The Liebster blog award

I was tagged by Chris at movieandsongs365, Sir Phobos from GPS, and mark from fastfilmreviews. I think everybody knows the rules for it,but in case you don’t

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to.
4. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post.
5. Go to their page and tell them.

11 things about me

1.I’m a HUGE Christina Aguilera fan.
2.Last Halloween i went to my first ever Rave(with friends). Was a awesome experience
3.One of my proudest moments is when at New York Comic con(Either last years or the one before that) i managed to get a question answered at the Nikita panel, where the show creator and main 3 cast members were in attendance
4.It is extremely hard to offend me.
5.Pretty much all my videogames are either fighting games or melee focused action adventure.
6.I’ve been Canada,Italy, and Haiti(this was before the earthquake)
7.Red is my favorite color
8.In high school one year i had a choice between doing a story or sentences with vocab words. I pretty much always went with the story option(on a related note, that is when i started to discover i wanted to do something creative for a living)
9.I’ve been to the Sakura festival in the New York botanical gardens twice, a renascence fair(where i tasted mead),and 3 anime festivals(Not including the time New York Comic-con was combined with the anime festival)
10.I like to cook
11. I’m rather proud of my most recent cosplay, Ganta Igarashi from Deadman Wonderland(He’s the one on the left).

Chris’s questions

When and how did you become interested in movies?

During high school was when i started too watch films more seriously. The creative aspect started to fascinate me,and gradually i started to realize my growing interest in film.

Who is your favorite director, and why?

I have 2. My favorite director working right now would be Tomas Alfredson.Let the Right One is one of my favorite films and a strong reason for that is Alfredson’s directing. I loved the juxtaposition of gritty visuals with vampire subject matter. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy furthered my love for his directing style. The way he creates a gritty but still visually appealing style without relying on gimmicks like shaky cam amazes me. I will watch pretty much anything he directs.

But if we’re including deceased directors, Kubrick is my top choice. Even if i don’t always love his films, his visuals always amaze me. I also think he is one of the few directors who can change up his style and keep his movies looking amazing.

What is your favorite movie discovered in 2012 (old or new), and why?

Not sure, but right i will go with NNight of the Hunter. I was surprised a movie from that time period could be that dark.

If you had to recommend any movie you think everyone should watch, what would it be, and why?

I generally try to making general recommendations due to how diverse movie tastes can be,but i think i will answer with Definitely,Maybe.My followers probably know i’ve grown to gravitate towards darker fare which doesn’t fly with everybody, but its probably one of my most accessible favorite movies. I don’t think there’s anything in it that would turn somebody off, even if there tastes in films are on the lighter side.

Have you been to a film festival, and how was the experience?

Unfortunately i haven’t had the experience of attending one. But i hope to someday

Which soundtrack or score do you keep going back to?

I’m not big on movie music in general. I have a couple tracks from various films on my phone(the most i have from a single film is 3), but i’ve never downloaded a entire movie soundtrack.My best answer would be Immigrant song from Finchers GWTDT.

What films do you find yourself daydreaming about every so often?

I don’t think i’ve daydreamed about a film before. I do often find myself imagining would my own film(and tv show) ideas might look like tho.

Who do you talk movies with in real life, outside of blogosphere ?

The main person outside of the blogosphere would probably be my dad(i know he has a blog, but he posts even less than me so i think he counts here). In fact, if i watch a film on own, i try to watch it again with him. I think he sometimes notices things that completely pass by me(like a similarity between the Hunger Games and the Wizard of Oz), and even if we disagree on a film i find his observations worthwhile.

Most of my personal friends aren’t that into films, except for this guy. Out of all my person friends he is the one i talk about film most with. We also watched Eyes Wide Shut together recently(he has the blu-ray of it), and named our minecraft server Fidelio(the password in EYS).

When it comes to anime, i know a couple of people into it due to being a member of my colleges anime club, so often discuss anime shows. Ironically on the blogosphere i’ve had trouble finding people who have the same interest in anime i do.

Favorite film poster?

I generally don’t pay a lot of attention to movie posters, this this one for Black Swan is pretty awesome imo

What movie is the record holder that you have seen the most times, and why?

I’m not a big rewatcher, but i think Black Swan would hold the record for me(3)…purely by accident tho. The second time was when me and my dad showed it to some neighbors(we’ve watched r rated movies with them before, so this isn’t anywhere near as awkard as it may seem), and the third time was when my mom and her friend asked to watched it even tho em and my dad warned them about the content. That added a whole new level of hilarity to certain scenes(mainly because of my mom, as her friend was a bit less freaked out by it).

Which movie websites (not blogs) do you visit?

Ummm imdb guess?

Phobos’s questions

In what decade were you born?

The 90’s

What do you think you’ll die of, and when?

No clue. What i do know is that it won’t be autoerotic-asphyxiation

Can I borrow a hundred bucks?

I’m not a damm charity

What’s your favorite film genre, and why?

I’ve gotten into the supernatural genre, as i think it offers so many possibilities. I also have a fondness for well written movies focusing on sexuality.

Are “definitive” greatest-of film lists bullshit? Why or why not?

Yes. All art is subjective, including film.

What decade produced the best action stars?

My knowledge of action films isn’t good enough to answer this

Where is the best place to sit in a theater, and why?

Middle area i think, but i don’t put a lot of thought into where i sit at theaters.

Does nihilism solve any cultural problems?

No. Nihilism seems counter intuitive to solving anything, since i don’t think a nihilist would find a solution worth implementing.

