My tribute to Fringe

This is a post i’ve been meaning to do ever since the show ended, but somehow never got around to finishing it.But recently i’ve been inspired to completing it, so here it goes.

Fringe is one of the first series’s i started watching after becoming a movie/tv buff. I’ve always been surrounded by cinema and tv, but i didn’t really start to watch it closely until my later high school years. And it was around that time Fringe started airing.

Another bit of background info that has factored into why Fringe was such a important show to me,is that it managed to reach its own conclusion without getting cancelled. I’ve had quite a few shows get cancelled on my(Like the SCC…still mad about that) and the others are still airing.

Basically all of the shows i’ve watched that reached a conclusion are ones i either childhood ones i rewatched now that i am more into tv(Like Buffy) or ones i heard a lot about but somehow missed out on(Like the Battlestar Galactica remake). So basically Fringe is the only show i’ve watched to its completion while it aired and with a real love for tv shows.

The beginning of Fringe i felt was a bit shaky. Like it was good enough to keep me interested, but i wasn’t a dihard fan. But around season 2 i started to “love it”. And there are 5 main reasons why that came to be

1.The balance between the sci-fi bits with a very human element-For example, one episode tackled the sci-fi trope of nature vs nurture, which in the wrong hands might have come off cliche. But here it was explored in a very humanistic, complicated way that really resonated with me. And there was a particular moment in another episode that nearly brought me to tears.

2.The characters-They all grew to be more complex than i initially thought they would. I was engrossed in the indivudal struggles the characters went though, such as Walters feelings of inadequacy and guilt, Olvia’s determination to bring criminals to justice, and Peters evolving views on his father. Also i liked how Walter was able to provide a lot of humor without making the tone of the show too jumpy

Even the supporting characters like Astrid,Nina, and Broyles were well written. And considering how often holywood stereotypes character of color i liked that Astrid wasn’t written as a sassy/angry black woman and broyles wasn’t some “thug.”

Related to this, the interactions/relationships between the characters was really well done(Just to clarify, here i am talking about the non-romantic relationships). Astrid and Walter, Nina and Olivia,etc.

3.The acting-This is related to reason 2, but i wanted to give this a separate point for one specific reason. Due to the nature of the show, a lot of the main and supporting actors ended up having to play 2 roles. And i think to believably play 2 characters on the same show is something to be commended.

4.The Romance-I liked that even though romance was a element of the show, it never defined any of characters. This made it feel like a interesting addition to the show, while still keeping the main sci-fi plot the focus.

5.The show didn’t plot threads hanging for massive amounts of time-The plot did get more complicated as it went on, but i didn’t feel like the writers were just making up things on the fly. And the series finale managed to wrap up all the plot threads without leaving you confused as to what happened, which seems to be a re-occuring issue with sci-fi shows(Battlestar Galactica suffered from this a bit, and from what i’ve heard Abrams other show Lost has become the poster child for this).

So for these reasons, Fringe will always have a important place in my heart.

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6 Responses to My tribute to Fringe

  1. I watched this show for awhile and then just sort of forgot about.

  2. ruth says:

    Great post Julian! I only saw one episode of this and though I didn’t follow the series, I could see why it’s gotten quite popular. I was quite impressed by Anna Torv, no wonder, she’s an Aussie (lots of Brits & Aussies in US TVs!).

  3. I just finished a binge watch of the entire Fringe series over the last few weeks! What a great series! Thx for sharing!

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