Movie facts about me

After seeing a bunch of bloggers participate in this i decided to join in on the fun. The basic idea is to post info you would want on your imdb page under the trivia section. I wanted to write more, but i had trouble with it and didn’t want to delay posting it for too longer.

1.Even though i can’t stand most modern hollywood rom-coms, i adore .

2.I saw all 3 LOTR movies in theaters
3.I didn’t become a fan of Refn until Drive

4.Sometimes i feel guilty for not being able to get into artier films like 2001.
5.I feel Apatows talent for combing the crude and heartfelt well is under praised at times. many try, but i feel he is the only one that consistently succeeds.
6.I don’t care it is considered Apatows weakest, i will never stop loving Funny People.

7.I feel Apatow is one of the few filmmakers who succeeds in combining the crude and the heartfelt consistently. I think that is a lot harder that it looks
8.I’ve listened to the “immigrant song” cover from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo many,many times
9.Back in film class when working on a project(Which sadly i was never to fully complete) i showed my teacher a clip from Let the Right One in and asked him how to get that look for my film.I can say without a doubt that film has been a huge influence on me as a aspring filmmaker.

10.I’ve never had a book series i read turned into a movie or tv show.
11.Hollywood, i am still waiting for that Vampire Academy adaption. Seriously, just once i want to look forward to a book adaption. Is that too much to ask?
12.I will watch anything Tomas Alfredson does.

13.I wish more filmmakers found creative ways to sue masks like Kubrick did in Eyes Wide Shut.
14.In action movies i always feel bad for the guy who gets there car jacked.
15.I still think Michael Cera displayed versatility in Youth in Revolt and Scott Pilgrim(the drunk scene), and would love to see him in a role that uses it more.
16.I wish Mary Harron made more movies

17.There are a bunch of movies i saw when i was younger that i don’t remember.

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35 Responses to Movie facts about me

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Fun post, Julian. Having ‘Let the Right One’ is not a bad influence, at all.

  2. Tyler says:

    Nice list. Love the one about Mary Harron – have you seen her film I Shot Andy Warhol? Quite good.

  3. Ipodman says:

    Interesting list… I agree about action heroes jacking cars and the victim going “hey!” or something… the hero also pushes people and makes them spill their drinks or drop heavy stuff

  4. Novroz says:

    Interesting list Julian. it shows who you really are as movie lover.
    I like let the right one in, a nice touch to vampire movie

  5. Emil says:

    Cool list. I definitely agree with you on Michael Cera. Neither Youth in Revolt nor Scott Pilgrim were complete departures from his usual fare, but it showed a willingness to try out new things. Time will tell if this will blossom into something further, or whether there will even be a market for “Cera not playing Cera”. But those two roles showed good intentions.

    • Indeed. I would love to see him in a role that explores that side more, but i do remember reading a quote from him that didn’t indicate a urge to do that. I could be remembering said quote wrong however.

  6. I’m definitely with you on number 3. I’d seen Bronson which was pretty cool but really want to see more of Refn’s work now.

  7. Chris says:

    Took me practically a whole day to do my 100 facts, so can understand you settled for 17 points…
    #4 ” Sometimes I feel the same way, particularly if the criics loved it, and I just found it slowwww

    #14 Funnily enough, there is a car theft on my list ( : Probably not so amusing for you is that I wrote that I hate Seth Rogan’s laugh…

  8. ruth says:

    Cool, I’m glad you’re taking part in this blogathon of sort. You saw ALL 3 LOTR movies in theaters?? Lucky you, man!

  9. You shouldn’t feel guilty for not liking any movie. Period. I don’t care if it’s Citizen Kane or Jack and Jill.

  10. I LOVE your #14 man! ha. great stuff.

    What a fun list and insight into your movie trivia. Thanks for sharing

  11. sati says:

    “:I wish Mary Harron made more movies” Oh absolutely. AP is one of my favorites, I really liked The Notorious Bettie Page and The Moth Diaries at the very least had great atmosphere and was quite engaging.

    • I need to see that, along with who killed Andy Warhol. And i read a interview/article on her and apparently she is very selective about what material she chooses to direct….which of course she has a right to be but considering there are so few women director’s in the first place its kind of a shame

  12. #9 nice!
    #2 That’s very cool watching all LOTR movie in the cinema. I only watched the second and third.

    I also have some movies I’ve watched when I was a kid and didn’t remember. Recently I discovered one of them is Harry and the Hendersons.

    the 100 numbers is a lot! Took me more than 1 day

  13. vinnieh says:

    Interesting post, I agree with your last point. There are loads of films I don’t recall and really need to watch again.

  14. Castor says:

    That reminds me… We haven’t heard of Michael Cera for quite some time lol

    • Indeed. I just checked on imdb and while he has only parts in shorts for this year, he does have 3 movies coming up next career

      But with that said, it does seem like his career has slowed down a bit.

  15. Hi Julian, as Promised I am here.

    I do love these posts. I am always envious of anyone that can put this kind of personal stuff together.

    Well done sir

  16. Sam Fragoso says:

    Some interesting facts man — I may have to participate in this shindig.

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