Trailer for “The Moth Diaries”

Just today i stumbled upon the trailer for the Moth Diaries. It wasn’t on my radar before, but it is now one of my most anticipated movies

The trailer immediately grabbed me with its mysterious, creepy feel. Mary harron being the director for this one is a definite bonus, as American Psycho is one of my favorite movies. And it looks like it is taking a slightly different approach to the vampire genre, and i think you all know how much i appreciate a good vampire tale. Unfortunately none of my fav actors or actresses are in this one, but the subject matter and the director is what intrigues me here.

So, does this seem interesting to anyone else or is it just me?

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17 Responses to Trailer for “The Moth Diaries”

  1. rtm says:

    I’ve heard of this but didn’t know Mary Harron directed it. Well American Psycho was definitely indelible, but I wish I hadn’t watched the unrated version. I thought you put this trailer ’cause Deborah is in it πŸ™‚

    • I know you weren’t a fan of American Psycho, but i loved it. And i wish Deborah was in this. Did you hear Deborah isn’t going to be in Rosaline 😦

      My excitement for it pretty much died when i heard about the casting change

  2. Castor says:

    Not sure about this. I loved American Psycho but this mostly unknown cast is a bit worrisome and vampire movies aren’t really my cup of tea as of late.

  3. thought about u as soon as i saw this. Glad to see you found it. Not certain about it myself, but who knows? it may surprise.

  4. Novroz says:

    yup it sounds interesting, I saw the trailer in Dezzie’s blog.

    For me, it doesnt matter if a movie doesnt have my fav actor or director as long as it’s original (not a remake) and has good story…and that’s why I enjoy many foreign movies

  5. markuswelby1 says:

    Jennifer Lawrence as a dominatrix. this movie must be made!

  6. 3guys1movie says:

    Loved, loved, loved American Psycho and I do not see anyone sparkling in this trailer so count me in. I wil be keeping an eye on this one for sure. Thanks for posting it.

  7. sati says:

    I actually daw the movie few weeks ago and it’s better than imdb score may suggest. It has some problems but also great atmosphere and creepy vibe to it.

  8. Happy to hear that. I was planning to see it when i could anyways, but i’m glad there are still some good points in it. I do hope Mary starts to make a comeback, as i think she is a talented director and with the right material i think she could become a household name like Fincher or Aronofsky. And there should be more female directors in hollywood

  9. Lorraine says:

    You’re a real deep thernik. Thanks for sharing.

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