My favorite short film

As most people here know, i am a aspiring filmmaker and for the last year and a half(basically since i graduated college) i’ve been trying to come up with a short film idea to make my debut feature. This was not a easy process, as i went through a couple of ideas before settling on one. During this time i also looked through a couple of short films on youtube for inspiration/guidance, but i found most of them were too arty for my tastes. But eventually i found one that fit what i was looking for, and so i’ve decided to share it here.

Honorable mention:This is one my dad found, and for a presumably low budget horror short this is actually pretty effective.

For anyone curious, i am putting the finishing touches on a script for a martial arts short film(One of my friends knows a lot about martial arts, so that was my main reason for going that route). I plan to make a post on my film making inspirations next to mark my progress.

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5 Responses to My favorite short film

  1. O hell yeah to your martial arts short film idea,,, look forward to checking that out. My boy has been going to a dojo for about 6 months now so I am getting more interested in that sort of stuff.

  2. That’s pretty cool! Have you got an idea for a film?

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