Will we see a different kind of superhero

For anyone who cares, i’ve been focusing most of my energy on making my short film(Also my niece was at my house for a week and a half, which also cut into blogging time). So it may be a while before i post again. I’ve also been disheartened by a lack of comments on my recent posts,but i will try not to let that get to me.

This is probably evident to most moviewatchers, but basically all of the superhero films released recently have focused on white guys. The few attempts at adapting supeheroes who don’t fit that mold have either suffered from poor execution(looking at you Catwoman) or suffered from seemingly infinite production issues(Wonder Woman). But recently Stan Lee gave a very good sign that we might see a break from that formula soon, with a adaption of possibly being in the works

For those unfamiliar with him, Black Panther is a leader of a fictional African tribe, and from what i’ve read the first black superhero(if he isn’t, he is definitely one of the first and most prominent). I think his background offers a lot of potential for a good film if the right people are behind it. Im imagining Spike Lee helming this,although he might be too obvious of a choice.

But whoever they get for this, im hoping it does well at the box office. As we all know in hollywood money talks, and if this does well perhaps they might start doing more blockbusters with more diverse leads. But if it doesn’t it they will probably blame it on it having a black lead and thus be even more afraid to go for more diverse blockbuster leads in the future.

So is anyone else excited for this,but is it just me?

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9 Responses to Will we see a different kind of superhero

  1. le0pard13 says:

    I’d like to see this character come into theatrical being.

  2. Ted S. says:

    How’s your short movie coming along? I too have been trying to get another short movie off the ground, I just don’t have enough budget at the moment. I plan to enter it into Sundance and Tribeca film festivals, so I want to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be a crappy movie.

    As for the Black Panther, I’d like to see a good treatment of that character. Let’s hope Marvel will put some good effort into the film and hire good talents to work on the movie, instead of wannabe hacks. The last non-white superhero that most people remember was Blade and that franchise fizzled after the awful third film. I’d also like to see a proper treatment of Spawn, the 1997 film was atrocious. But the tv series aired on HBO was excellent.

    • Not as well as i would like, but im hoping i can start shooting this month. Right now i just something i can show people as evidence of my work. Don’t think this one will be good enough for film festivals, but at the very least it should be good practice.

      And yes, i do hope they get some good people working on this.

  3. ruth says:

    Best of luck with your short movie, Julian. Yeah, we need more diversity in the superhero genre!

  4. I would be totally down to see the Chief of Wakanda in a film. Although I can all ready see fox news protesting a Black Panther film.

    I would also love to see a Power-Man and Iron-Fist film.

  5. Novroz says:

    We have just been talking about Doctor Who in twitter…and this post is perfect for me to say I don’t mind at all seeing a coloured Doctor 🙂

    Sorry…my super hero is The Doctor not those of Marvel or DC

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