A while ago i expressed my thoughts about the decline of True Blood, i decided to balance that out by writing about a show that i think has gotten better with time, and also happens to be slightly underrated imo. And that show would be Fringe. Its start was a bit shaky, but around the halfpoint of Season 2 i think it become something amazing, and has continued to only rise in quality.

I think what has made this series excel is that the show even with all the sci-fi concepts such as alternative dimensions and shapeshifters, it has learned to balance these with the human element quite well. Whether it be Walter breaking down in front of a random stranger because he can’t remember his sons phone number(One of the saddest scenes i’ve seen on tv imo), or a specific character going to see her double in the other universe to find help in dealing with her fathers death, the writers have learned to keep character development and exploration the priority.

Also, i find it sad John Noble hasn’t gotten one Emmy(or major tv award) for his work on this show. I know non-HBO/AMC shows tend to get ignored award season, but I can without a doubt say i believe his performance is one of the best i’ve seen on tv.

I could write more, but that would probably end up spoiling the show too much. But if you can find it, i highly recommend it.Its really become something special imo

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7 Responses to Fringe

  1. le0pard13 says:

    I’ve heard of this show and watched nary a minute of it. I should fix that. Thanks, Julian.

    • Your welcome. Like i said the start is a bit shaky,but once it finds its footing its worth it. BTW there is a unaired episode that gets rolled into Season 2(instead of its 1st season like it was supposed too) that you don’t really need to watch. Its titled “Unearthed”

  2. I thought the fourth season was a bit weaker overall, but it’s still one of the best shows on television. You’re right that the characters and the outstanding acting are what makes it a great show. I agree that it’s a shame John Noble hasn’t gotten an Emmy; Anna Torv as well. I’m still amazed by how uncanny her Leonard Nimoy impersonation was.

    • I loved season 4,but i do agree it is one of the best shows on tv right now. And Anna’s acting along with the show i don’t feel was anything special at first, but i think with the later seasons she has proven a great actress

  3. Terri Wilson says:

    I echo your sentiment about John Noble every year the Emmy nominations come out! All of the actors have done an amazing job with making minute changes to portray their characters from both universes. But Noble, from Day One, has portrayed “our” universe’s Walter with such a delicate balance of humor, quirky genius, and pathos, it’s a wonder he doesn’t have a ROOM full of awards! Fringe is the first time I have ever seen him, so I don’t know if he approaches every character he plays like this, but he plays Walter with the gentlest whisper of brush strokes. Watching his subtle changes when Walter’s lucidity kicks in and he realizes just how much of his mind that he’s lost is heartwrenching. Noble is softly drawing a bow across a Stradivarius violin, while most television actors are slamming their axes into a stack of Marshall amps. I hope that someday soon the Academy will wake up and recognize that!

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