Vampire Academy Set pics+Musings on book to film adaptions

Some set pics for the Vampire Academy have come out, and since i have been closely following the film i had to check them out. I wasn’t sure whether to post them here since my last VA related posted didn’t get any comments, but after getting some encouragement on twitter decided to anyways. My thoughts on them will be listed below the pics, along with a general question related to book to film adaptions at the bottom

VA set pic 1

VA set pic 2

VA set pic 3

I mentioned this before, but the choice of director didn’t really excite.It got me worried the visuals for this would end up being to plain to stand out, but i must say these pics have made feel a bit more reassured about the visuals for the film. It actually looks like something on par with the Hunger games or Harry Potter, rather than somewhere around the level of the first Twilight film as i feared. Also, i am still not sure about the cast here, but im hoping they will work for their roles.

So, what do you guys think of these pics?Promising or crappy?Also, since this is the first time a book series i read and liked got the big screen treatment, what are some of your favorite book to film adaptions?

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