Deborah offered a lead role!

I think everybody knows that i’ve been wanting to see Deborah in a lead role for a while. Well after mistakenly thinking she was the lead in “He Loves me”(I figured that imdb listed cast members in order of top billing,but apparently it lists them by order of appearance) it seems that my wish has come true. I found this article on Castors blog.

I didn’t know anything about this Romeo and Juliet adaption before, but it is now in my must watch list, especially since i haven’t been able to stream any of Deborahs movies on netflix. The one i want to watch most has been released on DVD, but only in the U.K :(. I am really hoping the movie will end up being good, although even if it isn’t i will probably rush out to see it anyways. Hopefully this role will lead to the breakout success i feel she deserves.Its getting kind of lonely being one of the few movie bloggers who know who she is.

And here is a pic from a recent photoshoot for LA Time, where she was named a “scene stealer” along with Jessica Chastain, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Imgoen Poots

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16 Responses to Deborah offered a lead role!

  1. DEZMOND says:

    ah, last night I prepared this one too for Saturday post πŸ™‚ I think you will like the pic I’ve chosen to illustrate it πŸ™‚

  2. Castor says:

    Happy to see your favorite actress move up the Hollywood ranks πŸ˜€ Hopefully, the movie will be good!

  3. rtm says:

    That’s a great photo you found of Deborah, Julian. When I saw her name on Castor’s blog, I immediately thought of her. I’m so happy for you, man.

  4. Tyler says:

    Damn, she is hot!

    What, you expected me to leave an intelligent comment?

  5. paolocase says:

    I approve of all the other actresses listed in the LA Time list. I don’t know if I have seen any of Woll’s work but I will watch out for her.

    • You most likely haven’t. So far none of the movies she’s been in have been distributed with the exception of Mothers Day, but that has been released on dvd in the U.K only. Most people know her from True Blood, which she is fantastic in imo. I actually did a post on her character in true Blood a while back.

      Although if imdb is correct she was in theatre for 10 years before getting her role on True Blood

  6. Scott Lawlor says:

    I love that you are so in love with this girl. I wish I could have such conviction to someone like you.

    I am too fickle

  7. I saw this news the other week as well and immediately thought of you and your delight upon hearing this news. I popped over here and sure enough you had already discovered it!! Good for her!

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