October Treats:I can see you

I’ve decided to make the October horror feature i started last year a running feature. The past 4 days i’ve been doing a horror marathon on netflix instant to find stuff to recommend, and to be honest i was starting to lose faith that i would find something that could get my stamp of approval(A fellow blogger apparently has found a bunch of good horror on there, so i don’t know if i’m just not looking up the right ones or not, but my start wasn’t promising). Thankfully, i’ve found a film that while isn’t perfect, i feel there is enough in it to recommend. The title is I can See You,and here is the basic plot summary

Three young ad-men enter the woods for a photo shoot, but a girlfriend’s mysterious disappearance sparks a harrowing descent into unreality.

The first half of this movie while creepy, is a bit meandering and to be honest left me wondering if i picked another dud. However, the second half was amazing and imo made up for its slow start. This is just one of those films you have to stick with to get to the good stuff. Like i mentioned at the start, not a perfect film.

I think the reason for this is because the filmmaker is obviously trying to do something different with the horror genre,which i think is what causes the beginning to be uneven. Yes, this film still wants to scare you, but even with the presence of a few jump scares the way it tries to scare you feels very unconventional. In a way, you could consider it a arthouse take on horror,specifically of the psychological sort. And its during the second half that i think this approach starts to really work.

Another thing is that this not one of those movies where you will come out knowing precisely what happened, or why. Generally i am not a fan of movies that overload on the ambiguity, but i think in this case part of the horror comes from not really knowing what happened so i just decided to accept it for what it was.

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9 Responses to October Treats:I can see you

  1. le0pard13 says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what film you have lined up for the month, Julian.

  2. i thought the exact same thing as Michael when I saw this post. It WILL be interesting to see what film you have lined up for the month for us.

  3. ruth says:

    Well, I hope you decide to do this series on other genres as I don’t do horror, Julian. Best of luck with the series!

  4. Chris says:

    I’m also doing a horror marathon this October, I think I may have set my viewing goals too high!

    If you need a little inspiration, check this list: http://www.totalfilm.com/features/20-greatest-horror-directors

  5. Novroz says:

    hmmm…this movie doesn’t interest me.
    hope your next review will be a better movie

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