Missing from trailer?

Recently a trailer for one of Deborah’s upcoming projects hit the web, and being the fanboy i am i checked it out immediately, hoping Deborah would have a prominent presence in it. Unfortunately,she barely appears in it(She pops up around 1:40-150,but thats about it). The only glimmer of hope that she will have some decent screentime is that she is included in the cast rundown at the end of the trailer. Still, i can’t help but feel a bit disappointed since she is the main reason i have any real interest in this flick. So, is was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with a favorite actor/actress not being as prominent in a trailer as you hoped?

And since this is already kind of a fanboy-y post, Deborah has recently been cast in a upcoming indie called Forever. Unfortunately, i have no idea whether her role will be prominent or not(I will assume it is a bit role until proven otherwise), or even what its about so i can’t say whether it looks like something that would interest me just yet(Plus this looks like it is being written and directed by a unknown, so i don’t have a track record to go by either). Here’s to hoping tho

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4 Responses to Missing from trailer?

  1. Mark Hobin says:

    No, but I’ve often been disappointed with jokes/songs/scenes etc. I enjoyed in the trailer only to find they weren’t even in the movie. That seems to happen a lot these days.

  2. Ted S. says:

    Well I remember seeing trailer for Executive Decision with Kurt Russell and Steven Seagal, I was a huge Seagal fan at the time and so I thought he was going to be in the entire film. But his character was killed off about 30 into the movie so I was disappointed with that. Also, similar thing happened in the movie 15 Minutes, Robert Di Nero’s character was killed half way through, but in the trailer it looked like he was the main character.

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