True Blood, I am Disappoint

As most of my followers know i am a fan of True Blood. Sure it wasn’t always perfect, but i always felt like the good outweighed the bad…that is until the latest season happened. I just found too many problems,and overall i didn’t really enjoy this season. I wasn’t going to make a post about it since most of my followers don’t watch it, but after some encouragement from Fogs i decided to go ahead with it anyways.

One major complaint i’ve had with the show for a while was its treatment of the vampire civil rights plotline. I find the idea of vampires trying to integrate in a modern world intriguing, but i found the execution here a bit simplistic. Like in some episodes the vampires were made out to be victims of prejudice, and in others vampire society was shown as rather cruel to humans. It seemed like the writers wanted to keep the vampires “badass” while making them out to be victims of society, and it didn’t really work. And this has only gotten worse each new season.

But like i said, up until the 4th season there was enough in it i liked to offset this. But what really killed it for me this season was the excessive amount of plotlines. This was most crystallized in the 9th episode of this season, where the main plotline got only 10 minutes of screentime(Or what i thought was the main plotline. Honestly i’m not even sure what that is anymore with this show). A lot of them seemed either bad or just not interesting enough on its own,and just made the season feel incoherent. And now i will go through each plotline i didn’t like, and explain what about them i found so horrible.

First was the whole Hoyt/Jessica/Jason. Now, even though for a long time Hoyt and Jessica were my favorite couple it wasn’t them breaking up that annoyed me, but the way it was done. Both Jessica and Hoyt seemed to act out of character, and it just felt a bit forced to me. Hoyt seemed to lose her understanding of Jessica’s condition and i started to lose sympathy for Jessica. I hate to say it but through the course of the season Jessica became extremely unlikable, which pissed me off. She always had a wild side, but she also had a sensitive side to balance it out. But it seemed like she lost that balance this season. Sleeping with her boyfreinds best friend combined with too many snarky comments made her come off rather bitchy to me.

And speaking of Jason, the whole hotshot plotline was a complete waste. I wasn’t a fan of his plotlines in season 3, but the beggining of this season made it seem like he could finally get a good one. But after all the episodes devoted to it he didn’t even turn into a werepanther, and there was absolutely no emotional fallout from the whole kidnapping and Gangrape. Now, as many of you know, i can deal with extreme/hard to watch content if i feel like there is a point to it, but its like there was no character development whatsoever.

If you are going to go that far, at least have the dignity to treat it with some sort of respect. And the worst part is that the writers then make him extremely unlikable by having him go after Jessica. I know in the show drinking a vampires blood can create a attraction, but i figured after the whole thing in hotshot he might not be so eager to get in the sack again, especially with his best friends girl. I remember in season 2 Jason was trying to become a better person, but its like the writers forgot about that. And honestly when a rape victim becomes one of the most unlikable characters on the show there is a problem.

Tara had pretty much the exact same plotline as she’s had for the last 4 seasons. Start off the season depressed, find a person/group that seems to get her out of her funk, get betrayed by said group/person and go right back to where she started when the next season premieres(The exorcist lady, Maryann, Franklin, and this season the Witches). For the most part she is either depressed or angry, with not much middle ground.

The werewolf plotline i found mostly boring. I mean Alcide killing Marcus was kind of cool, but i don’t feel i should need to sit through 10 minutes of boring each episode just to get 10 minutes of decent in the finale. Sams and Luna’s relationship didn’t bother me so much the first few episodes, but eventually i got tired of it taking so much screentime when it didn’t really connect to anyone else’s story except in the last 3 episodes, and even then it only really connected with the werewolf plotline which again wasn’t all that exciting.

The plotline with Mavis was far too dragged out for its own good. I mean, i feel the writers could have had lafeyyete learn about his medium abilities in a more interesting and less screentime consuming way. But instead we got this prolonged arc that didn’t really amount to much. The V plotline with Andy also felt like it took up too much screentime(see a common theme here?).

The Portia/Bill romance was gross and unnecessary. I mean, i think there were less icky ways to relay to the audience the Belleflurs and Bill are related other than to have Bill bang his great-great-great-great granddaughter Portia and then have her try to continue there sexual relationship after finding out they’re related. I mean, did the writers think the audience would be anything other than totally disgusted by this?

