Vampire Academy teaser trailer review

When i hear the teaser trailer was online i had to check it out(I only heard about it after posting the set pics n my last post btw). I came into it expecting to be excited by it, and to have plenty of kind words to say about it…suffice to say, that didn’t happen. In fact, as i thought about it more, i just found less and less to like in it.

Now, in the books the main story is about the friendship of the two female leads. However you wouldn’t get that from the trailer, which apparently decided to focus on the sexy/romance parts. Now, i am not saying they should skip over that part of the books, but that wasn’t really the main emphasis and you can find that in almost any YA film anyways. Also the tone seemed all over the place, and the fangs look oversized. I hope the full trailer impresses me, but for right now i am having serious doubts whether this will live up my expectations.

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8 Responses to Vampire Academy teaser trailer review

  1. It was just a teaser, but at the same time it showed a great number of scenes – most of the action scenes, which looked great. The actors, esp Zoey, looks really convincing as Rose.
    As for the fangs, they are actually much smaller than they appear in the trailer, they are definitely much better looking than, for instance the ones used on True Blood –

    I do hope the next trailer unites the fandom, because otherwise, at this rate, we are not really going to get a sequel. And more than anything, we have faith in Richelle, who says the film is true to the book. πŸ™‚

    • The action scenes do look good, but i the rest of it did nothing for me. And i also hope the next trailer does a better job because if facebook was any indication i’m not the only one who wasn’t pleased with the teaser.

      P.S Sorry for getting to your comment late

  2. ruth says:

    I’m not too enthused about this one to be honest. Initially the casting of Gabriel Byrne intrigued me but he’s not even in the trailer! 😦

  3. The Horror, The Horror, The Horror,

  4. I remember you saying you had your doubts about this one after seeing the trailer. I know nothing of the books but I expect several deviations as is routine, it seems, with adaptations. I’ll be curious as to your thoughts once you get to see it.

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