Why don’t you care more about stuff? Jeez!

Too lazy to care

If you could, would you force filmmakers to revert back to using combinations of practical effects (miniatures, matte paintings, etc.) alongside some CG? If not, explain yourself.

No.I’m not comfortable telling other filmmakers how to go about achieving there vision(and as someone who wants to be a filmmaker, i would not want someone else telling me how to work). In most cases a combination of practical effects and CG works, but i think a good director should know what techniques works best for there films. And if they need someone else to force them to use whatever method is best, then they shouldn’t be directing. A film technique is just that, a technique. I don’t think any film technique is inherently good or bad. It is simply there tools to achieve whatever they are looking for, and practical effects don’t help a director achieve the look they want for the film, i don’t think they should be forced to use it.

Why do we exist?

To live long and prosper

Marks questions

First movie you remember seeing in a theater?

Not sure. The earliest i remember was the first film of the LOTR series.

I once adored the movie________, but I hate it now can’t understand what I ever saw in it.

Since i don’t rewatch often i don’t have a good answer for this. I’m starting to think i’m a bad cinephile

What critically revered film do you hate?

I don’t hate it, but i wasn’t moved by the Thin Red Line like a lot of people. I found it too long, and the last hour or so kind of went nowhere for me.

Movie you’re ashamed to admit you love? (a real guilty pleasure where admitting it actually makes you worried people will think less of you.)

You really put me on the spot here. I think Rampage would count for me. Somehow Uwe Boll managed not to fuck that one up.

What’s the worst film to win Best Picture?

Not sure. I mean, there are some best picture movies i found alright but not close to being the most amazing of that year(The Kings Speech is one), but as for what i found to be the worst i don’t know

Name a movie most people would be shocked to hear you’ve never seen.

I keep meaning to, but i haven’t got around to watching the Birds.

What movie is so confusing, it’s mind numbing?

2001…which is the main reason i wasn’t just a big fan of it. For me the ultra ambiguous movies tend to come off frustrating to me

Most visually stunning film?

2001. Even though the story wasn’t to my tastes, the visuals in that movie are amazing.

Most disgusting film/scene that turned your stomach?

The incesty vibes in Ma Mere, along with the whole pedo thing in Lolita were rather uncomfortable for me. As for specific scenes, the rape scene in irreversible was pretty hard to watch.Also pretty much the entirety of Human Centipede 2

And now for my questions

1.A actor/actress pairing you would like to see that hasn’t happened on screen yet?
2.What tv show do you watch(if any)?
3.Favorite foreign movie?
4.Favorite obscure movie almost no on knows about?
5.1 favorite fun movie and 1 favorite serious movie?
6.Favorite scene involving masks(or a mask)?
7.Actor/Actress you like despite some bad role choices(not talking just 1 or 2 here either)?
8.Movie you liked but didn’t expect to?
9.Movie you thought you would like but didn’t?
10.Favorite performance by a actor/actress you generally don’t find notable?
11.Favorite movie from a genre you normally don’t care for?

As for people to tag, i have only one. Most of my followers have done there’s already. I guess if you are one of the few that haven’t, consider yourself tagged?


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19 Responses to The Liebster blog award

  1. I shall now wait for someone to try their hardest to offend you, you fuck stick.

    I’m glad you figured out the one way you won’t die. If it turns out you were wrong, at least you probably wouldn’t have realized it until it’s too late.

    You also gave the best answer to my forcing practical effects question. I agree 100% that directors should know what best suits their films, but on the other hand, they could be horribly mistaken and just have shitty opinions. I think practical/CG blends typically work best.

    Oh, and your #6 question for T…stop being coy and ask him if he likes Eyes Wide Shut.

    • There is one time in my life someone managed to offend me, by assuming that me being jewish meant i had spare lunch money. But since then, i’ve gladly lived my life un- offended.

      And i am a %100 sure i will never choke myself in a attempt to masturbate.

      And my answers are always the best 😉 And i would hope a special effects advisory telling a director CG may not work for a particular effect would be enough. But like a wise man once said, you can’t cure stupid.

      And i think masks have been used in other movies. But i guess it was obvious i was thinking of Eyes Wide Shut with that question

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for joining in, and nice to get to know you and your preferences a little better! Is that you on the photo ?
    As for The Thin Red Line, overrated and overlong for me too, though I know people who call it underrated…
    Red is your favorite should watch We Need To Talk about Kevin, the use of red was interesting, to create the mood.

  3. Novroz says:

    liebster is everywhere now 😉

    I like the first set of questions more. I know how you feel about finding blogger who loves anime.

  4. Castor says:

    Wow you haven’t seen any movie more than 3 times? How dare you call yourself a cinephile?? 😛

  5. Thanks for the tag. I will attempt to answer. It’s difficult being some1 who hasn’t posted a liebster yet and now I have received tags from numerous places. An honor, but also a challenge to get it all done

  6. Alex Withrow says:

    Epic post, a perfect way to get to know you and your tastes better. Thanks for leaving a few comments on my blog – it has allowed me to discover yours. Liking what I’m seeing!

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  8. Tyler says:

    Great answers. I loved The Thin Red Line, I think it’s one of Malick’s more impressive films.

  9. I also love that Black Swan poster.
    What’s your favorite thing to cook?
    Your dad has a blog too? That’s actually pretty cool.
    I love this answer : Why do we exist? To live long and prosper
    Nice to know more about you!

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