But even with all that said, there were some parts of last season i liked. Eric/Sookies romance for example(Narnia-sque scene and Erics jackassary in the first 2 episodes notwithstanding) but overall the season came off like a incoherent mess for the most part. And i would like to believe True Blood may get its mojo back next season, but somehow i’m doubting that.Even though the vampire Authority seems prominent in the trailer for next season, somehow i think there impact is going to get watered down by a million other plots(In fact, when putting the finishing touches on this post i had to look at the episode descriptions for season 4 to make sure i wrote down everything i hated about it.Seriously)

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19 Responses to True Blood, I am Disappoint

  1. LOL. I can’t disagree with much of that. In fact, I had to let go of the show as any kind of serious drama and treat it as straight up Camp a long time ago.

    I DID like the evil baby storyline, even though it turned out to be an illusion. Evil babies are cool. πŸ˜€

    The one thing I WOULD disagree with is the Eric/Sookie romance. Made me want to barf. And it totally undermined his character. He had always been such a badass, but last season they made him a total wuss.

    Oh well, we can always hope this upcoming season is better, right?

    • Yea i think i abandoned any hope them treating the vampires integrating into human society with any sort of seriousness around Season 3.

      I think the conclusion to the evil baby storyline was a letdown for me, and made all the screentime it took up seem wasted. And i think Eric got his badassery back when he got his memorys back. I think i may have just been so annoyed with Erics douchebaggery in the first 2 episodes him being softer didn’t bother me too much. It would have been nice if they went with a subtler turn for Eric’s character, but subtlety is something the TB writers aren’t fond of 😦

  2. kloipy says:

    Yeah this show is a guilty pleasure for my wife and I. I love how cheesy it is and the monsters and nudity don’t hurt at all. But I agree, Season 4 was a big let down. I liked parts of it but overall it was a lame season. I really how they go balls to the wall crazy next season.

    • I kind of feel like the multiple monsters has ended up hurting the show, or at least the show trying to focus on all of them at the same time. I think the werewolf could have faded into the backround this season and i wouldn’t have missed much. But yeah Season 4 just ended up kind of lame

  3. sati says:

    Great post! I used to love the show through its first 3 seasons, but season 4 – which was based on my favorite book – was a disaster. They changed so many things and they turned really hot sequences between Sookie and Eric into ridiculous mess. The only character I enjoyed was Pam.

    • The Sookie Eric thing for the most part was one of the few plotlines i liked, except for the 2 things i mentioned(and now that i think of it i wasn’t a fan of Eric killing Claudine either). I also found Pam excessively bitchy. There was a certain point during season 4 where i wouldn’t have minded her dying. But i agree that overall season 4 was a disaster

  4. Castor says:

    Your base are belongs to us!

  5. ruth says:

    I haven’t seen a single episode of True Blood Julian, so I’m afraid I have nothing to add. My friends were talking about it at the picnic today though, certainly this show has many fans.

    Btw, I think you meant ‘disappointed’? Missing the ‘ed’ on your post title πŸ˜€

  6. sanclementejedi says:

    Your points about True Blood ring very true. For me this show has gone off the rails on the way to ridiculous town. I have stopped watching.

  7. Ronan says:

    Do you mean disappointed? Sorry, I’m a stickler for spelling mistakes πŸ™‚ I never bought into the whole blood-lust ratings grabbers that stuff like True Blood/Spartacus/Game of Thrones have turned out to be. None of these shows go anywhere near even trying to reflect or promote anything resembling human dignity, so I have no time for them.

    • Dont know if you saw my response to Ruth’s comment about the spelling thing, but i’ve seen disappoint used on the internet many times.

      Anyways, i liked the first season of game of Thrones and from the clips of the second season it doesn’t seem like its quality is going down and i need to watch the last 2 episodes of Spartacus but i’ve enjoyed that one so far. I suppose they aren’t big on focusing on human dignity, but all i need is a well written show and i’m a satisfied viewer.

  8. CinemaFunk says:

    I stopped watching the show half-way through the third season. The show just got too ridiculous to be be interesting. I may return to it one day when I can just watch it all the way through.

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