Anticipated Flix-The House at the End of the Street & Mississippi Wild

As many of you have noticed i have lavished a lot of attention on a certain actress…well, i’ve decided in the interests of being a fair attention giver i would mention another unknown that has got my attention, an actor by the name of Max Thieriot. The reason he got on my radar is i liked his performance in My Soul to Keep. And it just happens he has a pretty important role in a movie coming out soon(I made sure to a little research on it before posting about it to make sure i wasn’t passing on false information). Here is the plot summary from Dread Central

Directed by Mark Tonderai (Hush) and written by David Loucka (Dream House), House at the End of the Street centers on a teen girl (Jennifer Lawrence) who moves with her mom to a new town and learns that their home is next door to a house where a double murder took place. Complications ensue when the teen befriends the massacre’s sole surviving son (Max Thieriot). Genre favorite Elisabeth Shue costars as Lawrence’s mom.

I personally think it has a lot of potential, and i think him and Lawrence could be a interesting on screen pair. It is a bit worrying that it got delayed(Again, according to Dread Central) but i’m hoping the reason for that isn’t due to quality.

And here’s a pic of him for those who don’t now him

Another movie i’ve been keeping track of is Mississippi Wild, mainly because it stars Dakota Fanning, who i became a fan of after seeing her in the Runaways. The movie also o far has a great cast with Robert Duvall, Mickey Rourke, and Forest Whittaker also starring. In fact the only one in the cast i am unsure about is Ryan Donowho. According to Collider

The plot follows a teen (Donowho) “who has to go on the run with his girlfriend (Fanning) after stealing diamonds that belong to a local gangster.

So does any of these movies sound interesting to anyone else?

P.S For those who don’t know, today is my birthday. I am finally 21 🙂

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26 Responses to Anticipated Flix-The House at the End of the Street & Mississippi Wild

  1. Tyler says:

    Happy birthday!

    The Jennifer Lawrence movie sounds interesting. Will keep track of that one. Not a huge fan of Dakota Fanning though, but I might look into MISSISSIPPI WILD.

  2. DEZMOND says:

    Happy B-day, Dirty! 21? Time to stop pooping in your diapers 😛

    Max Thieriot is quite a nice actor, I love that type of young actors, but you should always put some pics to illustrate the story or the stars in your posts 🙂

  3. Castor says:

    Happy birthday Julian! Those two movies sound potentially interesting, I seem to remember Max Thieriot from somewhere. Maybe you picked him during the Hollywood Fantasy Draft or something 😀

  4. Ronan says:

    Happy birthday for last week Julian. I liked Dakota Fanning in all of the things I’ve seen her in when she was younger. Haven’t seen anything she has done since she has got a bit older. I presume she still just as good as ever. Here sister was very good in Super 8. Talented family.

    • Thanks. And btw for it i went to a restaurant with friends to celebrate it(i think you asked me on gmail and i only saw it after you were offline).

      And actually i just got into Dakota. The reason i started to follow her career is because of her performance in The Runaways

  5. rtm says:

    Happy belated birthday, man sorry I missed it as I was so swamped with TCFF. Hope it was a good one!

    I haven’t heard about either one of these but both sounds intriguing and had a nice cast. Btw, it’s Robert Duvall, there’s an extra ‘a’ in your post 😀

  6. markuswelby1 says:

    Haven’t seen “The Runaways” yet, but I’m hoping Dakota finally breaks free of the child actor role and moves seamlessly into more adult fare. I’ll have to check it out.

  7. Novroz says:

    that guy is quite handsome 😉
    I need a trailer to decide whether it”s a movie I will watch or not.
    Happy ‘late’ birthday Julian 🙂

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