My favorite films of 2012

Since everyone is doing one, i thought i would try making a year end list. Now, a lot of the Oscar contenders i haven’t seen, so this is more best from what i’ve seen rather than a definite best of 2021 list.

Edit-Somehow forgot Cabin in the Woods. That has been rectified

Argo-A tense thriller that manages to combine both comedic and serious moments. A film that will have you cheering by the end.

Seeking a friend for the end of the world-Far more emotional than the trailer suggested, this is a surprisingly involving tale that manages to easily comedy and drama without coming of incoherent.

Chronicle-One of the best found footage movies i’ve seen, this showed Nolan isn’t the only one capable of creating a dark, satisfying take on the superhero genre. With realistic characters, this one really worked for me.

Looper-A thoughtful, gritty sci-fi examining the cycle of violence. Remembers good sci-fi relies on characters, not special effects or plot devices. Also, this is the first performance where Emily Blunt really impressed me.

Cabin in the Woods-A meta take/deconstruction of almost every horror film from the past 20 years, one of the most original movies to come out in the last few years

Judge Dredd-A great action film that deserved a better audience than it got, i also liked how the main female character wasn’t a generic love interest, unlike most action flicks these days.

Skyfall-An examination of the Bond franchise and where its at, it manages to keep Bond relevant while paying tribute to its past. I wouldn’t consider myself a Bond expert, but i still enjoyed this one immensely.

21 Jump Street-While this doesn’t have anything close to the depth of the other films on this list, i found it too hilarious not to include. A great action comedy.

Avengers-A fun action flick that managed to mix comedy with more serous moments. It also managed to handle its large cast exceptionally well, with all of the superhero characters geting good character development and interactions.

The Grey-This seems to be a rather polarizing one, and i happen to be in the “loved it” camp. Surprisingly introspective, i felt the film had a depth to it that made it a far more enthralling viewing experience than the trailers lead me to believe.

The Dark Knight Rises-This didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations, but for me this was a satisfying conclusion to Nolans take on the Batman universe.

Moonrise Kingdom-For me, this struck the perfect balance between quirky and heartfelt. A delightful, emotionally resonant affair.

Bernie-Anchored by a magnificent performance from Jack Black, this is a surprisingly complex film that lets the viewer decide in there own minds whether Bernie is guilty or not.

Honorable mention

Turn me on,Dammit!-Technically this was released in 2011, but it went on dvd in America only this year so i’m including it. While the title makes you think of a raunchy sex comedy like American Pie, it is actually a smartly told coming of age film. While sexuality is a element in the film, it isn’t nearly as sexual as the title would suggest.

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27 Responses to My favorite films of 2012

  1. le0pard13 says:

    You’ve got many of my favorites, Julian. Well done.

  2. Sir Phobos says:

    The Grey has detractors? I haven’t met any yet. When I do, I will send wolves after them.

    It also made me happy that you have 21 Jump Street on here.

  3. Mark Hobin says:

    Some interesting choices. Argo, Looper, Skyfall, Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Moonrise Kingdom all made my Top 10 or honorable mentions too. Nice to see Bernie included. I haven’t seen that on many lists and it’s a nice surprise.

  4. Great choices Julian. I would have added The Raid to my list though..

  5. Nostra says:

    Although I don’t agree with all choices I can agree with most of them. Some were also in my top 10 which I posted recently in my look back at 2012.

    • Which ones don’t you agree with?

      • Nostra says:

        Seeking A Friend at the End of the World, which had its moments and was enjoyable, but a movie I’ve already forgotten most about. Dredd I really didn’t like…it felt like a lesser version of The Raid and it was obvious that a lot of things were made to wow in 3D but lost their appeal in 2D (like the slow motion bits)

  6. Ronan says:

    I like your thoughts on these films Julian, you’ve summarised them thoughtfully and concisely, not easy to do! Thanks for that.

  7. Novroz says:

    I really want to see some from your list (Looper, Moonrise and Cabin) but miss them in 2012. Will try to catch up this year

  8. ruth says:

    Nice list, glad to see your concise summary of why you like each. I put down 21 Jump Street on my Honorable Mentions, it really was hilarious. Real glad to see Argo, Skyfall and Looper on here, Julian.

  9. Dan says:

    Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises were two of my favourites of 2012 too. Nice to see Seeking A Friend on your list.

  10. sanclementejedi says:

    Lots of films I enjoyed this year on that list Julian. Still have yet to see Judge Dredd but I keep hearing how much better than expected it was and your one of several people to recommend checking out Bernie.

  11. I have similar pick with you on Moonrise Kingdom and Seeking a friend for the end of the world. Haven’t seen Cabin in The Woods, 21 Jump Street, The Grey and Dredd but most of them aren’t my favorite genre. Nice selections though!

  12. Dan Heaton says:

    I’ve seen all of your picks save Dredd (which I want to see), and I can’t argue too much with any of them. I especially like Looper and Moonrise Kingdom, which ended up at #3 and #1 on my list, respectively. Both of those were creative and fun and deserve more attention.

  13. Awesome list! Especially Argo, Skyfall and Moonrise!

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