Why i love Angelina Jolie

I’ve noticed that Jolie seems to be…rather unpopular among movie bloggers. But for me, she is one of my fav actresses working right now. I personally always find her performances notable(and before people start bringing up the Tourist i haven’t seen that one yet so i can’t really comment on it). I realize in recent years she has become known more as a movie star than an actress, which seems to be a reason why she isn’t popular among movie fans but i have enjoyed seeing her in every movie i’ve seen. Her involvement in a film is always a plus for me. I’ve decided to make a list of what i think are her best performances, and have decided to focus more on her dramatic roles as i think they prove her worth as an actress more than her action roles.

Jolie perfectly shows Gia’s rise to fame and her downfall, perfectly embodying both Gia’s charisma and her deep rooted issues that ended up destroying her. One of my favorite scenes is one of her later photoshoots, and the way she communicates how broken Gia has become is amazing.

Girl Interrupted
For the first half of the movie, Jolie makes Lisa seem like a fun party girl who seems to be acting rebellious for the fun of it. But soon after that, Jolie starts bring a sense of menace to the role, making it clear there is definitely something wrong with her. Her breakdown in the end is perfectly played.

The Good Shepherd

Even though her role is minor, i still feel she makes it impactful. She perfectly captures the pain of being married to someone that isn’t really there, bringing a sense of vulnerability to the role. And when Clover expresses her frustration, Jolie doesn’t overplay it, making it feel real. My fav scene is when Wilson asks her to dance at there second SKull & Bones alumni party. The way Jolie communicates the emotional toll Clover has went through is imo masterful.

A Mighty heart

Jolie captures Mariane’s insistence on keeping it together, while still letting her vulnerability shine through. A perfect example is when Mariane goes out to cry, but immediately tries to stop when she realizes a child is nearby. She tries to reassure him everything, but it is obvious that is not the case. I personally think her best moment comes near the mind, when she tells her colleagues to keep strong even after what happened to her husband.


Jolie perfectly captures the emotional roller coaster Christine goes through in the movie. She portrays both her vulnerability(like when she is calling the police to report her son missing) and her moments of strength(like when she stands up for herself in the asylum) with ease.

Now, you may have noticed all these roles are in either biopics or movies based on true stories. Even though i am a huge fan of hers i have to admit for the most part her filmography is rather repetitive. Most of her movies either fall squarely into biopic or action, with very few really off-kilter stuff(This is one reason why when i am able to turn my last pitch into a movie i still want her for the mother role). I just read a rumor that she may be in Sin City 2(Which Rodriguez has nether confirmed or denied),and it seems Maleficant is finally moving along, so hopefully her filmography will get a bit more diverse in the next few years.

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42 Responses to Why i love Angelina Jolie

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Good to see a supporter. I agree with you about her talent and that she gets less recognition these days for being as talented she is as an actress. Love you choices, especially her work in Clint Eastwood’s ‘Changeling’ film. That one really surprised me. Way to go, Julian.

    • Happy to know you’re a fan of her too πŸ™‚ And she is amazing in Changeling. I’m looking forward to Maleficant, as it seems to be quite a departure from her usual roles.

  2. Mark Hobin says:

    Perhaps she doesn’t give what you’d call a performance in them, but I loved Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Salt. Both highly entertaining movies that kept me interested throughout.

  3. Sam Fragoso says:

    I enjoy her presence most of the time. Have you seen her directorial debut, “In The Land of Blood and Honey”?

  4. I too am a fan! She was brilliant in A Mighty Heart. I still really need to see Girl, Interrupted. However she does end up in quite a lot of crap too. But she’s usually great to watch. Her and Brad were hilarious in Mr and Mrs Smith.

    • Happy to hear about another fellow Jolie fan πŸ™‚ And yeah there are some sub-par material in her work. I wish she did a intriguing indie or perhaps a cool sci-fi instead of Tomb Raider for example

  5. mettemk says:

    I’m neither a fan nor a hater… I used to love her for making kick-ass films like Lara Croft, but then she became so bony and thin and I didn’t like it. But her performances are still good I think. By the way, I found The Tourist to be very entertaining.

    • Well i will admit she did seem a bit too skinny at the last Oscars…I’m hoping she has eaten a burger or two(or three even) by now.Heck, i would make them for her free of charge.And i think you’re the only person so far who found the Tourist entertaining

  6. Castor says:

    I like Angelina Jolie (heck I even enjoyed Salt!) although she certainly has become larger than life in recent years due to all the tabloid coverage she gets, which seems to overpower anything she does in movies.

  7. sati says:

    Love the performances you mentioned. I think Gia is her finest work, it’s such a great movie and she not only looks beautiful there but also creates such a heartbreaking portrayal of a girl who was cursed with her beauty. Her performance in Changeling really moved me to tears, she fantastic in it.

