this as an insult towards Beyonce or performance as Etta James, i just think Gabrielle should have gotten more attention for her performance.

Luckily i found a clip of one of my favorite scenes from the movie. I think this clip best shows Gabrielles performance.

Also, i would like to thank everyone for the encouragement in my last post. I’m not sure i would have gotten this post done so quick without it

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22 Responses to A Underrated performance

  1. as soon as i read the title for this post i thought about, well, almost EVERY gary oldman movie!

    • Didn’t his Dracula performance get a lot of attention tho, or am i wrong on that?

      Btw did you watch the clip

      • of course, yes I did watch the clip! and, yes, her performance is underrated due to Beyonce, but that happens a lot in movies. Mila Kunis lost out to Natalie Portman (Black Swan), Maggie Gyllenhaal lost out to Heath Ledger (Dark Knight), Andrew Garfield lost out to Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake (Social Network).

        It’s just part of the business. I look at Gabrielle’s part as being necessary and therefore she did exactly what she was supposed to do. underrated or not, it did what it was meant to and she should be very proud of it. Glad to see you pay homage to it!

  2. DEZMOND says:

    I haven’t seen her in anything for quite a long time, I even thought she disappeared after late 90’s and early 2000s.

  3. rtm says:

    Wow, I almost didn’t recognize Gabrielle in that clip. Yeah that is a great performance even just in that short scene. I’m not familiar w/ her work though, I’ve only seen her briefly in 10 Things I Hate About You. But y’know what’s funny, there is a big poster of her in one of the jewelry store at a local mall I sometimes go to, she’s probably about 16 or 17, so she must’ve started out as a model.

    • I wasn’t really familiar with her either, which is why her performance surprised me so much. It seems like she doesn’t stretch her acting abilities often. She does have a part in a upcoming drama, so i am hopeful that it will give her some good material to work with

  4. Tyler says:

    HAHAHA I feel a bit stupid, having seen neither Gabrielle Union or CADILLAC RECORDS before. Nevertheless you’ve piqued my interest.

  5. Novroz says:

    I haven’t seen this movie yet…so I can’t backup your words. But the clip you provided really shows a good acting ability. So many underrated actors/actresses out there…I know too well about this.
    Thanks for sharing her Julian

  6. Ronan says:

    I know Morgan Freeman was never underrated by the fans as Red in The Shawshank Redemption but it stil bothers me that the Academy overlooked him for the Oscar. Though it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve got it wrong. Still I suppose you get it right every time. I just wish they would. Nice post Julian.

    • I need to rewatch Shawshank at some point, as i barely remember it now. Also, did you watch the clip i posted?

      • Ronan says:

        Just watched it, it looks like a pretty intense film, at least from that clip. I’m not surprised that Beyonce can act, the girl has talent and screen presence. Hadn’t heard of this film though or of Gabrielle Union before I read this post but she performed that scene well. I couldn’t stop thinking about how sweaty they both looked. Was it normal to perspire that much back then?

        • Hmmm, maybe it was summer and they didn’t have good air conditioning?

          And i didn’t think of Gabrielle Union as a great actress before watching the movie, which is why i was so impressed by her performance. I feel both her and Beyonce were great in it. And yes, the movie can be pretty intense at times, but i would recommend it.

  7. iluvcinema says:

    Have it on good authority concerning the merits of Cadillac Records, But I think I have an aversion to anything starring Beyonce Knowles. I am there with her when it comes to music (especially her first solo album) but as an actress I am left less than impressed.

  8. paolocase says:

    I was just watching Bring It On, actually. Union has been around forever, has been one of the few people of colour in Friends, etc. Looking forward to this and the rest of her oeuvre.

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