Has a phobia ever affected your movie watching?

Back when i did the 15 question movie meme, i thought of putting this as the movie i vow never to watch but then i decided not to mainly because i figured no one else knew about it. Now, considering the content in some of the movies i’ve watched and even grown to love some of you may be wondering why i have been so hesitant to watch it.

The reason is because i have a slight phobia of spiders, which i’m pretty stems from seeing a up-close picture of one when i was younger. If i see a spider in real life no matter how harmless it may seem i usually try to get someone else to squash it. And in a book i’ve been reading it got to a section that had a giant brown recluse and it freaked me out. So yeah, Spiders for the most part aren’t my thing

Well, that is my confession. if anyone else has avoided a movie because of a phobia say so in the comments, and i promise i will not judge 🙂

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32 Responses to Has a phobia ever affected your movie watching?

  1. le0pard13 says:

    It’s not that I’ve avoided films, but I have experienced some distinct discomfort in some movies I watched through the years. I’m claustrophobic. In fact, I wrote about it, with examples of scenes/sequences from films that really drove me up a wall. If you’re interested, that post is found here.

    And I can sympathize with your reaction. I live in a house with two females who hate the things, and my son and I are the designated spider-killers. Thanks, Julian.

    • I didn’t know you had that phobia. I can certainly understand how it would make certain scenes uncomfortable.

      And i bet those two females are happy to have fearless spider killers around. Thankfully no one else in my family has this phobia so i can usually find someone to take care of them for me

    • Dan says:

      …similarly to Le0pard13, I suffer from claustrophobia and while a film’s content has never really brought on the phobia, I do get affected by it when I’m in the cinema itself. But that’s more to do with the venue than the film.

  2. Max says:

    Phobias absolutely effect my watching habits. I have a phobia of medical procedures and anything with hospitals or draining blood really gets under my skin. There’s movies that I have specifically avoided due to their content and others I cheat and fast forward past the scenes I can’t handle. I can see a fear of spiders being difficult, but that doesn’t get to me as much.

  3. Castor says:

    When I was little, I had a bit of a phobia with being in the dark. I slept with lights on until I was like 12 or something. Since this is very general, that basically precluded from any type of horror movies, scary stories, X-files, or those paranormal TV shows ahha

  4. Sir Phobos says:

    Before I clicked the lMDB link, I made a blind guess that it was going to be Arachnaphobia. I was close.

    Needles and hospital-type blood/gore do not sit well with me. At all. I can usually just turn my head totally away and wait for the scene to pass, but even when I do that, it still really sucks.

    I was wondering when you were going to write something again. It’s about time, sir.

  5. DEZMOND says:

    I’d probably wouldn’t watch a film with too many rats 🙂 since I hate those horrid monsters.
    I actually have two spiders at my ceiling, and I don’t have strength to kill them. Such cute creatures, and plus they eat mosquito 🙂 I’ve even named them Andrei and Sergei 🙂

  6. Tyler says:

    I thought EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS was a terrible film. If anything, it made spiders seem more comical than harmful.

    I haven’t had a direct phobia caused by a film, but I can no longer look at my shit before I flush the toilet, as it reminds me of the shit-eating scenes in Pasolini’s SALO. What? You asked!

  7. Novroz says:

    My only phobia is height. There are a lot of crossing bridge in my city…and I hate using it as it scares me to death. I often avoid looking down the passing cars…however, that doesn’t influence my movie watching. I watch any movie about being in high place, the actors are the ones on the high places,not me…so I’m okay with that 😉

    • That’s a good way of looking at it 🙂

    • ruth says:

      Hey Nov, if you have vertigo then you probably can’t watch the Mission Impossible featurette where Tom Cruise is hangin’ like a mile and a half above the ground in the tallest hotel in the world in Dubai!! 😀 I wonder if you’ll make an exception if Cillian were in that place instead of Tom.

      • Novroz says:

        aha…first of all, I refuse to watch any MI movies since feeling terribly disappointed with the 1st movie. Second, my phobia is looking down from high place….if the actors are the ones looking down, I really don’t care hehe.

        talking about Cilli and MI, if they cast Cilli…then I will watch MI again 😉

  8. I like this question! I can’t say that any phobia of mine has kept me from watching a film. But I have a friend that is deathly afraid of whales and refuses to watch Pinocchio.

  9. markuswelby1 says:

    In the original “Creepshow” the final story dealt with thousands upon thousands of cockroaches. One doesn’t bother me, but seeing swarms of them completely er um….bugs me. I have trouble watching it to this day as well as the bug scene in Temple of Doom.

  10. stupidgroundhog says:

    I have a fear of needles. That being said, I can’t off the top of my head think of a movie that I knew was going to have needles in it so see the movie and have no choice but to freak the hell out.
    The two examples I can think of are 1) the pit of needles in Saw 2. Dear God, I thought I was going to run screaming from the movie theater, and 2) the adrenaline-needle scene in Pulp Fiction. I saw that movie by myself while I was between classes in college and I was curled up in a ball on my chair in the theater. That scene still gets me. The thing hanging off her chest? Yikes!

    • I liked the first 3 Saw movies…tho i haven’t see any of the ones after. And my memory of Pulp Fiction is hazy

      I suppose knowing whether a movie is going to have scenes with needles in it can be tricky, although i think any movie set in a hospital is probably going to have at least 1 scene with them

  11. sati1989 says:

    I’m scared of rats, so I still haven’t seen Ratatouille, even though it’s an animation 🙂

  12. Daniel Prinn says:

    I’m not afraid super afraid of spiders, but I’m not a fan of them. I think Eight Legged Freaks is good fun!

    I really don’t like ghosts so I tend to put off watching ghost movies, even if I like some of them… I haven’t seen any of the Paranormal Activity flicks. And I’ve put off seeing Poltergeist…

    Some of my fears stem from some of my favourite flicks LOL! For example, I can hardly shower comfortably with the door unlocked because of Psycho…

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