Vampire Academy:Blood Sisters

A while ago i posted about news about the Vampire Academy adaption. As you can tell, that was quite some time ago, and I had started to give up hope of it ever coming to fruition. But it seems the movie gods have answered my calls, and it seems to be finally coming together,under the title ‘Vampire Academy:Blood Sisters”

With that said, there is some stuff here that worries me a little. One of which is the director Mark Waters. The only film of his i’ve seen is Mean Girls and while that is one of my favorite movies, that wasn’t exactly a film with directorial brilliance and there is nothing else in Marks imdb that really stands out to me. Also, i think it would have been nice to see a female director on this, considering the friendship between the two main female characters is a important part of the books. The screewriter’s resume is a bit more reassuring, thankfully. Also, while Zoey may be a great actress, i have to admit she doesn’t really fit the books description of Rose. In the books she is described as having a semi-exotic sand princess look…and im not sure i’m seeing that here. But in the grand scheme of things that is a minor complaint, and as long as she can act it won’t bother me too much.

With that said im hoping “Blood Sisters” being in the title mean the film won’t forget about the main friendship in the books. I think the main friendship is what makes it different from most YA books out their, and i would hate for it to be marginalized to emphasis the romance like a lot of YA stories.

I know with the onslaught of YA adaptions we have gotten this probably doesn’t really interest anyone who hasn’t read the books. But personally i really enjoyed the source material, and this is the first time a book series i’ve read has gotten a movie adaption which makes this even more significant to me. So you may have to tolerate a couple of posts on this 😛

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