    • She is great in Gia, but for me i think the Good Shephard is her best performance so far. Although if she does end up being in Sin City 2 i may have to change that πŸ˜‰

  8. ruth says:

    Oh I think she is talented. I first saw her in Gia and she impressed me. Even in silly action flicks like Lara Croft she was great, and I also like her in Mr & Mrs Smith. But I think like Castor said, her persona is overshadowing her work. Plus, she often comes across as being so mighty important and smug which I find repulsive, and of course being a tabloid fodder doesn’t help. I think the media has a big part in what makes her so uninteresting these days, whether that’s her fault or not is debatable.

    • I will admit i can see how her behavior at the last oscars could come off…smug, but personally i don’t expect model behavior all the time from entertainers. As long as she doesn’t go around leaving people battered(unlike a certain Chris brown) her behavior doesn’t really bother me. And i think with the right role she could remind people she is a actress first and foremost.

      • ruth says:

        She’s still fairly young, I’m sure there are tons of roles for her that’ll showcase what she could do. I still might go see her movies, I’m just not as big a fan as I once was.

        • True. I am still hoping Jolie ends up collaborating with Aronofsky at some point. They almost did with Serena, but that didn’t happen for whatever reason. I would much rather see that than Cleopatra, which honestly i would want her to skip on. Shes done enough biopic-type roles, and i think a role like that would be best left to a unknown Egyptian actress.

  9. I think that she unfortunately has also become a victim of the press. People choose to not like her performances based on her “odd life” or adopting habits or weight loss, etc. Which is a dumb reason.

    I just can’t get behind some of her role choices. Didn’t really like her in Wanted or Salt. But I will agree that she has some good performances under her belt. Way to support her.

    • Yeah it is. I mean i wasn’t a fan of her leg thing at the Oscars, but i’ve already gotten over that. The weight thing i understand a bit more, but hopefully she’s eaten something since then. But overall i think people need to stop expecting entertainers to be perfect people/role models, because they aren’t.

      I thought she was fine in Salt and Wanted, but i’m happy you agree she does have some good performances. I am hoping Malificant will be one of them

  10. Novroz says:

    I love reading this post despite the fact that I am one of the hatters. I think you are right, my dislike toward her is more because of her being superstar rather than an actress….but your defense on her made me see her a bit different and I might end up watching one of those movies you have mentioned above one day.

    thank Julian.

  11. Chris says:

    I haven’t seen the 4 other movies you mention, but Girl Interrupted (1999) was a feisty performance that seemed ideal for her temperament, and I think the oscar was well-deserved.

  12. I haven’t watch any movies you’ve listed except Girl, Interrupted and Changeling. I think I just realized it now that maybe I love Jolie the best in Girl, Interrupted. In Changeling, it was weird seeing her not looking fierce and dangerous. I wasn’t impressed with The Tourist. But, nice post!

    • I enjoy her when she is fierce and dangerous, but i also love her quieter performances. And a lot of people weren’t impressed with the Tourist from what i’ve read

  13. filmplicity says:

    I think the work Angelina does in the third world is commendable, I think it is great to see her putting her celebrity to good use. Can’t say I’m a big fan of her flicks though.

    • Well, the movies mentioned on the list aren’t ones i love(With the exception of the The Good Shepherd. Seriously,rewatching it for this list reminded me how good it was) but i think they show off there acting chops the best. Out of this ist i would recommend the Good Shepherd the most, as i think it is the most entertaining movie on this list and also has imo her best performance.

      And i’m happy when anyone tries to help the world around them

      • filmplicity says:

        Really? I heard The Good Sheperd was really slow and dull. That’s the one with Matt Damon right? Interesting to see you call it entertaining.

    • Bette says:

      Haljulelah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

  14. Dude, you forgot Cyborg 2.

    • *Because i’ve never heard of it, looks it up on imdb*
      *sees it has a 3.7 score, and that its plot summary ends with violence ensues*
      Yes, i am sure it is a classic piece of cinema. The citizen kane of female cyborg movies, undoubtedly filled with deep characterization and stirring performances. I will be sure to remedy this travesty quickly

  15. Dan says:

    I thought she was excellent in Changeling and Might Heart, but wasn’t too impressed with Salt. I like her as an actress and I think she picks some good roles.

  16. sanclementejedi says:

    I like Jolie but somehow I have not seen a single one of those films. Looks like I have some watching to do. πŸ˜‰

  17. vinnieh says:

    Interesting post, I agree that Jolie is very underrated. I believe she brings an intensity to the screen. I saw Girl Interrupted when I was younger and I was completely blown away by her performance.

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