Suprisingly good performances

I recently checked out Me and Orson Wells which happens to star Zac Efron in the lead. Like most people i didn’t have a high opinion of Efron as an actor, but i figured i would give him a chance. After watching it, i have to admit i thik Efron imo has some acting chops. While i wouldn’t call the performance amazing, i think it was notable.

So, i was curious, has anyone else had a similar experience with a actor/actress?

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31 Responses to Suprisingly good performances

  1. DEZMOND says:

    Zac is nice, has that warmth about him…. not a common feature of Hollywood stars

  2. Ronan says:

    The only non High school musical thing I’ve seen Efron in is Hairspray, he was decent in that. Charming is the word. I suppose time will tell if makes the transition from teen idol to credible actor. Great question Julian! Here’s hoping Dan Radcliffe does the same, I like him and him to do well. He seems genuine. Thanks for this Julian.

    • Yeah, making the jump from a franchise to a serious career can be difficult(Has ELijah Wood done anything significant since Lord of the Rings ended?)

      • Ronan says:

        Well he did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but I’m not sure that qualifies as ‘significant’. The trouble with accepting a career defining role is that it tends to define your career! Though John Travolta came pretty close in Pulp Fiction to banishing the memory of Grease, his performance in that is so good, ‘it’s electrifying!’ πŸ˜‰

    • Novroz says:

      I have seen hairspray…so that was Zac Efron! Hehehe I have never seen him before and didn’t realize that was him

  3. Stevee says:

    Zac Efron was really good in Me and Orson Welles! But Christian McKay stole the show for me.

    I think a similar experience for me was with Blake Lively in The Town. I’d liked her enough in Gossip Girl but didn’t think she’d have much of a career beyond that, but she was really good in that movie.

  4. Nick Nolte really surprised me in Warrior and I’m glad he got an Oscar nod today.

    don’t know that i can give Efron a chance still yet though! πŸ™‚

  5. I just rented Puncture, so he’s on the brain at the moment, but Chris Evans. He was awful along with everyone else in Fantastic Four, but then I saw Sunshine.

    I forgive him for Cap.

    • I’ve been having trouble finding Sunshine and Puncture, but for me the performance that made me a fan of his was The Loserss. He is great in that movie

      I found his Cap performance okay. I think he might have a better performance in the Avengers, simply because i think he might have more to do.

  6. iluvcinema says:

    I quite liked Hairspray; it was a great confection πŸ™‚

    Maybe Justin Timberlake in The Social Network? I frankly am quite stumped so I may be grasping at straws.

    • That’s a good choice. I remember expecting him to suck in Alpha Dogs…and he didn’t. Same thing with Social network. Either he is really talented or he took some great acting classes, cause i’ve given up on expecting him to suck

  7. Amelie says:

    I would say Justin Timberlake in the Social Network too, although I wasn’t really prpared for anything.
    I guess first time I saw Bad Lieutenant after seeing every possible bad movie with Nicolas Cage, I have realised- hey, this guy can actually act.
    And now I’m waiting for Daniel Radcliffe to reveal his acting skills in the Woman in Black.
    Interesting question- I’ll sure think about it more

  8. rtm says:

    Good to hear he’s good in Me & Orson Welles. I actually have never seen Zac in anything but like you I didn’t really think much of him as he’s just so pretty! I’ll give this movie a shot though.

    I had a similar experience w/ Robert Pattinson who I thought was horrible in Twilight but I thought I’d give him a chance in Remember Me, and sure enough he was good in that. I think overall he’s a decent actor, though I haven’t seen him display much range. The three movies I’ve seen him in he’s always this forlorn, romantic guy. He should play a villain or something next and see how he does.

  9. Mark Hobin says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Jonah Hill in Moneyball.

  10. markuswelby1 says:

    Was never really a big Mark Wahlberg fan, but man was he good in “The Departed”

  11. Emil says:

    Keira Knightley used to be one of the few actresses I was convinced lacked talent as she was just so wooden in everything, and I kept being puzzled by while she was so well regarded. Then I got around to seeing Atonement, and I went “Aha, so this is why”.

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